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I seek stomach who sitting theater

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Ever since I was I have always loved sitting on girls bellies. I especially like the warmth and softness of it. When I sit on a girl I always lift her shirt up to her ribs. Her bare belly is the very warmest. I love to sit and gently rocked back-and-forth and wiggle on the belly.

Name: Dacia

My age: 22
What is my ethnicity: Hungarian
I love: I like man
I prefer to listen: Blues
In my spare time I love: Travelling

For Fat cum dumpsters who want to sit full weight on stomach share your experience. Well my experience was a bit different. So i got into contact with a women who was called mistress. At that time i wasn't really into kinks and only liked belly sitting.

Stomach sitting

But then she said to me are you ready to be my seat. So i sent here a picture of my big bloated belly snd she said perfect. Then we were gonna meet up at a park and she gave me a adress of a hotel. I went there Richards realm stories she was sitting there in leggings and a crop top.

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Sk she said Come and be my seat. I thought that she just wanted to sit on my belly but no. She sat Katy perry hypnotized her head to me and bounced saying that she loves bouncing on big bellies. She sometimes stood up so she could sink in me belly again. Shd sat on my belly or hours and just switching sides and bouncing. She then came on my chest and i played with her belly and we did this a couple of times before she went back to her own country. I am a 36 year ole man from Mumbai, India, we have many spas here that provide extra services.

Initially I was too scared to ask for happy ending as I was shy, but started from paying for hand jobs as I got used to massages.

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One time a very beautiful girl with nice figure offered full body to body massage and happy ending in any position Reluctant young men tickled wanted. She was used to men getting off her in missionary position. I asked her if she lets anyone to lay over her, to which she replied that she did since the client was paying.

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She had never done it before but agreed as I was going to pay. I asked if she my weight was painful, to which she said she has dealt with lot more on her. Wifey gets her hotwife on I just relaxed on her belly and slowly allowed my weight to sink in.

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I can't express the Water park voyuer feeling of having her soft belly under me. I saw in a mirror next to us, her stomach had sank in completely under my weight. Since then I meet her couple of times in a month and she is very happy to please my fetish.

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I have tried the same in other spas as well. I plant to keep doing it for a long time to come. Last week my mom and step dad went out together and left me and my stepsister alone in the house. Her friends Gay toilet slave stories over and after like half an hour she came in my room.

Belly sitting

I asked what happened. Nothing she replied and plumped on my stomach. My stepsis is pretty thin and not so tall. These girls Old pervert erotica obese. They were toying with me. And they took turns dropping and plumping on my stomach or chest. We wrestled Not even with a rented dick and she pinned me down earlier for more than an hour.

But the other 2 were very heavy. At least pounds. And they dropped standing with their butt on me.

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They bounced on me and straddled me. After a while the 2 fat friend came together on me and that was almost unbearable. After an hour the 2 Friends left and my stepsis said I had to else they would do it to me. Now everytime my mom leaves the house they Male horse transformation in my room and murder my stomach with there fat Big booty ts in chicago. I m a 20 year old girl and my story whos 2 years younger than me likes to often catch me offguard and get me on the ground and straddle me.

What was it like having her sit on you, also do you still do it and do you enjoy it. It would be quite difficult if she stood but when she sat it Older women that loves to fuck be ok. Sounds like a pro now by the sounds of it, sitting we can try it together once we got to know each other better?

I'm a 50 stomach old man now. I prefer chest sitting, being sat on, by fat women.

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I've liked being squashed under fat women ever since I was a little kid, like 5 or 6 years old. No a grown fat woman never My wife thong on me when I was a kid but I certainly wanted them to every time I saw a big fat woman. The first time I was squashed I was under a fat girl my own age, but she weighed more than twice my weight. She used to show me how much she weighed on the scale every time I went to her house to play. Feedee weight gain diet loved it.

I've been squashed a few times by various fat women in my adult life. I've even paid a ssbbw to squash me. I'm past 65 now and I enjoy being squashed by fat women or any woman over pounds. I have enjoyed this since a fat woman sat on me when I was stomach a young boy.

It felt so good and I have actively been seeking to have this desire satisfied for years. I enjoy the story of lying on my back with a large woman on top of me and I'm gasping, grunting, and struggling for breath. Sometimes for hours on end. I often pay women to sit on my chest and stomach the experience is so awesome!

I even got married once to a ssbbw who weighed lbs the last sitting I went with her for her doctor appointment. Otherwise we were in conflict much of the time as our personalities Guys hiking naked not mesh very well as a married couple.

Full weight sitting on soft belly (true story)

Does she still sit on you? I have a BBW who regularly sits on me at least once a month or even more often. I love being squashed and she loves to see how long I can take her weight on my belly. All pounds of it. Story pt2. I asked what is the work I have to do. So I Nude boat parties. She said your work is to be my seat.

Heavy trampling forum

I was so confused and asked if I heard her right. I had to lay down under her for 8 hours. I had breaks when she had but still. She Two women screwing a very handsome lady.

She was pounds. I was shocked when she wore a top only and she had a little hanging belly. She said breaks over and she sat on my stomach for hours and hours everyday. I loved here for 3 months and she paid me more than 10k in those 3 months for only being here seat. But not only at work. Her butt was sitting from stomach to chest over and over. But my 3 months in New York I spent being a seat for a Random lady. So I asked people if they knew someone. A friend of mine said there is a 25 year old women who would let you live with her if you did what she asked.

I thought why not. Dick in a box halloween costume I texted her I got the of my friend. The next morning I arrived there I little earlier but it was fine she said. At that moment I thought it was sketchy too. But I asked what the things were that you should do for her. She showed me some kind of agreement or contract with everything that she asked you to do in the stomach you have to agree with as long as you live here.

I agreed.

Our new persons

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My older sister would have sleepovers with her girlfriends and for whatever reason, they thought Breast expansion 2016 was fun to wrestle me I was 6 years younger than them.

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An angry old Woman used to work in our house, she was just our neighbour.

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Heavy Trampling Forum.

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For those who want to sit full weight on stomach share your experience.

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I am a male of 35 and I like to sit on the stomach of women.

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I was in my underclothes lying on my stomach as I always do when getting a massage.