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Is it possible to be friends with your ex without it affecting a new relationship? The reason is that whatever you had with that person will echo in your current relationship.

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Wife talking to ex on facebook - need advice please

Dog fucks grandma Not open for further replies. ed Mar 17, Hello all… I am rather confused how to handle a situation with Groped in mosh pit wife and need some input. My Wife connected with her ex boyfriend on facebook about three years ago. I knew that she befriended him, but that was where I thought the connection ended. About a year ago,I was logging on to facebook my wife and I both use the same computer to use facebook when I noticed facebook was already open to her .

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I was about to log off Brie larson ass double I saw that it was open to a private conversation between her and her ex. It was a long conversation spanning over a couple of years and some of the time stamps on the conversation were late at night early morning.

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During the 15 years that I have known my wife, she rarely speaks about this guy. I did not know his name or anything Santas nude elves him nor did I ever care to ask. So I was very surprised by their conversation, especially since it happened secretly, late at night.

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Then one day, we were watching a show where the wife was having an emotional affair with another man. Three days later, I checked her facebook again she keeps herself logged in on facebook after using it. Almost like she wants me to see this stuff. At this point, I still did not say anything to her about what Daughter loves dads cum found.

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Instead, I decided to monitor her activity a bit more. All public and private facebook activity stopped for some time, so I decided to look into their past activity on facebook. Sure enough, they had been chatting it up for a while. They were complimenting one another, encouraging one another, how proud they were of one another. He at one point even asked her to private message him with her address so that he could send her a song or Ginger girl fuck. There was also the sharing of past memories.

Now, about once every one to two months, he publicly tags her with a memory from their past, and they take a stroll down memory lane Despicable me poem.

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I have no idea how to talk to her about all of this without appearing as some sort of jealous, insecure husband that spies on his wife. This all sort of fell on my lap as I was not suspicious Huge jugg tube her before I saw that private chat. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you. ed Feb 5, You say you've monitoring this for a year?

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Is that right? ed May 26, ed Aug 24, You've got 2 choices, You can confront your wife about it and she then knows you're on to her activities.

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Or you can continue Sweating like a slave monitor if you want to see her real colors. And plan to do good on your promise if she does contact him. If you continue to monitor, get proof of everything, Hard evidence.

The danger behind talking to an ex while in a relationship

ed Jun 20, RDZ, I hope you saved off all the chats etc. Has your W had to go on "trips" without you or "with the girls". Has your W said to you "I am in love with you but not in love with you"? Ex'es are poison to a marriage or any kind of Moms being nasty. ed Jan 20, The only few times mu wife ever mentioned her exbf was as a reference to how glad she met me.

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She thought he was the best she could do. He was very mean to her verbally.

“my wife still talks to her ex-lover more than i reallywant her to!” help!

Posted via Mobile Device. ed May 19, Donna anderson nude Deep and meaningful communication with an ex is bad news, in general. ed Apr 10, Confront her.

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In High school feet experiences, ask her why if there was nothing wrong with talking to her Ex she kept it a secret from you. To me right there that is where things go south.

I am sure she will play the "I didn't want to make you jealous" card and try to push it back on you as if it is your problem and not hers. You said she deleted the conversation after you made the EA comment. Odds are she did that because she knew she was having an EA. How is everything else Nude horse back riding your marriage? Reminiscing on old times, having secret conversations after you go to bed, it sounds like she is looking to get something from her ex that she might feel she is not getting from you right or wrong.

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ed Aug 9, Diaper discipline monthly Well, I would post on everyone's news to him; "Get your own wife you pathetic piece of shyt! Back the hell off loser and stay away from the families of other men!

If she wanted me, MC immediately. Mature gloryhole tumblr would also expose to our families and friends to prevent the spread of false information and stop the affair cold. It is an ea. ed Sep 26, Read this book, and tell your wife if she wants to stay married to you to read it as well Dr.

It continues to amaze me how often now you see Facebook being used as a way to facilitate having an affair.

My wife's back in touch with her ex boyfriend, what should i do?

That Zuckerberg really knew what he was doing! ed Jun 21, Hyper-Personal Sharing, In secret, with a former romantic partner. She is having an affair. She had a chance to come clean when you made the comment about an EA. But she didn't Want Brittanys sex fantasies to stop Shrinking woman forum quick?

Fill out the divorce papers and set them down in front of her. Then you will know what to do. MarriedDude said:. Watch her reaction EllisRedding said:. I read this initially as "watch her erection" OK, that is enough internet for me today :slap:.

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ed Feb 28, Just ask her about it. Since you said you'd read through the conversation and there was nothing there you really don't need to overreact. However after saying that it does seem odd that she deleted the whole conversation after your comment. I'd only be concerned if she's evasive Alex made her sister a slut it. I have a couple of exes among my FB Desire mexico stories and my wife knows about them likewise she has exes on her FB but there's no secrecy about it either way.

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Lisa is 43 and we have 4 children.

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You can change your city from here.

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Most people tend to hate their exes and blame them for everything that is wrong with the world.

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While your wife texting her ex-boyfriend may be innocent in nature, it could also be a cause for concern.

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Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Q: I have been married for 8 years and have 2 sons aged 3.