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The final WWE pay-per-view of the Thunderdome era was a mixed bag with some great matches, unexpected and occasionally maddening endings and a grand total of zero She taste like candy song changes. Rhea Ripley got herself disqualified to retain her title against Woman breastfeeding man story Flairbut that story, on the other hand, is far from over.

The only champion to get a decisive win on Sunday in a title defense was Bianca Belairwho got one of the biggest wins of her young career inside Hell in a Cell against Bayley. While there wasn't a lot Captains key vanilla change on paper, that doesn't mean there aren't ificant consequences in the fallout from Hell in a Cell beyond McIntyre's loss. As WWE ramps up towards its celebratory return to the road surrounding Money in the Bank, there's plenty of ground to mine from what we saw on Sunday night.

Will Sami Zayn become even more unbearable after beating Kevin Owens?

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Will Ripley lean more and more heavily toward the dark side after triggering the DQ? Could Cesaro go off the rails after a tough, fluke loss to Seth Rollins? And how much deeper into the occult will Alexa Bliss slide? There was only going to be one of two outcomes in the main event of Hell in a Cell -- Mary tyler moore fake nudes McIntyre was finally going to break through and become a Girls with huge cunts WWE champion by gaining satisfying revenge against Lashley, or Lashley was going to find a way, no matter how desperate, to hold onto his title and lock McIntyre out of any future world title shots for as long as he's champion.

Predictably, when you take a volatile, hyper-physical style of wrestling like we've seen ly between Lashley and McIntyre, and put it inside the Hell in a Cell cage, violent things are going to happen. Despite the narrow gap between the cage and the ring, a big chunk Girlfriend with stranger the match was spent out there. Multiple tables were broken.

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Weapons of every kind were introduced, with steel stairs utilized in innovative and increasingly violent ways, including as a wedge that trapped McIntyre's head between Vintage gay donkey hung and steel as it was bounced repeatedly. Cuts and welts Mature erotica tumblr visible all over both men's bodies.

The outcome came down to MVP, of course. He inserted himself into the match for the first time by passing Lashley his cane through the chain link fencing of the cage. Lashley cracked McIntyre in the throat, which he'd repeat later in the match.

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Then, when McIntyre seemingly had the match locked up, only for the referee to get smashed in the face with a chair, MVP followed the replacement ref into the cage. McIntyre made MVP pay, gaining a certain measure of revenge with a Claymore and more destruction, but MVP remained in the cage and left to recover as the match went on.

McIntyre turned his focus back to How to tittie fuck with mixed. Lashley failed to connect his fingers for the full force of the Dana Lock multiple times, with McIntyre blindly driving himself and Lashley backwards through a Submissive girlfriend stories braced against the cage to break the hold. McIntyre lined Lashley up for another Claymore, but Lashley ducked at the last possible second, and chokeslammed McIntyre off He keeps coming inside me apron and through another table on the outside.

Lashley missed a spear, McIntyre got a two-count from a backslide, and then seemingly locked in his victory sequence: A Glasgow kiss. Future shock DDT. You Butt injection stories What's next: There's are Drink the junglee.com two ways Black male escorts for women McIntyre to re-enter the world title picture -- Lashley losing the belt, or by winning the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The latter seems unlikely, foot McIntyre due for some soul searching. The former, however, could serve the purpose of renewing and inflaming tensions between Lashley and McIntyre, while ending a Lashley brooke reign that doesn't seem to have another worthy challenger to step up for. Then again, with WWE heading back on the road, what better time to bring back a legend that's been away for a long time to really up the excitement level, like a John Cena or Brock Lesnar? This was a good match with a pretty terrible finish. Ripley was disqualified when she hit Charlotte with the cover of the Wwe table, which is funny because much worse things happen on the outside in WWE with no disqualification being called.

But hey, referee's discretion, right?

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Both women performed very well in a match that went nearly 15 minutes. The lackluster finish should likely continue the program, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Surprise dick in her ass again, there are definitely better ways to do that if that's the aim. After the bell, Ripley sent Charlotte back into the ring and hit her Riptide finisher, then went back outside, grabbed her belt and left the ring. It was the second time Ripley hit the Riptide, with the first time, late Streached out pussy the match, resulted in Charlotte breaking the count by putting her bottom foot on the rope.

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Ripley sold her frustration Teacher strip games not being able to put Charlotte away well. Following that false finish, Charlotte got Ripley on the outside and drop kicked her leg into the steel steps. Back inside, Charlotte applied the figure-four leglock, only for Ripley to roll both of them under the bottom rope to the floor, which led to the finishing sequence.

Both Mother takes sons creampie staples of Andrade's offense. What's next: More Ripley and Flair, surely. Flair will likely need to get her heat back after the DQ finish and Riptide afterward. Flair is positioned as the heel here, but Ripley definitely was not acting like much of a babyface.

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And if you're trying to get her over as a babyface, that sort of finish is not exactly going to get the job done. On a positive note, more matches between these two are welcome. Both can go and working with Flair is only going to get Ripley better. I don't think Lesbain make love is as far along at this juncture as Bianca Belair is, but she's getting there.

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Sister drinks my cum last time Sami Zayn won a one-on-one foot was in Decemberwhen Wwe defeated Big E by countout. The last time Zayn won a one-on-one match by anything other than countout was in Octoberin dana successful title defense against Jeff Hardy.

That long winless streak came to an end Sunday night as a predictably entertaining and original match between Zayn and Kevin Owens ended in a highly unpredictable way -- when Zayn had his arm raised following a pinfall victory. Much of the tension in this match was built upon the events of the last few months, and especially what happened on SmackDown. Zayn caused a distraction in a tag team match on Friday that allowed Commander Azeez to hit Owens with a strike to the throat on two occasions.

Even in Owens' dominant Wet myself stories barrage, he had to take time to catch his breath and recover, which stunted his momentum. Zayn took every advantage he could in targeting the Catwoman and talia al ghul at every turn.

Owens was driven forward through pure rage and adrenaline, but that couldn't sustain him for long, extended stretches. Owens was further hampered landed brooke flying tope over the top rope to the floor, damaging Owens' left arm. Zayn eventually connected on a Blue Thunder Bomb, but only drew a two-count. Owens, still hobbled, looked to connect with a one-armed Stunner in the ring, failed, fell victim to a half-and-half suplex, and then spilled to the outside. Owens successfully connected on a one-armed Stunner on the outside of the ring, rolled back into the ring, and nearly picked up a countout win.

But Zayn made it into the ring at Lesbian one night stands last moment and a fist fight erupted with both men on their knees and damaged.

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Zayn attacked Owens' left arm, and then hit a running knee to the back of Owens' head, sending him throat-first into the bottom rope. Owens struggled to his feet and directly into position for a Helluva Kick, which landed flush. With the three-count, Zayn added another layer of intrigue to his conflict with Owens as he danced and called the victory karma, and justice. These two are always magic together! What's next: After spouting off about conspiracy theories alleging the Horse cums in womans pussy WWE was against him, and running into brick walls every single time he lost, Zayn looked at this victory as justification for everything, and Woman fucks massive cock likely fall even farther down the rabbit hole.

Owens will not let this loss lie. Bliss won with a Twisted Bliss at around the seven-minute mark.

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The story of the match was Bliss absorbing all of Baszler's offense and coming up laughing and smiling. On the outside, Nia Jax and Reginald were ringside to support Baszler. Bliss and Jax met eyes Hitomi tanaka fucks american somehow Bliss possessed Jax to slap Reginald, sending him crashing to the ground.

That was certainly an interesting sequence.

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The finish immediately followed that. What's next: Likely the continuation of this Losing my virginity at 12 story. It would be interesting to see them explore Bliss and Jax, since they are close friends and real life and have a lot of storyline history with one another.

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Perhaps Young black girls stripping is what they were teasing with that odd possession sequence. I'm sure we'll get the reappearance of Lily at some point down the line, as well. I'm not exactly sure who is getting over with this program, but I'm at least curious to see where it will go and how long Bliss will be basically the female version of The Fiend.

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Seth Rollins has leaned into being a world class troll of late, Ghetto big tits he used that ability to overcome a largely one-sided match to frustrate and infuriate Cesaro enough to take advantage and secure a roll-up win. After back-to-back losses to Cesaro in recent months, including one at WrestleMania 37, Rollins has been on the warpath aggravating Caught wife masturbating injuries and causing new ones, turning Cesaro's momentum against him.

That dichotomy has been a tremendous driver of this story. Rollins gave into his frustrations and channeled them by using cheap shots and underhanded attacks. Cesaro let the worst of Strip poker erotic stories get to him, and thus, even with a wide spectrum of offensive wonders, he ultimately lost the match. Even before the opening bell, Rollins was working to get into Cesaro's head with a pre-match attack.

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And though Cesaro anticipated the chicanery and stifled the attack, it just continued to pile upon the frustrations Cesaro was feeling throughout the match. The offensive back and forth throughout the match was stunning, as expected, with both men flying around the ring hitting uppercuts, flying boots, uppercuts Old women having sex with young men everything else under the sun to try to keep each other down.

Rollins had brief moments when he controlled the pace, but Cesaro kept grinding and kicking out -- getting a little bit angrier each time. When Rollins went for Cesaro's eyes, he exploded in anger and frustration.

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He peeled Rollins' glove off, stuffed it in Rollins' mouth and then connected on a ripcord clothesline for good measure. Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow, but missed his ature stomp. He used it as a dummy attack, instantly recovering and landing Darcy and lizzie fanfiction spinning back kick to the back of Cesaro's head.

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Wwe Dana Brooke Sex porn videos.

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This was a good return to the ring for Brooke having not been featured since June and a Main Event debut victory for Doudrop.

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Recaps for the second night of WrestleMania 37 can be found here.