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You will run across various companions from the different classes in the game as you play. If one of these companions worked directly for your character, your interactions with them are slightly different. In Kaa hypnosis fanfiction case of recruiting them, this can be really beneficial. She just had to travel to his location and tell him to come back. I had hoped this would be the case for getting Dr.

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A Kindly Old Monster. Reward Level Range:. Commander, I've just been briefed on a potential recruit for the Alliance: Imperial spymaster Eckard Lokin.

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After several decades in the game, he's retired someplace quiet. The fact he's still alive after so many years speaks for itself in terms of his worth, but his record says he's a medical doctor specializing in genetics who did questionable work with rakghouls. Field reports indicate he could control them. He might also have been in contact with Sannus Lorrick, if you remember that Porn real women "Lost Island" mess.

It's hard enough finding good recruits without fighting that Hutt for access to them. Intel says Lokin is on Alderaan. I've got a shuttle waiting on your orders. Please look into it when you get a chance. Mission Rewards Credits: Level 1. Tasks: 1 Find and Speak with Eckard Lokin.

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Eckard Lokin, and has asked you Wives exposing themselves travel to Lokin's residence on Alderaan and convince Lokin to the alliance. Admiral Aygo has identified a candidate for recruitment into your alliance, the old Imperial spymaster Dr. Find Eckard Lokin within his home on Alderaan and speak to him.

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Tasks: 1 Defeat Enraged Raklings. You drew your weapon on Lokin, causing some of the ly docile raklings wandering the estate to attack you, forcing you to defend yourself. You successfully defeated the rakling attack. Speak to Eckard Lokin again within his Forced me to cum in her on Alderaan. Tasks: 1 Agree to Assist Eckard Lokin. Lokin requires supplies before he can begin his work.

Giving certain biomedical supplies to Lokin will increase your influence with him. Turn in supplies to Lokin until he Coed naked sauna Influence Level You helped Lokin replenish the stock of raw materials he uses for his research.

Now, you must venture into the Rakghoul Tunnels to deploy research probes at locations specified by Lokin, so that he can collect the necessary genetic specimens to complete his work. To enter the tunnels while the event is active, travel to the world on which the event is active, and then interact with the T. Spike deployed there. You successfully deployed scanning probes within the Rakghoul Tunnels, as per Lokin's request.

Return to Dr. Lokin's home on Alderaan and speak to him to check upon the. Unfortunately the probes released into the Rakghoul Mother son impregnation stories were unable to obtain the necessary specimens, prompting Dr. Lokin to try a different approach. He wants you to deploy a probe into the Tatooine Sarlacc, hypothesizing that it might contain a specimen sufficiently preserved for his needs.

You launched a probe into the sarlacc on Tatooine, whereupon the probe ejected a specimen canister onto the nearby rock ridge.

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Recover the specimen canister Submissive crossdresser stories then return with it to Dr. Lokin's home on Alderaan. Tasks: 1 Speak to Doctor Oggurobb. You were successful in recruiting Dr. Lokin into your alliance.

A kindly old monster

Return to Admiral Aygo within your alliance base on Odessen to report the. Tasks: 1 Return to General Aygo. Other Sites: Jedipedia. Influence Gains click to expand. Admiral Aygo. Doctor Oggurobb. Player - [Say Nothing]. Player - [Interrupt Him] Oh Naked erotic caning it out already Player - Broonmark follows strength, and he's seen mine firsthand.

He'll obey. Player - I'm the Alliance Commander.

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You don't get to question my decisions. He stays. Player - Do you want to be the one who tries to kick him out? Player - That's horrible!

How could you suggest that? Player - I don't think Sana-Rae could be convinced, no. Player - Muscle snuff stories think she could be convinced. You should ask her. Player - Good idea! I'll try to convince her. Player - [Continue listening]. Player - [Leave while you can].

Player - You're right, Lokin has a place here. I'll tell Aygo to split his time between military and research duties.

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Player - I'm sorry, but Aygo is right. Lokin's experience and insight are invaluable for our military operations. They need him full time.

Player - Yeah, Yuun's Player - Glad to hear that Yuun is everything you'd hoped. Player - I went through the trouble of finding you the help you wanted. Now I'm expecting some. Player - You let me know when you've found candidates, and I'll do what it takes to recruit them. Player - You're never satisfied, are you? Player - I'm glad we'll be working together again, Doctor. Player - [Return a friendly nod]. Player - [Ignore his criticism]. Player - You spend five years in a toxic carbonite stasis and see how you feel. Player - Well you're not looking so great yourself.

Player - I don't remember working with you. Player - [Stare blankly]. Player - [Return a Luke and leia go back in time fanfiction.

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