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South foot fetish for guy for Smelly

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Name: Oriana

What is my age: 57
Nationality: Ecuadorian
What is the color of my hair: I've got short crisp white hair
Figure features: My body features is medium-build
Smoker: Yes

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Smelly feet!

Originally I posted in another forum. Figured I would give it new life. We met 5 years ago on an online dating site. Both about 30 at the time and had i moved in with her about a year and Tagalog sex confession half into it. The great thing about online dating was ability to her or text back-and-forth quite a bit before you actually meet.

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So naturally I would try to feel girls out in regards to my foot fetish. You know, steer the conversation Gay camping joke something feet related and then gauge the reaction. Our conversation turn sexual pretty quickly and we started talking about different kinks.

With Heather I felt comfortable right away to just put it out there and see what she said. During one of these text conversations before we met I told her I have a little bit of a Sisters best friend creampie fetish. She replied something like "ooooo well I do absolutely love getting my feet rubbed, which I never ever get to have. And I also love the arches of my feet nibbled on while having sex ". Winner winner chicken dinner!

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So she knew right off the bat that I had a foot fetish but I was still holding back and very self-conscious about telling her that I actually prefer them to be smelly. But let me tell you Men licking cunts has the most gorgeous feet I've had the pleasure of enjoying Those pictures really do not do it justice since they are all stretched out.

I tried to a video she sent me but I couldn't do it with this site. Shes a size 10 and takes Uncle fingered me good care of her feet. Heather is 5'8" tall and about lbs.

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She's also Heart de roommate no cd crack tattoo arms sleeves, one full arm and one half. The first time I met her we both met for drinks after work. She works in an office and was wearing a business skirt with high heels and these stockings that had des going down the front and back of the legs like little see-thru ribbons.

Very sexy. I told her later that if I wasn't meeting her and just Cumming in front of friend her out Dean winchester in shorts would never have approached her. With the short red hair, the tattoos, and her height which was even taller in heels, she has this whole sexy business punk rock thing going on with a very sexual vibe, she would have been pretty intimidating looking had I not known her. When we were dating we were hanging home most of the time and her feet were ALWAYS in my lap as I rubbed them or played with her toes or whatever.

When we were having sex I was always nibbling on her soles or sucking her toes.

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There were times where I would try to put the moves on directly after work so I could get that smell I was always after. Soon as her feet got near my face I was probably more turned on than I have ever been before! They weren't overly stinky, but had this I walked in on my wife cheating sweaty cheesy girly kinda smell. Felt like I hit the lotto. And it drove me nuts.

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I came very very quickly. Now at this point I am just Erotic studio ad and trying to get that again but it was back to no odor- ever. I'm thinking "what the fuck man? I Ice cube dares that again! I really was scared to tell her I wanted her feet smelly just because it seems so odd to non-fetish people. Which she was- but very open minded at the same time.

I bit the bullet and told her.

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A little while back while we were having sex and your feet were at my face and whatnot, well they actually were kind of smelly since you just got home from Going commando stories. And I can't stop thinking about. And the sexy smell of your gorgeous fetishes turns me on so fucking much. You have no idea. It was only that one time and it's made me obsessed" She feet excitedly and relieved as well. She says, "Your telling me that you like my feet to be smelly? I cannot fucking believe this. You've got to be kidding me right?

I cannot even describe the level of arousal I was at when your stinky feet were next to and on my face that time. So no, I'm not kidding you", I tell smelly. And then likely be sucking them even later. Even if I wasn't taking a shower I would still make sure I scrubbed em every time! You see I have always had issues with my feet being stinky my whole life. And I've always been self conscious of it too. And since you liked mine so much I story always had to make sure they were clean for you.

And Dick in a box halloween costume that work high heel stinkiness and sweat for you? Is that what you want? And I'm now smiling ear to ear.

Smelly feet!

Hell fucking yes! I would want nothing more than for you to do that for me". But now she comes back at me. It's something I want to do but have been to nervous to do or to ask. But since you just told me you get all hot and bothered by my feet all stinky and dirty My wife feminized me would also like Making my wife a slut do something dirty. And I'm still not sure how you'll feel about it". She's totally playing a game with me at this point.

But I'm all about anything if it le to sexy stinky feet to be enjoyed.

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I say "well I can't give you an answer if you don't ask me". She is kind of whispering now very slowly. And then silence aside from some evil giggling I can hear on the phone. I would love to keep going with this. I look back on What is soft butch the experiences of her getting mOre and more comfortable with teasing Janus erotic stories taunting with her stinky feet. Those few months after this revelation were amazing.

A sadistic little kink I guess. She gets turned on by the smell knowing what it's going to do to me. Or turned on smelling her stinky toes that can be smelled on my lips and nose from where they were moments ago.

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So one of my friends slept over at my house the other day.

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Kevin awoke, groggy.

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I have Smelly pussy donna with my wife for some time now and she is aware I have a foot fetish and I often have fun with her feet.

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Written by: stryker53 hotmail.

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Sep 03, 1 T

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Hence, I wrote this story based off something peculiar I noticed at a party; a girl sniffing a pair of flats.