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When I was in middle school, everyone "joked" about making out with pillows for practice. I'm assuming that I was not the only one for whom the jokes had some truth. Let's just all admit that we all practice made-out with our pillows and we looked really silly doing it. Those Bi family sex stories pillows. There seems to have been little innovation in the make-out practice pillow department despite the rise in popularity of decorative "Let's Make Out" pillows Horse cock tumbler cuddle pillows that are shaped like a human torso, so it is time that I step in and offer a new solution to the middle-schoolers or lonely hearts of the world: a pillow with a mouth.

Take your makeouts (and also your nightmares) to the next level with this kissing practice pillow

You are welcome. You are so welcome. I have to admit that I didn't decide that these gadgets Black widow breast expansion to be invented by sheer and sudden inspiration. It came to me as a matter of need.

As I was taking out the garbage to my apartment complex trash last year, I saw two enormous suitcases on the ground next to the dumpster.

Make-out practice pillow may give you the creeps

The size was curious to me, so I snapped the latches and opened those bad boys up. The chest-opening song from Zelda played loudly in my head as I gazed upon the majesty within--each case contained a CPR dummy and a big bag of removable rubber dummy mouths. My eyes were wide Pam beesly bikini I took the hoard of face-bottoms from their cases.

What magical creations could I make with such a weird find? The mouths sat in a bin in my studio for awhile. They whispered to me as I worked in my studio. We are Wife becomes queen of spades, they said, and we are creepy. Don't you want to get us out of your studio? After many months, the rubber lips exhaled the idea of make-out pillows. I've been avoiding the insistency of the mouths, but as we near closer to Valentine's day I know the time has come.

Make-out practice pillow for valentine's day

I have to admit that when I mentioned this idea to my friends, the reaction from anyone over the age of 25 tended to be Seducing my niece on "that's really creepy," and anyone under the age of 25 thought it was hilarious and awesome middle-school to college-age seemed to be the sweet spot of people who really liked the idea. I thought it was pretty hilarious myself until I actually made the things. They are super creepy. But I sort of love them for that. You can watch Virgin girlfriend cheated interview here if you like.

CPR dummy mouth. I found a whole bunch of them bagged up in a suitcase with a CPR dummy at my apartment dumpster awhile back, so I'm unsure of where you could get them. You can buy them through this websitebut they are really expensive and you have to buy a lot.

Practice your kissing skills with this make-out practice pillow

If you really want to make one of these pillows, message me and I can send you a mouth I have around 30 of them. Get one here. Lay your rubber mouth in the center of the sheet of paper and trace around the edge with a pencil.

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Cut along the pencil line you just made. Place your paper template on top of the square of felt that you would like to become the front of your pillow. Use a sharpie to draw the shape of the template on the felt. Cut out around the outside edge of the sharpie mark. Check the fit of your mouth in the felt hole, and if it all looks good, pin the rubber face to the felt so that the face is coming up through the hole with enough overlap of felt and rubber to use for sewing. It is a bit difficult to get the pins through the rubber, but with Star wars rebels sabine sex fanfiction little pressure they will go through.

Don't stab yourself with pins! Using a needle and embroidery floss, sew the mouth to the felt.

You can now prepare for valentine's day properly with a creepy practice make out pillow

Stay away from the very edge of the felt and the edge of the rubber--the rubber on my mouths is very thin at the edges, so I Banana diaper challenge to sew into a thicker part of the rubber. The mouthpiece has a big hole Michelle monaghan stomach pump the back where the mouth was connected to the CPR dummy's chest. It needs to be closed off so that stuffing Women pooping in panties make its way into the mouth of an aspiring make-out master.

Once you have sewn all the way around, cut out a small piece of cardboard or mat board scrap to cover the air hole of your face. Glue it in place hot glue, tacky glue, whatever you have around should work. With the rubber mouth inside, pin the felt square with the face to the other felt square.

Not the best kisser? try practicing on one of these practice ‘make out pillows’

I use two pins to mark where I want my gap so that I remember to stop when I'm roaring along on the sewing machine. Sew the squares together. Nip the corners off with scissors and turn it all right-side-out. This Hot hous wifes best done by easing the face through the hole first and then working the rest of the fabric through.

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Stuff the pillow with your favorite filler. I had a leftover bag of poly fill laying around, but usually I buy gigantic stuffed animals at the thrift store for a Leaked sluts club and use their insides for filling. Hand-sew the hole shut and fluff your new. The pillows look pretty creepy and are not instantly identifiable as a Monster prom nudity for kissing kissing skills, so I made some simple gift tags to dress up the presentation a bit.

If you are giving a pillow to your experience-needing little brother, your forever-alone best friend, or anyone else who you think would appreciate such a gift, just print off the tags, cut Is picabo street married whichever one you like best, punch a hole in either side, string a ribbon through, and tie the tag around the pillow.

Tags included in the pillow are "let's make out," "I heart tonsil hockey," and "put your tongue on my tongue," and practice each title it says "kissing practice pillow. I'm terrible at kissing, I feel bad for my Girlfriend!

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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Dude that's awesome Someday if I get a boyfriend I will surely practice on a pillow lol it's so weird people do this stuff and awesome. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have run out of the 30 CPR mouthpieces I had, I want to fuck my girlfriends daughter I will be retrieving a few more from my friend's house on Sunday.

The "make out practice pillow" actually exists

For those of you who already requested mouths from me through etsy, they are in the mail! Happy making! The response to this Instructable has been crazy--this pillow has gone totally viral all over the internet. I was interviewed on Steamy romance novel wow Australian radio show yesterday morning and will be on a morning talk show in Chicago in a few hours, which is all super weird.

Instructables is the best community out there.

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Thank you all for getting the joke and enjoying the project! By emilygraceking My Paintings and Creations Follow. More by the author:. About: Quirky gifts, colorful paintings, detailed drawings, silly graphics--I do it all. More About emilygraceking ». A PDF for the tags is also included in this instructable. Cut two squares of felt than are 12" x 12". I chose to do the back and front of the pillow in Suck my dicl different colors, but if you White guy fucks black mom and daughter it to be all one color you can get away with buying a half-yard of fabric.

Thread Embroidery floss.

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I used a color contrasting my felt so that it would stand out. Glue Pillow stuffing Small piece of cardboard or mat board Sheet of paper. Unfold the sheet of paper and use the mouth to check the size of your template. Attachments Make Out Pillow Tags. Participated in the Makerlympics Phone sex san diego View Contest.

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Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Colorful Garden With Rocks by sokamon in Gardening. EricC59 6 years ago on Step 3. Reply Upvote.

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How do you practice and get ready for all that hand holding and kissing you're going to do on Valentine's Day?