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The kid held up one hand, dangling from a tarnished, gold colored chain was a cheap looking medallion of some sort wrapped in a pair of plastic sandwich bags, one inside the other. Luckily for him, the waitress merely smiled and offered to get him refills on his Lesbian sex downlaod tea and water. Meanwhile, the man merely looked impatient, sitting in stony silence as the young woman place a hamburger platter in front of him and refilled his coffee. The youth once again politely thanked her, and, once again, appeared distracted by her body, watching her Cheerleader walking backwards away.

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Indian show help 2. Origins of the medallion of zulo and other memes and tropes. This entry will be a list and archive of Body swap sex stories explored worlds and universes found in transformation and gender-bending independent fiction.

From: guest KYM75 months, post 1. Hey everyone! I'm a long time lurker here and have been into this community for some time now.

Just for curiosity's sake I've begun to wonder when and where certain tropes and memes that are common in Men in hose and heels community originated from. The one that really hit me was The Medallion of Zulo, I've seen it on nearly every caption blog I've been on but I have no idea where it began I did some Erotic short stories rape and the best I could find is some obscure author by the name of Jennifer Adams.

I think it would be cool if we could start a Know Your Meme like thread but within our community for memes and tropes liked The Great Shift, or Role Exchanger, we all take for granted! Both the Great Shift and Role Exchanger were created by Morpheus, one of the best authors in the genre.

He's not as active now as he used to be, though. If you do a category search or super search on Fictionmania, you can often find the original story that spawned a particular universe. The Costume Gun came from stories on FictionMania too, but the original ones are gone; a few written with the permission of its "inventor" by another writer are there.

Works a bit differently from the versions on the Wife loves blackcock, but I don't think that official rules were published anywhere. Okay, I admit Mother of the bride sex haven't turned anything new out in a while, but obscure, really?

I am still around and I Fetlife nickname ideas comment here from time to time. The origins of the Medallion of Zulo are supposed to be shrouded in mystery. I created it that way on purpose. The only thing is that it is very old but looks like some cheap costume jewelery. Bill Hart has come the closest to giving it an origin, but it actually older than that.

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As far as the actual origins of the Altered Fates Universe is concerned. I Had written the first six stories I was going to have published by reluctant Lush stories audio, but had a change of heart after what happened to my first book published by them.

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I then released the rest of the stories I had and opened the universe. Mindy gave me space Star wars twilek bounty hunter the Mania s server, where Fictionmania began. When it all became too much for her to run Fictionmania was taken over by others.

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After trying to find another server for a few months, I submitted all my stories to Fictionmania and closed my site. The Altered Fates Universe inspired writers like Pyrite and others. This was my intention to give TG writers a medium that was fairly easy to use to create a story. Jenny Lina posada forum you know the rest of the story.

In response to the 2nd post, Morpheus still writes quite a few things, he's doing a lot of Whately Universe stuff atm as far as I've seen. Plus, a rule list might be nice what happens during an "event".

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Here are the medallion of Zulo rules, as copied from Jennifer's old site. Well, They are not really rules.

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Rules sound so stuck in school or something. I actually wrote them into the universe.

I will start with non-medallion-related guidelines. Mork and mindy fanfiction medallion looks like cheap costume jewelry. No matter how well it is cleaned up it still looks cheap. That le us to 2. No one ever pays much, if anything, for the medallion. Refer to 1.

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It has a picture of an angel or a fairy holding a wand, it has also Baby treatment punishment stories discribed as possibly something demonic, since the origin is unknown I suppose that is possible. There is also strange writing around the outer edge, on the front and the back of it is blank, it looks as though there may have been writing on it at one time or may have just been scratched up. Part of the goal of this universe is for the reader to think in the back of their mind, "Could this really happen?

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Now for how the medallion works. The medallion transforms the wearer, meaning that if the wearer removes the medallion the TF stops right there.

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If a character takes the medallion Gay bookstore dallas during an equine TF into a horse and removes the medallion while he only has a tail. He will be a man with a horses tail for twelve hours.

Refer to 2. A person's body can only handle one TF by Monster tits in bras medallion in twelve hours. It takes time for the Nimins fetish fantasy to recuperate. If one wears the medallion and another touches the medallion it will produce a form swap, or they will look like the other used to. As long as Hoh domestic discipline wearer hasn't TF'ed with it in the last twelve hours, in which case, nothing will happen.

If a woman is menstruating or pregnant, the medallion will not completely TF her and then will auto-reverse the TF immediately. This works for someone starting as female to begin with or a TG'ed woman. The medallion only does slight mental changes. Very minor ones can and are sometimes done by the medallion. Stronger mental changes can be made but there has to be a prompt from an outside force.

Posting guidelines

That sort of thing. I'm not a big fan of mind Ballbusting wife stories, but they can be "made" to occur. Be creative. I think that about covers it. If you are not sure if something fits and you don't find any reference in one of my AF stories since there are some errors in AF stories written by other authors feel free to e-mail me and ask.

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My address is: jadams yahoo. I almost forgot Rule 6! Interestingly, the most important details seem to have been left out of that list of rules: what the medallion actually does, lol. Perhaps it's because the rules were provided in the context of the story and not in isolation like this. When someone wears the medallion and touches an item of clothing to it, the wearer transforms into the person or animal or whatever who last wore that item of clothing at the time they last wore it. If it's a new item Taboo sex on tumblr clothing that has never been worn, it changes the wearer to suit the item of clothing so, for example, an 6'4" obese My sister watches me masterbate touching the medallion to a brand-new size-two dress would become a slender, petite woman.

Medallion of zulo tg caps

And, as the rules mention, if someone's wearing the medallion and another person touches it, the two transform into each other. Someone who's been transformed by the medallion can't be transformed by it again for another 12 hours, and transformations are indefinite until the medallion is used Mom watched me masturbate.

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I like Altered Fates stories, but I wish people used the medallion more creatively. I prefer it when people take advantage of the medallion's more unique aspects: the ability to become a duplicate of someone, the Forced feminization assignments to become someone when they were younger, the ability to experiment with a bunch of different forms, the ability to become a female version of Nymph monster girl, the hour time limit, the rule that people who are pregnant can't be transformed, the fact that the medallion is so easily lost.

If you just use the medallion to have two people switch bodies, why are you writing an Altered Fates story? Why not use Reversal Rings or a spellbook or something?

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PS: The backpack icon above is the menu on mobile.

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Our story starts at the side of a road near the outskirts of town.