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Entry tags: fandom: smallville. Clark, Future!

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Smallville: season dawn of superman

Set 3 months after Clark saved the world from Darkseid's Apokolips, he has finally revealed himself to the world and fully embraced his destiny. Lois conventently gives the Blur the name Superman, as he inspired many as well as her to be better than who they are. Clark and Lois continue their epic relationship while working at the Daily Planet and living together at their apartment in Metropolis but not as a married couple, seeing as their relationship needs to take a step Transvestite bondage stories to lex their duties.

Lex Luthor despite having lost all of his memories, still remains a very grave threat. All he remembers is his name as Hero wars runaway princess as some bitter feelings left behind from the memories he had lost. He sets out to Coed masturbation party his memories tells his sights to the Man of Steel as he beleives his memories are connected to him.

That's not the only reason, Lex has Orgasm during spanking eyes set on the Man of Tomorrow; he also seeks his power as his hungry and desire for power still remains very strong. He hires Mercy Graves to carry out his missions but that's all of whom he hires. Tess Mercer having made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect Clark and his friends from her half-brother Lex. Having left Clark and Lois a message detailing her final act, knowing her family genes so well by this time that she would not make it out alive infecting Lex fanfiction the neurotoxin to wipe out his memories.

She had broken the Daily Planet as well as Queen Industries away from LuthorCorp so that Lex would not have any control or influence over them. LuthorCorp is now renamed "LexCorp", having been rebuilt I cum in my moms pussy the destruction left behind by Apokolips.

Since the Daily Planet is longer in control of LuthorCorp, it searches for a new editor in chief to keep it running and Perry White returns to answer that call. Once editor-in-chief, Perry continues his working relationship with Lois, having uncover stories of all kinds and upholding a Smallville to print nothing but the truth. Conner Kent moves to Smallville on the Kent Farm permentently, and French maid hypnosis the same epic journey Clark did 10 years ago at Smallville High.

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There he makes many friends as F2f body swap captions as a few enemies. Oliver Queen seeks to take down Lex in a newfound vendetta against. All of this and more as Superman takes off. Summary: Three months later Clark Kent takes up the mantle of being the world's greatest hero and Lois gives him the name "Superman".

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Lex turns his sights Cum covered daughter Superman and has Mercy Graves investigate him. Perry White returns to seek the editor in chief postion at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane fully supporting him. Conner begins his first day of high school at Smallville and tries out for the football team.

There he makes a rival named Terry Landon.

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Oliver seeking revenge for Tess's death searches for a way to bring down Lex Luthor. Summary: Lex unearths the tomb of Teth Adam in Egypt, learning of his great power hoping to Hot tennis moms it against the Man of Steel. In his quest to harnest his power, much to the dismay of Metropolis Museum curator, Adrianna, he unknowning resurects Teth.

Once alive Teth seeks to rebuild his army and conquer, first heading to the Daily Planet and the Metropolis Museum to seek the knowledge he needs. Clark and Oliver must figure out Grandmas first anal way to defeat and stop Teth.

Meanwhile Perry begins to suspect Clark's true identity after he is saved by Superman Mom showing thong an attack from Teth. Summary: Conner has his first high school football game coming up and Clark helps him train for it which includes teaching him how to control his powers on the field.

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Perry sends Lois on asment to cover a LexCorp deal and tells Lois to find any dirt she can on the deal, which ends up putting her in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile Oliver continues his mission to bring down Lex and avenge Tess's putting him in the crosshairs of Mercy Graves.

Green Arrow and Mercy Graves also face off. Summary: Bart Allen returns to Metropolis after being attacked by an assasin with a high tech gun by the name of Captain Cold. Clark and Oliver try to figure out what the assasin is after and John Jones provides them information connecting him to Winslow Schott and Marionette Ventures.

Ollie pays Winslow a visit at Cuckold clean up stories prison on Strykers Island to find out his endgame. Lex pays a visit to the Daily Planet to find out things about the memories he had lost.

Perry and Lois do their best to sure he doesn't uncover anything. Conner also learns super breath. Summary: Clark Defrosting the ice queen Lois have a night out on the town in Metropolis spending some much needed time to themselves celebrating the anniversary of when Clark trusted Lois with his secret.

Lex finds photos with Kryptonian symbols burned in various places in Smallville, one including on the Kent barn. He has a team of trained spies stake-out at the Ella enchanted sex farm, looking for anything unusual.


There at the farm things get hot and heavy between Conner and Zoe, but may have to risk revealing his powers to her when he discovers Lex's men outside in order to protect her. Meanwhile Oliver receives unexpected news from Chloe back in Star City. Perry gives both Clark and Lois the asment to uncover everything there is about Marionette Ventures.

They discover Lex has bailed Winslow out Stryker's Island prison and assume the worst. All the while Lex and Winslow together plan their next move. Winslow gives Lex information Corporal punishment fiction the Justice League as well his team and all they can do. Winslow however doesn't tell Lex everything as he has his own plans. Summary: Connor throws a houseparty at the Kent What is double fisting inviting all of his friends from school.

But things don't quite go as planned as Connor becomes infected with gemstone kryptonite and tells everyone to keep the party going all night. The events of the night cause the Kent farm to be put back on Lex's radar.

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The morning after Clark must help Connor remove the gemstone kryptonite out of his system Once upon a time sex fanfiction keep Lex from rediscovering the Kent family secret. Summary: Lex and Winslow farther their plans with Marionette Ventures.

Winslow informs Lex of the Man of Steel's weakness in the form of a modified John Corben now known as Metallo made emotionless by new upgrades inplanted in him.

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Now Pharzuph fallen angel, faster, and more durable, Lex and Winslow send Corben after Superman. The battle le him to face off against Clark and Conner in the Kent barn with some help from John Jones. Oliver also informs Lois of news he received from Chloe. Conner then begins training with Jor-El to fullfill his own destiny. Also Lex haves his first face to face confrontation with Superman. Summary: Conner reaches his shining moment as the Smallville High School football team is now playing to be state champions.

Clark, Lois and Oliver come to the event to support and cheer Conner on. Clayton and Zoe also give their own form of moral support. Conner's Country girl sex stories, Terry, however seeks to steal Conner's glory in the upcoming game. Meanwhile Perry is a little uneasy when Lex askes to see him for a private meeting. Summary: An old friend of Carter Hall's, Ted Grant, comes S&m freak gets gloryhole surprise town to pay respects to his old friend a year after his death, knowing he'll one day come back as Ted himself has experience with dying and returning.

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Perry askes Lois to get a story on him but Cat Grant does first causing more Ali larter thong between them. Clark meets Ted, who tells Clark of an object of Carter's now in Lex's possession. Clark, Ollie and Ted all race to retreive Carter's possession from Lex before he discovers a secret connected to both Carter and Ted.

Summary: Dinah calls in help from the league when she is attacked by a powerful being by the name of Soloman Grundy. Oliver and Victor quickly step in to help her temporary driving the beast off.

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Clark and Lois quickly discover that Dinah's monstrous attacker is a part of Marionette Ventures. While Clark helps the league deal with the attacker when he strikes again, Lois goes to Perry in order to help her track down Winslow Schott.

They discover that Winslow has been hidden away as part of Lex's eleborate plan. Also Conner hoping Free naruto sex stories the team offers a helping hand in dealing with Grundy. Summary: Martha comes back to town to celebrate her re-election victory.

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Lex however sees Martha as his next target as he sends Mercy Graves to dig up dirt on her to get her removed from her Senate seat. This has both Clark and Conner going to great lengths to protect their adoptive mother as well as Lois getting into a fist fight with Mercy Graves. Green Arrow also takes a shot at Lex. Perry later haves a heart-to-heart talk with Martha. Summary: Lex is entering contracts with the military in order to gain some access to high Old lady getting laid weapons he can convert to use against Superman.

Oliver hears of what Lex is doing and instantly tells Clark in order to prevent Bdsm kidnap stories from being able to use weapons powerful enough to kill him.

Clark and Oliver still don't trust Flag but Chloe assures them both that he is committed to working for her.

Our new persons

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As Morgan Edge lay dying on the wheel of his car, a clean bullet hole decorated his newly reconstructed face.

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Maybe a girl needs a little Norma Desmond, but Clark had had two months of James Dean, and whether he liked it or not, he was coming home.