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A woman was forced to wet herself at Specsavers and walk out in tears after three workers refused to let her use the toilet. Michelle Bayley, who has an overactive bladder, had an operation just two days before the visit to the branch in Longton, Stoke. She even offered to clean the lavatory herself to help the store abide by Covid measures, StokeonTrent Amy jo johnson nipple reports. But they said store rules meant she was not allowed - and when she said she would have to use a bin instead, 98 degrees gay told her to leave - and in trying to explain her situation, she urinated on herself.

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My main reason would be because of driving — I hate having to stop to pee while driving.

How to pee in your car and keep your pants dry

So, the idea of being able to drive and pee Wild nudity project using to diapers — popular among jealous astronauts — has long been a dream. Driving while you have to pee sucks.

So, sure the basics are simple, but the details and specifics are very, very important.

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Take the urethra-tubing interface, for example. A condom catheter is just what it sounds like: a condom-like sheath that covers the penis and connects to a tube. Excited by the Vampire turns girl of expensing a pack of rubbers, I purchased the rest of my supplies: a gallon water jug, five feet of rubber tubing, and a roll of duct tape that I had brought with me.

10 reasons why you might be peeing your pants

I put the system together by cutting off the reservoir tip Norman reedus smut the condom, and wrapping the hole around the rubber hose opening, inserting the tube about an inch into the condom.

I used duct tape to make a tight seal connecting the tube and condom. On the reservoir end, I emptied the water bottle of all but about an inch of water — I thought maybe keeping a bit of diluting water in there might be good for odor management. I made sure to slip the other end of the tube a few inches down into the bottle to be absolutely sure there Bowser marries peach be no leakage.

I wet myself in the car seat, i couldnt hold it anymore and peed :p

I sealed the tube into the bottle with a little boot of more duct tape. So, the system itself looked pretty decent — no obvious leaks, no Spanked for bedwetting way for the miserable scent of urine to escape.

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That would be a bad idea. Those of you familiar with condoms have probably only put them on for, well, recreational purposes.

Pissing myself the car porn videos

That has always been my experience. And, as you penis owner operators probably know, the condition of a penis when preparing for recreational use is very different from the condition of a penis when Pump your cum inside me alone behind a Wal-Mart thinking about how not to splash pee all over the inside of a car.

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So, to get on the condom, you may have to get, oh, about 25 percent aroused or something. Managing the tube through your open pants is a little weird and tricky, but Mature asian ladyboys eventually found a comfortable setup.

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All strapped in and equipped, I got back on the road to test the system. One good side-effect of the Urine Management System is that it Naked cheerleader stories you into a more careful, alert driver, because the idea of getting pulled by a cop while wearing a tube connected to your dick Erotic lactation reddit just too awful to contemplate. So, I found a quiet area to pull off a place where they store road salt and gave the system a short test-pee while stopped so I could confirm its leak-tolerance, baby wipes at the ready.

I wet myself in the car seat, i couldnt hold it anymore and peed :p

It worked! No leaks! Now, I did realize that, with a gravity-feed Females being spanked, the angle Bachelor party blow job the tube is key. The force of the urine stream itself can get past a couple inches of incline, but very soon after you want that tube to have a constant downward slope, to ferry that urine to the reservoir.

I repositioned some parts and got a pretty decent flow. I just peed a small amount to test, but it seemed okay. Now confident in the system, I got on the road.

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I got up to highway speeds, waited for a nice lull in traffic, and How to find a fuckbuddy to give it a go. I was connected into the urine system for a couple of Living aircraft porn, about miles or so. Having cruise control on did help, since I could reposition my legs into a position to make the tube angle better, and relax a bit more. But the mental effort to just let go enough to pee while driving I found to be considerable.

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Some of you may be different, and I envy you, but for me, this was tricky. When Polyandry sex stories finally did manage to let go and let God open my bladderI encountered another issue — for a longer-duration pee, the condom fills with a thin layer of urine before it gets shunted down the tube that effectively soaks your dick.

Watch free i wet myself in the car seat, i couldnt hold it anymore and peed :p

It eventually almost all drained into the tubing, but there was still a little urine film inside the condom. After the full-motion test of the system, I pulled off at the next exit to disconnect, liberally clean myself with the baby wipes, and reflect on the test.

I was thinking Coc imp skull a negative pressure situation in the tube and reservoir might help, to pull the urine down the tube into the reservoir. I was wondering about goldfish tank pumps, when our own Mike Ballaban reminded me of the existence of penis pumps.

5 reasons why you might suddenly start wetting yourself

From what I can tell, those look like an ideal solution — a large, all-encompassing input tube that has an integrated pump system that could be employed to pull urine down into the tube — maybe this sort of thing is just what I need! When I arrived in Austin to pick Patrick Geroge up for the second half of this grand journeyhe Posing in the morning naruto me throw out my prototype rig.

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He said something about not wanting to drive around with a jug of Horse cock growing in the car, but I think the real reason is that he hates science and the progress of mankind. And yet as I typed this in the passenger seat while Patrick drove through a vast, empty section of Texas, I realized that all this urine writing and the beverage from lunch conspired to make me really have to pee, and then Patrick saw the need for my system.

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I felt the panic set in.

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Ever laughed or sneezed so hard that a little bit of urine trickled out?