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For liked hunt coordinates lady Starbound earths chatlines

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Earth is a planet in the Solar system in the Milky Way, home to a very diverse climate with seven continents. It is inhabited by Humans and other races and creatures.

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Discussion in ' Starbound Discussion ' started by QaderDec 12, Chucklefish Forums. A lot of the stickies from this forum have been moved there to clean Nudist family lifestyle space.

Anyone found an Earth - like planet? I was curious to see if there were any planets with, you know, brown dirt and green grass.

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If anyone has some coordinates to check out that would be cool. Also, does anyone know if there are planets that weren't randomly generated? Like easter egg planets that have been deed? QaderDec 12, Sexy story movieDec 12, Another Kevin and Moon Star like this.

Not yet. Though I found a planet with some fir trees on the background art. None on the actual world though. That reminds me of a book Embarrassing doctor visit found though. We know the Earth has been destroyed, but one of the lore books mentions that the USCM are stationed on Mars planning a way to destroy the tentacles and reclaim Earth.

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Sounds like an endgame human quest to me. MonkeybiscuitDec 12, If the solar system is in the game, Girls being deflowered think it would be a lot more likely that one of the developers give us the coordinates rather than us finding them on our own. Because I don Sleeping daughter sex have about 70 years left to live, and i'm not sure how long it would take to explore 17 quadrillion planets ;P.

YongzhiLastDay and Monkeybiscuit like this. Could be fun if they pulled a "Spore" and recreated Sol somewhere in the universe as an easter egg. MansenDec 12, Yongzhi and ThePenguinNich like this. SymphonyDec 12, ReonDec 12, ThePenguinNich likes this.

At one point I thought i found an earth-like, so I was pretty excited. As soon Home invasion sex story I beamed down, I discovered that the dirt was just green, and the trees had eyes.

Not really like earth. Master CatfishDec 12, I actually found a quite earth like planet,though if you go to the left or the right dirt turns purple and red grass.

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Here you go. This one is pretty darn earthlike. It has brown dirt, green grass, blue water, grassy background, and an earthlike sun.

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Be careful teleporting down. If the planet is identical to the one I landed on, you're going to be attacked immediately on landing as the spawn is next to an underground mostly Avian temple. BranwellDec 27, About not random generated planets I saw in other thre Girl with bullwhip talking about a planet called something like "Oretopia" that has a lot of the special ores.

BjornenDec 27, ArylinDec 27, Glad I could help.

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BranwellDec 28, ShasowDec 29, I was curious if a earthlike planet was going to happen, because all I Sorority girls squirting was weird and coloured planets. I actually think it's better be living in a weird planet for the lulz, but having a earthlike one is good for RPing purposes.

PaxtelDec 29, Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet.

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These Coordinates are from versions of the game prior to the most recent Universe Wipe.