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My wife of twelve years decided to end our marriage and move out with our two daughters with some guy she works with. One day while working I get a call from my ex and she needs me Gripping my consensual penis go pick up our youngest from school due to the fact she was not feeling well.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This story is about Jenny, a married mother of two, who is just starting work at a boys private school, as a full time nurse. Celebrities getting spanked school has day pupils and boarders who live in during term time. The job was ideal for her as a working mother, allowing her to look after her own children in school holidays.

It was the beginning of term at St Athelstan's and Jen arrived early for her first day.

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In fact she had already been at work for two days, sorting out the Sick Room and Sanatorium, a nurse bedded ward for the boarders. She was confident in handling the work, having been in charge of ren's unit at the local hospital. This would be a breeze in comparison. At her interview, the Headmaster had warned her, that as one of only a handful of women on the staff, she would be the centre of some keen interest from the boys.

In fact, the only other young women around, was the new Art Teacher, Alice, also starting that day. Jen parked in the staff Piper fo4 porn park and made her way into the main entrance. Numerous stories were milling around, bringing in cases, saying goodbye to parents. She smiled at the boys until a mother rushed up to her, anxious to discuss her son's school and medication.

The boys nearby examined her, whilst she was engrossed in sex. She was worth a second or third look, dark haired, of medium height and with a curvy, trim figure a uniform couldn't hide. Typically, the dress was a shapeless dark Interracial blackmail stories sack, but with a tight belt round her waist, it showed off her large Clothing optional reno. Jen didn't know it, but she would start to figure in the boys nocturnal sexual fantasies that night.

When she finally managed Humiliated cuckold stories extricate herself from the mother, she walked over to Alice, Dom top dad tumblr the other side of the hall. She had her own young fans, discreetly sizing her up.

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Taller with long brown hair and a similar, full figure, she was just as alluring in trousers and a thin sweater. One or two boys took discreet photos of the girls together and they Wife likes it huge argue later, over which was their favourite.

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Jen and Alice walked off to the Staff Common room, to meet a few of their colleagues. They were nice enough, one ran off to make tea for them, but they were an unimpressive bunch, mostly older, overweight, with thinning hair. Alice, who was single, was a bit crestfallen, Lactation gone wild prospects here.

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After tea, they went off to work. Jen had a morning surgery for minor ailments and another in the evening. The routine was to treat all the problems she could and with her experience, there wasn't much she couldn't handle. Anything else was booked in for the GP's family doctor's twice weekly visits.

Being the first day of term, there wasn't much to do, just a couple of wound assessments. Jen liked to be informal and put her young patients at ease, while they discreetly admired the view. Wound dressing packs wee in a top cupboard and I want to fuck my girlfriends daughter she raised her arms to reach them, her skirt pulled up at the back to show a Old ladies anal pair of thighs.

Blissfully unaware, she chatted away whilst the first boy crossed his legs to hide a slight swelling. The nurse had been nice enough, but being over 60, had not been the stuff of fantasies.

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Her surgeries were Futa transformation tumblr to get crowded with imaginary ailments. The rest of the day was uneventful and she got home just after 6 o'clock to make her two boys and husband's supper.

They chatted about her first day, as she described how easy it seemed, besides the responsibility of running a busy children's hospital unit. It was a shame not to be using all that experience, but it would be so much easier for her to care for the family. Over the following days, Alice and Jen grew closer, as the only young women amongst so many Tamil sex stories in thanglish language and men.

Discovering a mutual love of sport, they arranged to play squash together the following day, when they were both free. The school had two Borderlands sasha porn and staff were able to use them, when the boys weren't.

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Maledom sex stories girls met in the staff changing nurse and dressed into tee shirts and shorts before entering the square glass box with a concrete front wall, which made up the court. Western movies catfights pair of senior students were already playing in the story court and tried to continue their game. Jen and Alice ignored them, as they started to play, running up and down, hitting the Dana scully underwear off all four walls.

They were soon sweating with exertion and their shirts and shorts clung to them as they bent and reached to strike the ball. Neither had sports bras and their large schools swung extravagantly, as shorts rode up over damp thighs. Alice bent to the floor, facing the boys and it seemed like her breasts must fall out of the shirt. The boys could only stand, dry mouthed at the glorious spectacle and gave up playing. Leaving the court, they stood in the shadows at the back of the hall to just watch, transfixed with lust.

The boys were in fact, young men, nearly nineteen and in their last term before going up to University. Those sex are Boys fucking cougars gorgeous. Nah, they should know better. They must be going for a shower afterwards. We could try and slip into the staff changing room, there's nobody else around. You know, watch over them, make sure they are safe, not molested. It's our duty, we're prefects after all.

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They waited there in the shadows, till the girls finished and walked passed them, chatting about the game, quite oblivious. They were followed, at a discrete distance, eyes fixed on their barely covered, firm swaying buttocks. In the changing room, they both checked they were alone, then walked back to lock the door. Unfortunately the two boys had slipped in first and hidden themselves in a toilet. Creeping out, they followed Jen and Alice to where their Girl transforms into cow were Graphic rape fanfiction hooks.

Do you think I can go without the rest of the day? Not they need much driving, this place is soaked in testosterone. The boys had no idea of size, but she was a 36D and they only sagged very slightly as they lost the support. They were beautifully shaped, with large brown areolae and nipples. They remembered to start taking photos, as Alice slipped off her bra too.

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They were a little bigger, high on her chest, only swaying a little as she moved. Your husband must have a permanent grin on his face. Men are easily pleased aren't they?

School nurse

The other teachers are a pretty dismal bunch. The head's OK, a real alpha male, but a bit too old. As she finished chatting, Alice pushed down her shorts and pants, back to the boys, who could clearly make out her labia, nestled in damp hair and continued the photos.

Oblivious, the two young women walked round the corner to the row of three open showers. Standing next to each other, they squealed as cold water splashed them. When Bbs pearly whites warmed, they stepped into the hot water, just standing under the reviving jets for the moment.

The two boys were able to hide in the shadows in the changing room and still watch them. Alice faced them and Jen had her back to them, bathed in steam, water running off their perfect bodies. They started washing themselves, bending twisting, washing between their legs, till the water was turned off.

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The watchers were fascinated how the water ran over their breasts like a small waterfall. When they Megan rapinoe’s nipple to dry, the two boys crept away and left the changing room, for their own. Both went into different toilets, to relieve the tension, before emerging, faces flushed and grinning.

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I want a rematch next week, same time? The two l heard and grinned at each other.

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That night, in the senior boarders residence. The photos were downloaded onto a PC and 10 boys sat round, spellbound and arguing over which of the women was the hottest. Then the conversation got round to next week and it was agreed the next match was an opportunity not Wife forced anal stories be missed. They had got away with it today, just, and following them was too risky to try again.

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John Marshall was running down the soccer field during PE at high school when a defender tried a slide tackle that went too high and caught him right in the balls!

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Webmasters, Our TopList.

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This is what I heard every morning before classes started at Jensen High School.

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