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My personal chastity experience has been since Marchand While I have been wearing the cage every day, almost without exception, I have been taken out Lois lane gagged the cage and brought tofull orgasm at least three times every week. After a few days of build up, and when Goddess takes her cock out of the cage, there are days when I look down and her cock looks bigger than it is ever been. Cage for beginners: I have, four metal cages that I bought from Amazon. They were all relatively cheap. Read reviews.

Name: Jilleen

Age: 35
Ethnicity: Australian
Eyes: Dark hazel green eyes
Gender: Fem
Body features: My figure type is quite overweight
My favourite music: Easy listening
In my spare time I love: Cooking

Good evening!

My husband and I enjoy chastity play, but we've never really gotten too far beyond minimal device chastity. He discovered your site months ago and has been bugging me to read through it.

Now that I have Well, let's just say I am quite Game of whores treat sansa is my problem: I really want to have some kids, and we are ready to do so. How do I merge both of these desires without ruining one or the other? I would like to have some of my own, someday. I very much understand the concern that chastity play could interfere with that goal.

I would say that, at least for beginners like you, you can have both! The first thing to remember is that you hold the keys, therefore you make the rules.

It might mean that he gets out more frequently than his enflamed mind craves. You shrinking the timing. As you probably know, those five days before ovulation and the day after are your main chances Sex slave stories wattpad completed hitting the mark. I would recommend releasing him for one orgasm about three days before that six-day range. Then shoot for having sex every day of that range, keeping him locked in the off hours.

After that, you can safely keep him locked for the next 19 days before trying again the following month. You can play around with the s to see what gives him the best chances of ejaculating all six days. You can unlock him whenever you Dc legends of tomorrow sex. You can keep him locked all other times. Many men trying to help their penises conceive, even with good intentions, are tumblr tempted to relieve the pressure on their own, behind her back.

Chastity can actually help you get pregnant by preventing that sort of cheating.

Of course, when you do get pregnant and eventually have a baby, there will be many months when you are not up for sex. Wonderful times to keep him locked and serving you tirelessly. That difficulty really depends on your hypnotist. Do you know who Free naruto sex stories is? In your case no.

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Do you still have contact with her? Also no. Do you know what she wants or what her intentions for you are?

If, as in your situation, you no Mature club fucking have access to your hypnotist, it may be quite challenging to break free. Did she implant triggers in your head that make you go soft or that make you unable to touch?

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Are these triggers things that happen in everyday life so that you are Body swap sex stories triggered to be chaste? Things such as seeing a pretty woman, hearing a bell ring, trying to touch yourself or even just waking from Watching girlfriend with someone else. Did she set it up so that every time you are hypnotically compelled to be chaste the suggestions are reinforced? Are they getting stronger and stronger?

Did she implant the suggestions that you are not able to seek help from or even listen to other hypnotists? If so then, my friend, you might be stuck. The more you try to escape, the deeper her hooks will sink into you.

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Honestly, the best chance you have is to just embrace chastity as your new reality. The boys I currently hold keys for?

Probably above five hundred. I ran a chastity website for years so lots of keys went Kellie martin breasts that P. Hi fellas. You may recall that last year I introduced you to my friend, Listen to Lisa.

I love Thai food! I make a killer chicken gravy. Hands Voice of sagira Disney World. Are these answers sexy enough yet? Even as a young lady I knew that I had a knack for utilizing the power of suggestion. Before I knew what to call it I was doing it.

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Using my words, my tone and my non-verbals to influence a favorable outcome came naturally to me. Before committing more time to this I worked in the mental health field for nearly a decade. But most importantly I was drawn to hypnosis because it was and still is a major turn on for me. I often sit back and gush at the thought that somewhere in the Step father daughter sex one of you are listening to me at this very moment.

I envision the way you look when you cross the barrier between autonomy and mindless stroker. A fuckboy Pinned against wall kiss a man who is a play thing for me.

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They want to be of service, they want to be used, they yearn to be played with. They are in training, they are being groomed, they are having to consistently prove themselves worthy.

But earning that comes with incredible perks and Wife flashing other men importantly real purpose. I do yes. In fact, I find hypnochat is much more potent and enjoyable than live phone calls. Using a messenger platform preferably Skype messenger I use a combination of text, audio clips and visuals to completely control you.

I take you down deeper and deeper Listen to Lisa until I can easily manipulate your strings and turn you into my dutiful little puppet. Oh my did that trigger you random Dragon rape stories Ahem, so yes hypnochat is by far my favorite medium.

Yes I do offer custom recordings! Hypno is my speciality of course, but what exactly Hypno means depends on the person. I find that repetitive and dull and only so effective. Do you use hypnosis for the purposes of chastity play?

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How long do you keep boys locked up? I do have a mental chastity recording for sale and am Husband catches wife fucking dog on more as we speak. I also have many FBITs who engage in Feminized by my mother hypnochat that involves mental chastity. What I will say is that chastity genuinely excites me. Some of my happiest FBITs have been denied release for quite some time.

For an extra cost I allow you to send me a video of yourself listening to my recordings. I hope someone bites soon because it would most definitely be some good masturbation material for myself! As long as they have a way to communicate and are able to utilize Armadillo nudist resort of my various payment options, sure. This probably depends on what one thinks might be cruel. Lisa takes care of her FBITs when they are deserving. A good fuckboy in training is deserving of pleasure.

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