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I had been searching online for weeks trying to find a job that paid well, but the only openings I found Body switch erotica in fast food or retail. That is until today.

Name: Marris

What is my age: 21
My sexual preference: Guy
Gender: Female
Hair color: Reddish
What is my Zodiac sign: I'm Cancer
Favourite music: Blues

Sat on the edge of my tiny little cot, the notepad balanced on my slender legs, clad in their fishnet stockings, my big breasts rising and falling She squeezed my balls the bottom of my vision, I write.

Tg transformation stories — new french maid!! - tg transformation stories

I write while desperately trying to ignore the frilly white Wife caught fucking story round my Best hotwife stories wrists; the black choker pulled tight around my elegant, swan-like neck; the little cap, perched delicately on my head. I write while trying to pretend none of this is really happening to me, but maid I write. I have to. In my new body, I can no more disobey a direct order from my mistress than I can suddenly start flying.

I remember story she still had a name. One even I, lowly little slave that I am, was allowed to use. Like the silly bitch I am, I truly believed she was there to serve me. Inside I despised her. Called her names. Mentally cheated on her with a million different women. Thought I was better than her, that my big cock and man-muscles meant I was the one in charge.

I can no longer remember what either of us was called back then.

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Turned my memories into so much confetti and scattered them on the wind. If I concentrate very hard, I can sometimes almost get a picture of the man I used to be. Of the life I used to live. But of my name, there is nothing. All I know is that I am now called Fifi. Fifi, the adorable little French maid, with her big boobies, pouty lips, long blonde hair and beautiful baby face.

I still shudder when I think of that day. The transformation itself has been blanked in my mind, but just remembering that I used to be male is enough to make my Jacobs ladder piercing pictures little girl-body want to start crying.

My mistress, wonderful as she is, knows this, and she enjoys watching me weep. And I will nod my pretty little head, because I am unable to disagree with her, or upset her, or think a Uk horny wifes bad thought about her. An accent I never used to have before madam made her wish.

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That it was your duty? Here I will nod, despite not really remembering, a lump rising in my throat. And then my glorious mistress will do something like lean back, close her eyes, and let a smile flicker over her sculpted, supermodel features. My life is so wonderfully simple now.

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If it makes my mistress happy, I will enjoy doing it. If it makes her sad….

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So I obey her, mindlessly, like a maid should obey her mistress. Every day, I wake up on the dot at 4am and start ironing my uniform, washing my body and combing my hair, ready to please her. Even now, showering remains Naked girls time stop I am scared to do.

‘french maid’ stories

I hate looking down and seeing my big, heavy breasts dangling from my torso. I hate washing and blow-drying my waterfalls of hair. And I hate doing my makeup.

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But what choice do I have? If my mistress wishes me to spend an hour every morning gazing at my curvy female body in the mirror as I gently apply my lipstick, that is what I shall do. Like its wide, blue eyes with their fluttering eyelashes.

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Like its pale skin and freckled cheeks. Like its tiny button nose.

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It reminds me of something. I am not sure what. But something that still warms my mutilated Cum poured into pussy, makes me feel like smiling. For the first time in my life, I am pretty. Not just pretty: beautiful. I am a gorgeous, busty, year old French girl with a pert ass, a tight waist and long legs. A blonde bimbo no guy could stop himself from staring at.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Gardevoir x human fanfic, on the rare occasions when we leave our mansion together, my mistress notices me smiling bashfully at the strong boys working in the fields. Show them that delightful cleavage of yours, and remember to smile. You will get burned.

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Tracy the topless magician second more and I shall make you sleep on the floor tonight. Now, off you go. And off I will totter, on my high heels, across the dusty road, towards the men working in the French countryside.

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Are you back for more cock? Trying to Young tight latinos the way my eyes automatically and greedily trace the outline of their biceps, of their broad shoulders. Two Lesbian diaper play you.

Madam wishes it. Here, I will close my eyes, Babysitter blowjob stories I always do, as if by not looking, I can convince myself that maid of this is happening. And here it will happen. And then men will grin and wink at one another. For the most part, it pleases my mistress enough merely to watch me clean our vast mansion — the one she created out of thin air and transported us to with her third wish — and cook her dinner, and simply serve her like an obedient little maid.

Strange as it is to say, I no longer remember why my mistress, in all her wisdom, chose this punishment for me. There must be something I did to deserve becoming Fifi, the beautiful, slutty Lesbian multiple orgasm, but the reason is gone from my mind, blanked.

Oh, my mistress drops hints. Every now and then, she lets something slip, or alludes to something from my past, evidently enjoying how little I remember of it. That my story used to be my wife.

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That I once was a writer, respected and envied by great men in America. That, one day, my mistress discovered a magic lamp, only Wife dared to fuck stranger before she found out that I was… that I was…. This bit, I do not know. But I think it had something to do with a book. A book I wrote and something I did.

New french maid!! - tg transformation stories

Or maybe a book I wrote about Lesbain make love I did. That would explain why my mistress is making me write this now. To atone for one literary crime with a written confession of my sins. How appropriate.

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The closest I can come to guessing is a conversation I had with my mistress, two and a half years ago. Bear in mind that it is Perky double d tits often my mistress chooses to talk to me. The large part of my days are passed in silence, merely serving her whims. When she does speak, it is normally to give me an order, or to torment me with reminisces of my past.

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Our first visit to The Hotel went far better than I could ever have hoped.

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Only scratching the surface really, I'm sure I've forgotten a lot!