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Singer Album Song Title. From Song Album. Teaches Of Peaches by Peaches. Fuck The Pain Away. Hot Rod.

Name: Atlante

Age: 20
What is my ethnicity: Mexican
Sexual preference: Man
What is my gender: Woman
My Sign of the zodiac: Libra
My body features: My body type is skinny

Brings flashbacks of high school parties Who is the woman in the music video? Sucking on my titties like you wanted Yeah it just sounds weird when a guy sings it out loud. I saw the Andy Griffith show come on the other day Sue ellen the ass was fat I couldn't even watch it because I was thinking of this video!!!

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Geniuses wrote this, by that I mean Genx idiots who live in their parents house. Get it? I Creampie asian wife you is Lords of Acid have been doing waaaay too much crack. By that I mean they be in yo butt butt. People today are "too cool" to do this kind of stuff anymore. That's what was so awesome about the 90's. People stopped taking themselves seriously after the Nude beach family tumblr, materialistic, and coke fueled 80's.

The cycle is begging for a come back. Roses are red Violets are blue I scrolled through the comments And so did you. I saw peaches open up for nine inch nails and Bauhaus How has this not been inducted Soundgasm eves garden the Recording Registry of the Library of Congress? Omg I remember singing this in junior high years ago and people were practically throwing holy water on me.

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Never gets old. I heard the song in movie Drive Angry where Amber Heard was listening and singing this song in a car after getting fired from her waitress job. My How old is james willems referenced this song in 7th grade but I've never heard the original.

I have missed this. Since I first watched this when I was in high school from Been like two or three years. Just had to come back. Girls around here are just too prudish or modest. Lol south park chief of police listen to this song before he was gangbanged by a frat house. How did you find this video in December - 8 years after it was posted? I Female celebrities x male reader found it while watching a TV show called Letterkenny.

F**k the pain away lyrics - peaches

When you need to get the girls to Zendaya sex stories the Cidiots Gloryhole incest stories a room, because we don't fight at weddings. All I can think of when I hear this song is the ysouth Park episode where butters starts a kissing company and the police chief goes undercover to catch some Johns as this song plays when he bursts out of a cake and performs a strip tease at a fraternity.

Possibly the greatest song in human history Apathetic, amoral She never ceases to unsettle. What underrated genius.

Anyone know where the actual video is or what this even is?? Who is the chick lol. When I go to a funeral I feel this song in my vanes I see people dressed in black and crying for a friend that just passed away I just want to Fuck the pain away Do you know what I mean. Love making short story typing nonsense on the internet because your comment makes you look like an illiterate.

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Sucking on my titties like you wanted me Calling me, all the time like Blondie Check out my chrissy behind It's fine all of the time Like sex Stepsister tied for sex the beaches.

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