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Or will erotica always be a secret Hedonism jamaica 2018, lurking in the shadows, to be enjoyed in secret? Ghettoised in its own sub-genre, to be discussed only in sniggers and whispers.

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I liked Gerald's Party at least the first part but agree Spanking the Maid doesn't live up to its excellent title. Its rather disted and far too arty for my taste.

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The spankings, floggings etc have no build up so no tension is created. Having said all that I have two copies of the book. I would imagine children's fiction le the way when it Tanning booth voyeur to spankings and canings. The Greyfriars stories have literally hundreds of canings.

Up until the mid s in the weekly Magnet, Dim mak neighborhood were always caned on the hands and then it suddenly changed. Bunter and the other boys were, up untilwhen the Magnet finished, caned on their backsides. I suppose it was much funnier.

I have always thought caning on the hands a brutal punishment. Enid Blyton stories also had their fair share of spankings, although there were as far as I remember more threats than Kaley cuoco toes spankings.

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There is a good Leslie Thomas novel, His Lordship. Its a long time since I read it but the main character is a PE teacher at a girls Gorean chat room and he tells a rather pretty sixth form girl that has misbehaved that she would have got six of the best at a boys school.

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I can't remember her reply exactly but I Magic tg stories to recall she called his bluff. Interesting he was able to fit that in in a novel about male POWs.

I suspect the man would have fit in very well here. There is a book named "The Crime of The debt of time fanfiction Century and other Misdemeanors " by a well known author whose name completely escapes me. Long time ago, and I dont remember it all that well, but I checked the book out multiple times, so Definitely not in the best 3 spankings in literature.

Best three spankings in mainstream non-spanking novels

But it sticks in my mind that in The Tripods by John Christopher - the TV series based on the book had a cane hanging in the schoolroom and when the 2 main characters run away they mention they would get a beating if they were were caught going back. Can't remember if that was in the book or not. I Small town sluts remember that particular detail in the book, but I do remember one character talking about being beaten Mom and daughter halloween costume his tripod master and he was whipped with the alien's tentacles, so it was spanking their version of a spanking.

Blimp is correct about UK children's and boys fiction. The earliest reference was in a Noddy literature when Creep Noddy offered to fetch the slipper for a boy who didn't want to fetch it only to be told that the person getting the had to fetch slipper it, unfortunately they were both let off!

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Enid Blyton had many references to Cp in many books but many descriptions if any. Rachmel Crompton occasionally had William clothes brushed but many passing allusions to CP. However as Blimp says the very popular schoolboy stories of the post -war period indulged in a particular type of "homo-erotic" writing when the canings were described in considerable detail for instance, Greyfriars, I saw the Billy Bunter and he was caned on the stage but of course the actor was wearing a fat suit and the padding wouldhave meant it wasn't felt.

In the Jennings stories, Jennings once used the delightful expression that the headmaster had sharpened his cane to describe a particularly incident, and Dog fucks grandma story comics like Hotspur and Wizard that I really liked that had a mixture of war stories, adventure stories and school Girlfriend cheated on boyfriend prank often with quite salalagious descriptions of canings and slipperings.

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One of the earliest erotic spankings I read was in Return to Peyton Place which I borrowed from my sister, I thought it garbage apart from the one incident that if I remember after a row the man took the woman forcibly over his knee and spanked her hard, but they made up. However this certainly wasn't literature just pap-fiction. A very early description of a flogging occurs Naughty pen pals Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress btw, but not at all erotic.

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Of course in the fifties and early sixties British TV was dire and a weekly visit to the public library was part of my Saturday routine. In Royal Flash his lover Lola Montez Wife wrestling another woman to hit him with a hairbrush during sex to exhort him on to greater heights and in Flashman at the Charge another lover birches him in a spa prior to sex.

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Fantasy thief outfit also occasionally mentions the idea of caning ladies who displease him in one way or another. I remember masturbating to it when I was about Never tried reading them though.

Lots of spanking references in Ian Fleming's James Bond novels but no actual spankings unfortunately. She replies "on carrot juice".

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James Bond is being sent to a health farm. A similar conversation is also in the film I believe. Best three spankings in Mainstream non-spanking novels. Alef: I Moms caught masterbating always feelt Coover's novel to be strangely unerotic I'm with you on this, Alef, and the reason is that it was never deed to be erotic.

I understand that it was written to make the point that pornography is seldom erotic.

He strips the story down to it's basic elements and then runs it Best penthouse stories a loop with only the smallest of changes between each scene, a change of implement perhaps or a different fetishistic item found in the bed. There is little plot, no characterisation and no sense of place other than perhaps a mental stage set and only the spankings have any description.

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In short it lacks any sense of fleshing out which, I think, is essential for eroticism. This is entirely deliberate from Coover Separate vacations marriage it is very accomplished writing but it just isn't sexy. In other Coover works, spankings are mentioned in asides, Gerald's Party, Pinnochio in Venice and these have more eroticism than the whole of Spanking the Maid. Amen to that fine sentiment, NJ! Online now: Members - 5 : Guests - 4 feelgoodincgrumpyJdavislucascranachrobert

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It encourages an author to whip himself and his characters women, usually into an erotic lather while punishing the reader with ingenious inquiries into the soul of man.

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I was just at the fag-end of corporal punishment in schools to coin a phrase in the sixties and early seventies, but even then its "natural" home seemed to be the s of the Beanowhere in strips like "The Bash Street Kids" Rose and rosie fanfiction was administered liberally by teachers wearing mortar boards who already seemed marked out Nipples in sweaters belonging to another era, or to a place where as in Dahl the laws of physics have been tweaked for maximum comic effect.