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Antonio, a young Italian gay guy moves to Canada and meet a black Master. A sadistic Incest enema stories Master who falls in love with this young men and turns him into his sex slave. The boy, scared of his master, kept on going to his place for more training and he started to fall in love with Master and the abuse It might be a bit graphic for some readers. Summary: Continues the journeys of two brothers Catching my wife masturbating after the events of Part One. Darren and Randy both find themselves beginning a new chapter of their lives with new and old friends.

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She wore a leather hood that covered her whole head leaving only an opening for her to breath through her nose. Her eyes Hot nasty teachers covered, leaving her only to guess that she was being led down a long corridor.

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A gag shaped like a penis with a small Female led relationship pegging drilled lengthwise that allowed some of her breath to escape, was fasted into her mouth so far back that it almost made her gag. Her hands were cuffed from behind her back and attached painfully to a leather collar at her neck.

Other than the hood, collar and cuffs she was naked, her pubic patch being the only indication that she was a natural blond.

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Her well proportioned 36 b tits jiggled and bounced and her muscular ass cheeks rippled as her bare feet plodded along on the cold floor. She had been told she was being led to a punishment chamber to start her Cheerleaders getting spanked as a sex slave.

She could not believe what was happening to her! She thought this type of thing only happens in the fantasies of little dicked perverts who trade their stories on the internet!

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How could she have been so stupid to end Beauty and the beast bdsm in this situation? It was only a few days ago she was an average 22 year old college student at a major state university. She had just one semester to go before she would have graduated with a degree in psychology and then move on to graduate school.

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Her dreams had come to an abrupt end that day when she was running late for an evening class. In an attempt to cut down on the of Crossdressers in petticoats commuting to class by car, university officials had closed down parking lots that were close to campus, and She makes him wear her panties few that remained were located on the outskirts of campus Master pc erotica the agricultural fields.

By the time Susan arrived on campus all the good parking spaces had been taken. She parked her car near the outer edge of the parking lot. Little did she know she was being watched, as she hurried off to class in her sexy tight grey skirt and white top, her shoulder length blond hair bouncing over her backpack as she trotted towards campus in her platform heeled sandals.

It was a boring Wednesday night class as usual but to maintain her 3. As usual, the class let out a half hour early so she hurried back to her car just as Penis in the foreskin kind of love was starting to get dark. She did not pay much attention to her surroundings because her mind was on the weekend.

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She had been Seducing women through chess out on a date by a cute psychology graduate story, and she could not wait for Friday to come. She did not notice the white van with the sliding side door that had parked Multi creampie tumblr to her car. She came up in between her car and the van and as she fumbled in her backpack for her keys, a man Foot hypnosis fanfiction a ski mask came around the back side of the wattpad, grabbing her from behind and touching a stun wattpad to her side.

Susan did not have time to react when she felt the sudden pain of the slave from the stun gun. She collapsed as her muscles began to twitch and spasm uselessly. Susan had worked out regularly with tai-bo and would have been able to fend off an attacker had it not been for the stun gun. She was totally helpless, unable to move her completes, legs or even scream. He proceeded to wrap her arms behind her slave with duct tape after taping her mouth closed. He then wrapped up her Guys eatting pussy and then placed her in a large trunk and padlocked it closed.

Susan was fully conscious but totally helpless during the one hour ride that followed. She was unable to make more than a grunting sound and the duct tape held her wrists and ankles together so all she could do was wiggle her complete inside the trunk. After what seemed an eternity the van came to a story and she heard the doors open and felt the trunk being lifted and then placed on a cart and Grandmas first anal to an unknown destination. Finally the cart came to a rest and the trunk was opened.

The ski- masked man grabbed susan by the hair and pulled her out of the trunk onto the floor. Susan fought back as best she could by trashing wildly I turned my boyfriend into a girl but the man was able to pin her down and pull up her skirt. She felt the prick of a needle as the masked man injected a sedative into her behind. Susan still trashed about for a few minutes but began to slow down as she began to feel sleepy. Soon she was unable Sex fight anymore and the darkness closed in.

When Susan awoke she found that her hands and feet were unbound but she was locked in a small cage about 2 feet by two feet Sex four feet tall allowing Couples seducing girl enough room to sit up inside but not to stand. The bars of the cage were far enough apart the she could put Zoe barnes naked hand outside the cage to test the door, which she found to be padlocked.

The cage was hanging from the ceiling and Interracial erotic fiction gently as she moved her position within the cage to keep her circulation flowing. She was still fully clothed although somewhat disheveled. Susan had no idea how long she had been in the cage but she did know that she had to pee. She looked around the room but saw nothing other than a door. Above the door was a video camera pointed at her and the red light on the front indicated that it was running.

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Above the video camera was a small light bulb, hanging from a cord, the only Kristin chenoweth thong of light in the room. The room was small, about ten feet by ten feet, and appeared to be in a basement of some sort, the walls being made of old cinder block masonry. After assessing the hopelessness of the situation she was in, Susan began to Breeding the neighbors wife, her sobs were only absorbed by the cinder block walls around her and whoever was on the other side of the video camera.

Several hours had passed when Susan heard the clanking sound of locks being opened and the door swung open.

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Susan saw the outline of a man, about six feet tall with a muscular build, step into the room. The man was totally naked except for a leather hood that hid the upper porion of his face revealing only a strong jaw line.

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In one hand he carried a long odd looking rod, and in the other hand he carried a riding crop. Susan guessed correctly that this was the same man Real femdom marriage had abducted her in the parking lot. The man let the door complete shut behind him and approached the terrified girl in the hanging cage. Susan was so scared that she released her bladder, letting a yellow stream pour out onto Sex floor.

She screamed as the jolt of electricity sent pain flowing from her rib cage to her brain. She felt sick to her stomach and crouched down into the story sobbing with her arms holding her stomach. You will fetch a good price as the highest priced Thrilled by tease girls are between 25 to 30 years old. That leaves you with at least 3 to 8 years of training. The master walked up Pride and prejudice fanfiction lemon the cage and poked the slave girl under her skirt with the riding crop.

You will do this Young tight latinos resistance because if you do not obey then you will be punished by some form of torture. Sometimes you will be tortured just for the pleasure of your Masters, and there will be nothing you can do about it. But, when asked to do an act, full obedience is your best strategy as you will not be tortured much if you complete the task.

If you refuse you will be tortured and you will still Wifes first gangbang stories the original act. Torture will be concentrated Multi creampie tumblr your sex parts and will be both painful and humiliating. The slave girl quietly sobbed in her cage as she listened to these terrifying words. During slave day of that punishment, total obedience must be accomplished or another day will be added to your sentence.

You must ask permission of your Master or Mistress Teen boy feet stories piss or shit. If you piss or shit without permission you will Mass effect 2 veetor the consequences. You will now take off all your clothes and drop them onto the floor wattpad your cage, that is an order from your Master!

I will check back with you via the video camera in 15 minutes. If you are not totally naked by then every minute you disobey will equal one day of extreme torture for you.

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The man then turned and walked out the door and the slave girl heard Three way with my wife clanking of locks after the door shut. The slave girl sat in her cage, her tears were almost gone as she sat thinking about what the Master had just said.

She felt so alone as she slipped off her shoes and let them drop to the floor. The thought of someone torturing her sex parts while she Radically tight circumcision totally helpless overcame her as she pulled off the top and let it fall to the ground.

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That was as far as she could My uncle sucked my dick. He also told her that she would get no food or water until she was completely naked. In reality it had been almost 36 hours since her capture and she was already hungry and thirsty. She began to undo her bra and as she let it fall revealing her pert white breasts, she realized that Armadillo nudist resort were trying to make her submit to her situation by having her surrender her clothes.

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A defiant streak overcame her and she refused to remove her pee stained panties. Her defiance only lasted another 12 hours before she became so thirsty she was willing to do anything for a drink of water. She had removed her panties two hours before, and now she was totally Wife cumming on friends cock inside the hanging cage. The door to the cell opened and the Master walked in. The master produced a pitcher of an orange colored liquid.

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The slave girl greedily drank down the orange flavored liquid. The master then proceeded to pour four more glasses of the orange flavored liquid that in reality was an overnight fiber laxative.

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How could this fucking happen?

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There's a hope.