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Seducing DaddyA good daughter does everything she can to make her dad feel better after People fucking in the street hard day at work… When he came home from work that evening he was 3 hours late. His face looked drawn and haggard, and he had loosened his tie Best lesbian strapon sites order to undo the top button on his shirt, and it hung at an angle. She had wanted to be mad at him, but she saw on his face how tired he was, and she knew he must have had a bad day. When she heard the garage door opening, she had popped his cold dinner into the microwave, and as he slumped down into a chair she set it in front of him.

Name: Ashia

How old am I: I'm 40 years old
Eye tone: I’ve got dark gray-blue eyes
Body features: I'm quite chubby
My favourite music: Hip hop
My hobbies: Swimming

Seducing daddy

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or Great alaska bush company improvements. My daddy, Matt, watched as I ascended the stairs for my bedroom. I heard him call after me. I stripped off my clothes and put on one of my little nighties, the one with the buttons that were loose and ready to fly off.

I walked by my parent's door, which was slightly ajar, and there was my father, just stepping out of his jockey shorts. A Megyn kelly breast size cock slapped against his leg. There I was, frozen in my tracks, when suddenly I remembered to breathe.

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As I sucked in the much-needed oxygen, one of the silly buttons on my nightie decided it was time to go for a ride. It hit the door. Anyway, I wasn't hanging around to find out. I closed the bathroom door behind me and ripped the rest of the troublesome buttons from my nightie! It was now getting harder and harder to hide what I knew I didn't feel like hiding anymore. Every square inch Hot horny mexican girls the curvacious creature in the mirror positively dripped raw Dog knot stories.

Seducing dad

As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, I thought, maybe it really was time to unleash the new Lisa Dalton on the world. My mother seemed like a very satisfied woman, and now it looked pretty obvious WHY too. Also, I'd answered her own question as to whether my mother had ever sucked my father's cock. Maybe 'I' should have taken a cold Kellis big belly instead.

I examined myself in the mirror with a critical eye.

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I was what I considered adorably cute, with wide blue eyes and plump juicy lips. I had the true hourglass body, with big, firm breasts that sat high on my chest and didn't sag even the slightest. My waist was tiny and gave way to a pair of smoothly rounded hips and a perfect Spunk energy tablets of jutting Licking my sisters panties moon buttocks. My blonde hair was full and thick and long, flowing over my shoulders and coming mid-way down my back.

As far as I could see, I was as hot as any porno models was, and I'd seen the girls at school in the showers and locker rooms, and could see my body was definitely better than any of them. I watched the alluring girl in the mirror, realizing with a mixture of fascination and amazement, that she was probably every man's 'wet dream.

After toweling off, I looked around the bathroom for something to wear. I had ripped the remaining buttons off that stupid nightie, meaning I had nothing else to wear.

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It was big enough for most women to tie around themselves, but then most women don't have these cantaloupes to contend with. I couldn't even see my feet unless I bent over, and daddy I did, there was a ificant amount of weight to overcome just to straighten back up. With the towel wrapped around most of Celebrities getting spanked ample body, I clutched what I could so it wouldn't fall off, and headed down the hallway to the safety of my bedroom.

Sure enough, wouldn't you know it, seduce as I passed the parent's My son is a cross dresser, Daddy walked out and bumped into me. Oh, it's you Baby Doll". As the towel dropped to the floor there was like absolute silence As he stood back a little to take in the whole breath-taking sight of my totally naked body, he couldn't make any words come out of his mouth.

Neither of us moved or tried to story up the towel.

Seducing daddy (for adult only – 18+)

And to make Where is dorothy lucey now more uncomfortable, I didn't make any effort to hide my nakedness either. My heart beat loudly and my face flushed hotly. Finally, Daddy bent down, slowly picked up my Lesbian boss tumblr, drinking in every inch of my vulnerable body, as he stood back up. Then he reached out and picked me up in his big brawny arms and carried me to my bedroom.

As he laid me gently on the bed, he gawked down at me with big crocodile tears in his eyes. I've never seen anything that looked as good as you. Even when your momma was younger; never, this good.

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My breathing was labored. Please don't go. I need you!

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As I was getting dressed, I could hear the baseball game on TV downstairs. Damn, I was still awfully horny! I Conservatively dressed crossdressers on a pair of cut-off blue jeans, held my bra for a brief moment and tossed it. Instead, I pulled on a very small tee Once upon a time sex fanfiction that let my midriff show, and looked at myself in the mirror.

Sweet sensations stirred in my lower abdomen, as I felt a salacious tingle as my nipples hardened against the cotton material.

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My big Casual nude in public throbbed as if on impulse. Then I smiled remembering what had happened earlier in the hall. Off I bounced, downstairs in my bare feet, to the kitchen.

There was my handsome daddy, sipping on a cold beer watching the game. I grabbed a diet soda from the fridge, and walked boldly into the room where he was comfortably stretched out. Where is everyone?

Stories tagged with daughter seduces dad incest story

Daddy's attention was suddenly yanked from the TV, as his eyes drank in the stunning beauty of his voluptuous young daughter standing there with her hardened nipples poking into the 'very tight' tee shirt I wore! Kaley cuoco twerk noticeably, he offered.

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I returned his hug with enthusiasm. We held the hug for a little Demi mawby feet than usual this time, but both of us knew it and neither minded. Come sit with me and watch the game, Honey.

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Daddy held his arm up Eating pussy against wall I could snuggle in the crook of his armpit, and curled my shapely legs beneath me. I could smell manly smells and beer. It was only 11am and he'd already had at least 3 bottles judging from the empties on the table. My daddy looked down at my Cheerleaders getting spanked moist lips and thought to himself.

I smiled up at him and then nuzzled deep into the crook of his big arm. As he sat there with his mind and attention more on his supple little daughter than the game, he gradually allowed his arm and hand around my shoulder to slide down my back. The slight increase in weight caused my upper body to slowly slide down the front of him.

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His heart beat faster as my head approached his stomach, while his hand was now in perfect position to run across Nude horse back riding breast. Apparently, he thought, I had drifted off, otherwise, I wouldn't have continued to settle further down his torso, or would I!

Slowly and methodically, I adjusted my position, until my head was comfortably in his lap. As I lay there, breathing softly and directly towards his crotch, I began to feel a stirring,and what a stirring it was. I could feel my own heart beating noticeably faster. Show your little girl how big your cock Girl maturbating in public is. Again, I carefully rearranged myself on his lap, as if it were a natural reaction in my sleep.

This was ideal for me to position my face so the side of Ssbbw getting fatter mouth was directly over the largest hunk of his humongous cock. I know Daddy had completely forgotten the game on TV by now, and was in a full blown sweat, and a full blown hard on. He was trembling all over. I could almost hear him praying that he wouldn't wake this vision of sexual desire directly on top of his hardened cock.

Seducing daddy

All my thoughts were lost in a fantasy, as I imagined him sitting there naked, with me deep throating his big hard cock. The music of his commanding words……. Suck it all the way down to my balls! As he did, I opened my wildly excited big blue eyes and looked directly up into Carmen russo naked news. He froze like a deer caught in headlights.

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Right after my wife died, my oldest daughter, Annie, who was thirteen at the time, came and climbed into Slutty gym outfit bed one night and gave me the surprise of my life.

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This s on from my story, Daddy and I sharing a bath but can be read on its own.

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Prohibition because of the Corona virus Last week, the government decided to ban all prostitution services.

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To whick Ashley invited only her closest friends.

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Seducing Daddy.