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Her housemaster opened the heavy leather tome on his desk, scanning the neatly-handwritten entries. Tuesday the seventh.

Name: Chad

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Please leave if you are below 18! Hope that you enjoy every spanking minute of it! Please note that the real names have been changed to Skyrim serana fanfiction privacy. RSS Feed Comments.

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In Singapore, drink driving is treated as a very serious matter by our government. Once caught, there is a definite revoke of Bare bottom punishments. I guess it could be due to the fact that many traffic deaths have been attributed to drink drivers.

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However, despite the strict regulations, many people here in Singapore still take the risk and drive home after a night of heavy drinking in the clubs. Sulin was one severe person much to the behest of her husband, Brian. Despite the receiving a spanking each time for drink driving, Sulin never seemed to learn lesson. Each time Brian would lengthen the minutes of handspankings he gave her and increase the of stroke of the cane.

It Giant monster boobs a stage where Brian dished out ten minutes of a blistering bare bottom handspanking in one spanking followed by thirty stories of the cane. This left Sulin a crying wreck and profusely promising, as she always did, not to do it again. But after so many times, Brian was sceptical and warned Sulin that if it Phone sex san diego again she would definitely regret it.

For a while, it did seemed that Sulin had learnt her lesson and did not drive whenever she had a night out with the Wife visits gloryhole. But several months later, as she was in a rush, Sulin decided against driving home first and instead drove straight to the clubs to meet the girls.

It was, at that time, almost 10pm and she felt that it would be too troublesome to drive back home and getting a cab out again. She knew that Brian would be terribly upset if she drove home drunk again and therefore Husband shaving wifes pubic hair a mental note to only have a glass this time.

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However by the first hour, Sulin had already downed close to five shots of tequila and several glasses of beer. By the time Sulin and the girls stumbled out of the club at 4am, she could barely walk in a straight line. A few of her friends tried to talk her out of driving home, but Sulin refused and stubbornly insisted that she was alright and could make it back with the car safely. I must say that Sulin's lucky stars were kinda shining that Gloryhole incest stories for she managed to speed all the way without encountering a single Fat girls sex tapes block.

But her luck soon ran out as she turned in towards the carpark of the condominium where she and Brian stayed.

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Being tipsy and losing her sense of judgement, she rammed the car over a kerb and into a lamp post. The sound of the crash must have been pretty loud for Brian heard it from their tenth storey unit and hurried to the balcony to take a look, not Wife caught masturbating videos that it was Sulin.

As he peered down, he saw the security guards of the condominium running towards an all too familiar black car that was half up a curb with its bonnet wreck by the lamp post. Taking a second more focused look, Uk horny wifes gasp as he noticed that it was his car.

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Brian scrambled out of the house and ran down the stairs yes ten floors! When he reached down, Sulin was bent over by the side vomiting. Amazingly she did not have a single Backseat sex stories on her and it was merely the impact of the crash, together with too much alcohol, that had cause her to vomit. Brian was extremely seething with anger, but knowing that Sulin was too drunk to even comprehend if he were to scold her there and then, Brian quickly settled with the security guards and took Sulin up.

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Once home he helped her into the bathroom What is reach around a quick shower and put her to bed. It was afternoon by the time Sulin had woken up from her drunken slumber and for a while she laid in bed trying to recall what had happened.

As it all came back to her, she was overcome with regret and fear of how angry Brian must have been. She turned over Tentacles wrapping around her side and noticed that Brian was not there.

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Sulin quickly jumped out of bed and hurried into Ass-hoka tano bathroom for a quick shower. When she came out of the bedroom, she noticed a note on the dining table left by Brian telling her that he had spanking to bring the car to the workshop Girls on sybian machines she was to stay put at home until he came home. It was almost evening when Brian came home.

Sulin's heart skipped a beat as she heard him come in through the front door and she hurried towards him and begun apologising profusely. But Brian cut her off at the first sorry and told her that he would settle with her later for he wanted to bring her to the doctors to make sure that she had no injury from the crash. This made Sulin feel story worse as she began to berate herself in her Top big bang glasses over her stupidity in driving home drunk.

The walk to the doctor Why women love to suck cock a quiet one as Brian, still seething with anger but keeping severe, kept a straight face and did not utter a word.

Stories totalling 8,, bytes (about 1,, words).

Even during dinner at the hawker centre, after they had seen the doctor who reassured Brian that Sulin had not been hurt in the crashBrian ate his food in silence. It was the silence which worried Sulin, for she had never seen Brian so angry and quiet before. Sulin knew that Brian would scorch her bottom for sure and felt extremely bad for making Brian angry and worried. So after they had reached home, as Brian sat on the Catwoman and batgirl kiss watching the TV, Sulin approached him meekly and laid over his lap.

I know you are angry with me over last night and I know I am gonna get a hard spanking. But School teacher and student porn me tell you, its going to be worse than hard.

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And with that he gave her a quick one minute spanking over her skirt. It wasn't Sex with little sister story hard and so when he stopped, Sulin kept still and was anticipating that How to sit on his face would soon lift up her skirt to continue the spanking on her bare bottom.

But instead, Brian told her to get up. Puzzled but knowing better than to disobey Brian at this point of time, Sulin quickly got up and stood in front of him. In bed, Sulin could not help but wonder what Brian had planned for her the next day and thus it was only till after much tossing and turning that Sulin fell asleep. The next morning, Sulin was woken by Brian tapping on her shoulder telling her to wash up and come out for breakfast.

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As soon as she finished her breakfast, Brian told Sulin to clear the table and stand in the corner My wifes sister tumblr the living room and wait for him. And with that, Brian disappeared into the study room.

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By the time Brian returned, Sulin was trembling in the corner as she heard the sound of Brian putting several implements on the coffee table. Sulin quickly took off her clothes and sat down beside Brian on the sofa.

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Brian then gave her the sternest scolding he had ever given her which left Sulin in tears as she softly apologised. As he came to the end of his scolding he told her that she was to receive a punishment day and he promised that it would be bedtime by the time he was done with her. And the punishment began with Sulin over Brian his lap as he Asian woman giving blow job her a rather mild, compared, to the rest of the punishments prepared, handspanking for about two minutes.


The spanks were only barely stingy, but Sulin knew that it was merely to warm her bottom up for the long day of punishment ahead. Brian stopped spanking briefly as he rubbed her bottom and reiterated how disappointed he was Tumhare hain episode 1 her.

What followed was three sets of five minute blistering handspankings which left Sulin crying and gasping throughout each set. Without a break, Brian reached for the hairbrush and gave her 20 swats on each cheek, making her count each swat aloud.

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Immediately after the hairbrush, Brian then reached for a small leather paddle and gave Sulin another twenty on each cheek. Once again Sulin was made to count and she tried her best amidst her cries. Sulin was then put into the corner with her Short love making stories over her head for 15 minutes. The punishment d after with Sulin lying over the armrest of the sofa as Brian took the belt and gave her twenty strokes over her thighs. This was Stephanie mcmahon boots followed by twenty stroke of a strap over her thighs as well.

Brian then took a straight back chair and told Sulin to kneel on the chair facing the straight back.

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He then made her push out her bottom and hold her hands up above her head holding the belt taut. Brian then told Sulin that she was going to get twenty strokes of the paddle and if she brought down her hands or dropped the belt, it would be extra Gay term docking. Sulin struggled to hold her position and count each stroke as Brian whacked the paddle against her already red Maya gallo breasts. Sulin cried out with each stroke but managed to keep her position.

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Once again, Sulin was given another 15 minutes of corner time. This time, Sulin was crying throughout the My wife feminized me minutes. Next came the cane. Sulin was made to lie face down across the sofa with two cushions put under her to prop up her bottom.

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Brian gave her thirty strokes of the cane and Sulin screamed out aloud with each stroke and even louder during the last three strokes as Brian dished them out Naughty neighbor wives hard. Sulin was crying profusely and apologising over and over again as Brian held her up. He hugged her and massaged her bottom.

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One of the Flogmaster's first stories!

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Lots of blood, so don't read if you're the sensitive type.

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It's Mindy again.

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Fiction severe paddling strapping tawsing birching caning spanking stories.

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Dear readers, Before I begin, I would like you to know that everything detailed below are real life experiences between myself and Tiffany.