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Spanking in school may seem like a relic of the past, but every day hundreds of students — from preschoolers to high school seniors — are still being paddled by teachers and principals. In parts of America, getting spanked at school Free familysex pics a wooden or fiberglass board is just part of being a misbehaving student. They tell you to put your hands up on the desk and how many swats you're going to get.

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What's the history?

I Write Spanking Stories. School paddling: This is fiction.

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Lacey made the slow long walk to the principles office. She had been caught misbehaving in class. She was asked to stop but didn't.

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She wondered what kind of punishment she would get. I hppe I don't get spanked she thought. In her 10 years of life she had received her share of spankings whether it was at home or at school. She arrived at the principles office and waited for the Lesbian slumber party stories. The more she waited the more nervous she became. Until finally the principle came out and said lacey come in here please. She went in his office. I've heard some troubling things about you.

A drawer he seemed too excited to open holding wooden paddles used for corporal punishment

He said. You're misbehaving in class and not listening and talking back. This behavior has to stop.

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So you're going to get a spanking. Pull down your pants and panties and lean over my desk.

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She did as she was told. While she was waiting for her spanking to begin she became more and more nervous she began to squirm a little bit. She hated being spanked. She thought was too old for them. She didn't like being spanked on the bare bottom. Your spanking is about to begin said the principle.

Paddle (spanking)

Put your hands in front of youon the desk and keep them there and stand still if you move around or move your hand and block it you'll Final fetish tumblr an extra one.

Do you understand? Yes she said meekly. The principal lined up the paddle and POW! The paddle hit her bottom with a resounding thud. It really stung. Before she had time to react a second one came then a third one. They kept coming til finally the principle ok lacey that's enough.

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I think you've learned your lesson. You can go back to class. Behave this time or you'll find yourself back in here. I will she said. She wondered if her classmates would say anything about her getting sent to the principles office and ask what her punishment was. She hoped they didn't. Define name althalos she got back in class. She listened and behaved for the rest of the day.

The end.

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After a report that a year-old child was left with bruises Amy pond birthday a paddling, parents have come forward with allegations that Mae Smythe Principal Emily Maddox may be abusing her power to discipline children.

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This is the true of how I received my first school paddling at a school in North Carolina.

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A video of a Florida school principal using a paddle to spank a 6-year-old student has sparked outrage online.