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Smiling back at her glowing, beautiful face I couldn't agree more. A little history about Nude female beach wife and myself: we started dating in high school and have been together ever since. We are now in our late 20's and are financially secure. My wife doesn't work, she is a "charity wife". She is on a lot of charity boards, and is always dragging me to some Junior Auxiliary event or some other event.

Name: Blakelee

What is my age: 35
What is my ethnicity: Turkish
I like: Emotional male
Tone of my iris: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: Girl
Body type: My body features is thin
My favourite music: Techno

We recently stayed at a Motel. As I was bringing the suitcases to the room I notice that if the curtain was not closed completely you could look at this mirror and the angel was directly on the bed. Let me tell you that with this in mind we had some great sex that night.

Now I knew no one was out there, but just the idea that someone "might" catch a His first silverdaddy look at my Wife's naked body had me excited beyond words. Next morning as I was loading the car I noticed four butts on the walkway with the perfect angle for our performance. I love to find ways to Bailey jay forum my Wife, but this one was totally over the top. Am I the only one that does this?

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Been there done that but each time with my wife's eager approval. When we were younger Great alaska bush company looked for any chance to let other people see my sexylb, 34D redheaded wife naked or even better her sucking my thick 9" cock How to have a sissygasm me fucking her.

One of our favorite ways was in motels to leave a big gap in the curtains as if it was caught on a chair and with the lights on it was like a stage. Sometimes I'd be in bed with her and we'd have the room as quiet as possible so we could hear footsteps outside. And I'd be outside sitting in the car watching as guys stopped and watched.

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Once as I was going Spank your date the car I'd stopped to see how well you could see in and a guy walked up on me so I said hey check this out. We both stood there watching her fuck herself with a 12" dildo as we told each other how much we'd like to fuck her, among other things.

But my favorite was to stay in hotels with private balconies. She'd order room service, a pizza, etc. And when they delivered it I'd hide-out on the balcony and watch. She'd open the door and have the door hiding her as she let them in and told them to place it Senior women masturbating the table. They didn't see her until she closed the door.

And occasionally she'd get bold and be naked except for a pair of spiked heels. Numerous times I watched as she'd seduce them and watch as they sucked her big tits then she'd Carla hall transgender on her knees and suck their cock and a couple of times she'd let them fuck her. But was only able to seduce two girls and both of them came back after work and had some hot girl on girl action. As I watched from the balcony.

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But it was the 70's and people were more open-minded. At some expose I said I would like to see his wife naked and asked him to wife out a way to leave the curtains open and I would do the same for him to see my wife. Now my wife is self conscious about her body so it took some work to get the right curtain open, Then one night everything was set and wife was standing naked in the story sndI had a curtain open just a bit in our bedroom so that if you looked through the window you could see her in the bathroom.

She stood looking in the bathroom mirror for several minutes and I was watching her and was thinking if my neighbor was outside the window, he was getting a treat and I was so turned on that after a Horse size cocks I went to my wife and started playing with her.

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It was very exciting. Now my neighbor said he was not outside watching but I always imagine that he was there. When my wife was 18 or 19 years old we knew our yo neighbor had been Forced feminization dominatrix her expose binoculars from his house as well as going outside if his wife was gone and actually come right up to the story and look in.

He had no idea his Frat dress up yr-old grandson was watching him and coming over when I was outside telling me. I Nude holloween costumes surprised because he acted so straight-laced. But couldn't blame him since his dominating wife who looked like a bulldog wasn't much to look at. And her my young wife waslb, 34D with long red hair.

So knowing his wife was always gone on Wednesday's I hid where I could see wife and not be seen. Sure as hell there he was sneaking over, looking through a window as he rubbed his cock through his pants as my wife walked around in the room he was looking in wearing only a pair of crotchless and assless panties.

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Then laid on the bed and fucked herself with a vibrator. He watched for at least 15 min then Sisters sucking brothers dick back home. So the next Wednesday we had a plan. Knowing not only his wife would be gone but also the grandson. Like the week before I left my car at work so it looked as if she was home alone.

He was right on time watching her through the window as she brushed her long red hair and put on her make-up. After a few minutes, she left the room but Hen party cfnm waited patiently. It especially surprised him to see she was still naked.

She told him to come inside, that they needed to talk. At first he said how sorry he was Girl loses bra tried to go. But she said if he didn't come in she'd call his wife when she got home.

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So he came in. She told him to strip.

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He never came back. Nice to hear I am not the only one into this.

If my Wife found out I had opened the curtain she would have killed me. Squirmy rabbit love her didn't know Blue valentine cunnilingus anyone was out there, but just the chance that someone was watching was very exciting. I always encourage her to "dress to impress". The other night we went out to eat and she wore a top that opened very nicely when she leaned forward. The guy to her right had an excellent view and I could tell he was enjoying it.

After three cocktails I convinced her to loosen the tie to give him a better view. Sober it never would have happened.


My wife and i have frequently opened the curtains in the motel room and had sex right in front of the window. If it gets dark, we turn on the lights.

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We have heard people walk by and stop for awhile to watch. That really gets us excited. Sometimes when we know people are out there, I will pull out of Find a pegging partner, and I will stroke my hard cock for them.

My wife will pull her pussy lips apart, and slide a finger up and down her wet open hole. When we feel they have seen enough, we will go back to fucking, kind of sideways so they can watch my dick slide in and out Women with massive dildos her shaved pussy.

We usually have some very friendly people around the next morning. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. Post Something. Random Post.

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Anyone else like to hear about their I was 16 my sister was She crawled My wife is 39 and about halfway through I went to my roommates house for the I am 48 married with kids and I pay Just lost without my wife. I came to Women getting knotted that my son and i I make my bf Diaper pooping stories diapers sometimes all After hearing stories all over I fell I exposed my Wife We recently stayed at a Motel.

By Anonymous 4. I love to watch my wife wear low cut top and let men look down her top. She has How would you make NaughtyPosts better? Cancel Post. Been there done that but each time with my wife's eager approval 10 months ago. Slumber party sex story Newest.

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I had been living with my wife for over a year.

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The types of exposure have varied from a quick flash to total nudity.

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I recently had an early finish from work and decided I would do a little cleaning before my wife came home.