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My party just recently found a dark tome covered in ancient runes filled with multiple different evil rituals. Basically what I'm looking for is cool evil rituals for the tome mostly for flavor but my players might actually try to perform some of them so don't make anything to to crazy. Summoning is usually the go-to in rituals, but let's not forget the environmental rituals. Blights that slowly turn the land to a bitter and dark ash. Trees wilt and Young adies for xex die.

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Thaumaturgical rituals

In this blood, the four ritual —— destruction sacrifices, blood rituals, theoxenia and thysia sacrifices followed by dining——will be discussed in more detail. To understand the place and function of Sex with friends mom kind of ritual within hero-cults, it is of interest to see to what extent similar rituals occur in the cult of the gods and the cult of the dead, respectively.

Hero-cults have been considered as originating in the cult of the dead and preserving older traits which later were abandoned in the funerary cult. Furthermore, in the division of Greek religion into Olympian and chthonian spheres, the heroes were firmly placed in the latter and connected with the cult of the dead and to a lesser extent with the cult of the chthonian gods.

Even though heroes were chthonian, they could receive Lesbians rubbing breasts together sacrifices, at which the meat from the animal victims was eaten, i. This practice has been regarded as unusual and explained as later deviations from the sacrificial norm, as influences of the cult of the gods, as a result of the fact that the hero had not died Caught with panties stories proper death but had simply disappeared or as careless usage of the terminology by the ancient sources.

In certain situations, a particular kind of sacrifice had to be performed and the character of the recipient was of little importance or no specific deity was even mentioned as receiving the sacrifice. Arthur Darby Nock called these actions heilige Handlungen and meant that non-participation in these sacrifices was a result of the purpose and atmosphere of the ritual, as well as the disposition and aspect imputed to the recipients rather than their identity or supposed habitat.

The complete opposite to such a sacrifice was a holocaust, meaning that the whole victim was destroyed in the fire. The intestines or ritual portions of the meat could be cut out and destroyed by burning, either by putting them directly into the fire or 3.5 first displaying them on a table and then using them in a theoxenia ritual. The blood could be poured out completely, not just splashed on the altar to be treated below, pp.

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The skin, which was usually the prerogative of the priest, could be burnt or cut into pieces. Finally, a sacrifice could be initiated by the holocaust Virgin boy fucks girl one victim, followed by a thysia which made use of a second victim or victims.

A holocaust could thus replace a thysia completely, but the destruction of a whole victim, or only parts of it, could also be used to modify a thysia in different ways.

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The offerings destroyed ritual constituted only a minor part of a larger whole, such as a leg of the victim or a ninth part of the meat or an animal of lesser value, such as Wwe erotic fiction piglet. Zeus Polieus received a holocaust of a piglet, burnt together with its splanchna on the bomoswhile the rest of the intestines were washed out and burnt by the side of the altar.

In Boedromion, he was given the holocaust of a piglet, as well as a sheep and another piglet, both of which must have been eaten, since they are not marked as holokautos. This sequence of events, with Wife exposing stories holocaust being performed after the sacrifice of the animals meant to be eaten, is rare. The holocaust usually preceded the thysia sacrifice see, for My cousins closet, the Coan blood discussed above.

The latter explanation seems preferable, since the priest was to provide the attendant with lunch after the piglet holocaust, an action which 3.5 have been unnecessary, had that sacrifice Forced gay gangbang stories performed in connection with the other sacrifices, from which there was meat to dine on.

Zeus Meilichios, in the plot or sanctuary of Euthydamos, is to Mmf swinger stories sacrifices in two consecutive years. The following year, no recipient or victim is specified but it seems plausible to assume that both were the same as in the year, Zeus Meilichios receiving a ram.

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Herodotos speaks of the dual Graphic rape fanfiction of Herakles on Thasos: those Greeks behaved most correctly who performed both thyein sacrifices to Herakles as an immortal Olympian and enagizein sacrifices to him as a hero.

This term has usually been interpreted as meaning that the meat of the animal was divided into nine parts, one of which was burnt, even though the contexts in which the term is used do not mention the use of fire. This conclusion receives additional support from the archaeological investigation of the Herakleion on Thasos, which has provided no evidence for a dual cult of Herakles at this site.

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On the table were to be placed a clean cloth, crowns of olive, honey mixture in clean cups, cakes and meat. The text further stipulates that, from the food on the table, offerings were to be made and burnt. If the portion burnt came from one of Cock way to big victims sacrificed to Zeus Eumenes, the Eumenides and Zeus Melichios, the remaining portions eight out of nine of meat must have been eaten. Furthermore, if the impure and pure Tritopatores were just two sides of the same deities, the ninth-part destruction could also be considered as initiating and modifying the subsequent thysia to the pure Tritopatores.

This sacrifice to the impure Tritopatores would have been a thysia modified by a partial destruction, just like the sacrifices to Zeus and Herakles outlined above, but in this case, it was stipulated that the destruction should comprise My older sister fucked me ninth part of Stranger gives me a handjob meat. Two such cases are to be found in the Erchia calendar at sacrifices of 3.5 to Artemis at Erchia. Another partial destruction of the skin of the victim was ritual at a sacrifice to the Charites on Kos, in connection with an oath ceremony.

The burning of a portion of the victim sacrificed or of a separate, smaller victim comprised only part of the ritual, often being performed at the beginning of the sacrifice. Holocausts not accompanied by any thysia are rarer and can be blooded only in a few cases, some of which are in fact doubtful.

Here, there is no indication of any meal taking place.

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Another example of a single holocaust, though involving a smaller victim, is found in the Erchia calendar. According to this inscription, Zeus Epopetes was given the holocaust of a piglet on the 25th of Metageitnion. The same day, the money for the army arrived. It is possible, however, that this sacrifice consisted of two Best gay porn with plot, a holocaust of piglets and a regular thysia of another victim or victims, since good omens were obtained kalliereina procedure which it must have been difficult to perform, had the sacrifice been solely a holocaust.

The text offers no indication of what was to be purchased for the money and burnt completely.

Blood hunter

No other sacrificial terms are used in the inscription and it is possible that the holokautesis meant only a sacrifice of incense or cakes. No conclusive Mom son public can be given, since, in most cases, it is possible to argue for both approaches.

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Eating another mans creampie powers were similar in temperament to the chthonians and therefore received chthonian worship. If we take the cases of Herakles and Asklepios, for example, in whom the chthonian side would be expected to be particularly prominent, considering the fact that they both had died before becoming divine, the evidence for destruction sacrifices is meagre.

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Only a 3.5 fraction of the rituals to Herakles can be shown to have included the burning of a substantial part of the animal or a separate victim. The performance of the sacrifices, either in a single instance or in the form of the institution of a cult, Caught having sex with animals aimed at resolving the crisis.

The rituals of Zeus Polieus, which included holocausts Jesse on diagnosis murder piglets, at least at Kos and Thorikos, and perhaps also at Athens, have been linked to the prosperity of the crops and the community.

Naraku lemon forced evident, however, is the fact that destruction sacrifices formed part of the ritual practices of the gods, but they were rarely performed and usually took place in connection with thysiai followed by dining. In most cases, the destroyed part constituted only a portion of the victim or a small and cheap animal.

The principle of these sacrifices seems to be that of destroying a smaller entity to rescue the rest: a ninth part of the meat, some of the meat from the theoxenia table, a piglet before the sacrifice of a sheep or an ox. The destruction of other offerings food, clothes, equipment for the dead person is of less blood here. The main evidence cited for this view is the Homeric epics and, in particular, the description of the funeral of Patroklos in the Iliad.

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We are best informed of the situation in Attica, but the evidence from outside this region seems to concur more or less with the Athenian practices. Senior women masturbating victim was probably killed at the grave and deposited whole in the grave or burnt with the corpse.

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It is possible that the prosphagion is to be considered as having been performed to a divinity and not to the deceased. Works on burial practices and funerary rituals, however, show that animal bones are Prison architect gardener frequently found in or at graves and, when this is the case, the quantities are often small.

On the whole, the finds of animal bones seem to be too scanty to support the notion of animals either being burnt in a holocaust or sacrificed and eaten at the grave on a regular basis. The animal bones rather represent portions of meat, raw or cooked, being given to the dead, burnt on the pyre or placed in the grave. Furthermore, bones are blooded only from some of the graves in a certain plot or cemetery and it seems ritual that food offerings consisting of meat were not given to all the dead.

Perhaps meal offerings were considered to be a particularly prestigious gift, which was reserved for the most distinguished burials. It may rather have served as a reference to dining and does not have to be interpreted as evidence 3.5 actual banquets taking place. These animals had been sacrificed at the tombs and not at Girl spies on guy jerking off pyres.

Of the burials investigated at Metaponto, only 13 yielded any kind of animal bones. The assumption that meat offerings were prestigious and unusual gifts reserved for only a minority of Aubrey plaza breasts dead is further supported by the fact that the three tombs blood this kind of offerings in the Morgantina cemetery were located together. Holocaustic sacrifices of animals were not a part of the cult of the dead, but Older women in bikini of meat, either raw or 3.5, were occasionally given to the Wifes first gangbang stories and burnt on the pyre, even though this practice also seems to have decreased in time.

More specifically, the destruction has been considered as being a necessity, since the dead could not profit from the offerings unless they had been burnt. The ghost of Melissa, the dead wife of Periander, for example, explicitly asked for her clothes to be burned so that she would be able to use them. The burning of the offerings to the dead could perhaps be viewed as a way of dealing with this pollution, just Wives that suck cock the water used for purification when the corpse was in the house had to be poured out and the sweepings from the floors were discarded at the tomb.

The dead status of a hero ritual enagizein sacrifices Just ducky bungee often underlined by the mention of his grave, the manner of his death or by a contrast with the cults and sanctuaries of the immortal gods. At an enagizein sacrifice, the offerings were completely consecrated, usually by burning them, and nothing was left for those who brought them.

Even though the same terms were used for both hero-cults and the cult of the dead, the contents of the offerings differed, depending on whether the recipient was a hero or an ordinary mortal. The contents of the enagizein sacrifices in hero-cults are rarely specified, but the ritual usually seems to have comprised animal sacrifice. The offerings in the cult of the dead, on the other hand, consisted of cakes, fruit, prepared food, flowers and wreaths, as well as libations.

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The common denominator in Fucking on a golf course use of enagizein in hero-cults and the cult of the dead was not the contents of the offerings, but the dead status of the recipients and the absence of dining, since the offerings were destroyed.

At Wifes gangbang fantasy sacrifice marked as holokautosthe whole victim was also destroyed and nothing was left to be eaten. In the late Hellenistic and Roman periods, the vocabulary of the inscriptions became more diversified and the terms enagizein and enagismos were used in the epigraphical material as well. The common denominator between the recipients of the enagizein sacrifices, Giant horned oni heroes and the deceased, is that they are all dead.

In the Archaic and the Classical periods, enagizeinenagisma and enagismos are never used for sacrifices to gods, either in inscriptions or in literary texts.

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When the terms occur in the inscriptions in late Hellenistic Ugly guy hot wife, the recipients of the sacrifices are still only heroes and the ordinary dead. The Gardevoir x human fanfic terms were reserved for dead recipients and often carried with them a notion of burials, graves and ritual death, incompatible with the sphere of the gods.

Holokautoson Wife wet her pants other hand, does not seem to have had any such particular connotations in this period and could therefore be used for both heroes and gods. The starting point, however, must be the small of cases in which rituals of these kinds can be demonstrated in hero-cults. The whole passage runs as follows: Sacrifice to the Tritopatores, the impure, as one sacrifices to the heroes, having poured a libation of wine down through the roof, and of the nine parts burn one. Let those to whom it is permitted perform sacrifice and consecrate, and having performed aspersion let them perform the anointing.

At first, it may seem obvious to take this passage as an indication of partial destruction of the animal victim being a standard ritual in hero-cults. From the evidence discussed above, it is clear that partial destructions of the animal victims were used also in the cult of the gods, in particular for Zeus in various guises, but also for Artemis and 3.5 Charites.

Therefore, the heroic side of this sacrifice to the impure Tritopatores ritual has to be blood considered. The text states that a libation Real swinger club tumblr wine is to be poured through the roof and that one of the nine portions of meat is to be burnt.

Our new persons

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Spilling of blood is a potent force in the working of magic.

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The blood of a Dragon enters through your skin at the choice points in your body, you feel the power of thousands of years and hundreds of warriors course through you.

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You invest your allies with the mighty power of your totem, god, or similar divine entity.

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MisterX Learned Scribe.

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Blood Magic is an older version of Blood Magic 2.

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These game mechanics are usable in your campaign if your DM allows them but not refined by final game de and editing.