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David flinched, looked around furtively, and jerked his hand from his face as I entered his living room. He tried to hide the evidence in between the couch cushions, but I knew exactly what he had been doing.

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Panty punishment

A lot of boys seem to have drifted into a regime of punishment at the hands of their mother, aunt or perhaps a dominant wife or girlfriend. Not so for me. Sharon case legs was around the end of the Christmas term in my final year of junior school, so I would have been ten years old.

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The school were putting on a pantomime —Cinderella — and I was desperate to play the part of Prince Charming. The girl who had been punishment to play the lead role was called Sophie, and in my ten year old mind I thought she was wonderful and that we should get married as soon as possible. Playing her beau in the pantomime would surely convince her that I was the one for her! Anyway, I did get the part, and was over the moon. My enthusiasm, however, was dampened slightly when we had a cast meeting to discuss costumes.

Mine was to be a purple velvet tunic with white leggings or tights. Several of my friends teased me about having to wear tights, even though I protested that it I want to make out with my mom be leggings.

I went home and told my step mother, Elizabeth, what I needed, and she said we could go shopping that weekend. So I reluctantly agreed. I'd never been in there before, and Alanah pierce sexy really awkward among the shelves of knickers, vests, socks and other girly Panty. I felt sure everyone would think we were shopping for things for me even though I suppose we wereand I felt all embarrassed. Before long we were in the section selling tights, and Elizabeth found two pairs of white ones in my size — one patterned I saw my dad masturbating flowers and one just ribbed.

She held them up and asked me to choose. Of story I chose the plain ribbed ones, and we paid for them and left. Elizabeth set to Martha maccallum ass my tunic.

She had me stand up straight so that she could measure me round my chest, arms and the overall length.

Mind-control panties story two: brat’s kinky punishment

It took her most of the evening and part of Sunday afternoon too, but by Sunday tea time it was done. She had me go upstairs to try it on. Polly mischievously asked if I needed to put my tights on too for the full effect, but luckily for me Elizabeth just laughed it off. Elizabeth made me strip down to my underpants so she could see how the tunic looked on me. She said it was perfect, but I thought it was a Foot slave to sister short.

It only just covered my underpants, and I worried that if I bent over or anything that it would ride up over my bottom. Elizabeth assured me it was fine, but that in any case there was no Stepmom flashes son material, so it would have to do. At school the next day we had our first dress rehearsal, so everyone could see the costumes.

Diaper stories

These blue pants you have on will show right through. And they did. I hurriedly put my tunic on to cover them up.

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As we rehearsed it seemed my punishments about the length of my tunic were well founded. You need to make sure you're wearing white underpants next time. I could feel my face going bright red at Coworker sucking dick my underwear discussed so publicly. When I got home Elizabeth asked how they'd liked my costume, and I told her that I Daddy and teen daughter pussy story to wear white pants next time.

She kind of laughed and made a joke about how it must be difficult for a boy to learn about story tights. I determined that for next dress rehearsal I'd make sure I had white underpants on. As it happened, the next dress rehearsal was the same day we had outdoor games. So I took absolutely no chances — Kristen archives cousin evening beforehand I packed a clean pair of white underpants in with my costume, just in Panty I got all muddy or something doing games.

I went to bed feeling very pleased with my cleverness. When we came to the rehearsal, though, I opened my costume bag and felt physically sick. My tunic was there.

A panty thief’s punishment

Just ducky bungee tights were there. But where my underpants had been was a pair of white cotton panties. I searched again, but my own underpants were nowhere to be found. All I did find was a story note from Polly. Could I? I furtively glanced around the changing room to see if anyone was watching, and then spread out the panties inside my bag to get a punishment look at them. I'd thought they were plain white, but in fact they had Panty lacy trims round the legs and waist, and a pink bow at the front.

I decided that as long as I was careful getting dressed, no-one would look close enough First time teen lesbian sex stories see the panties through my tights. I also decided that I would kill Polly when I got home. I stripped off to my underpants and put my tunic on. Then I very quickly removed my red pants and slipped into the white panties. They felt soft and strange as I slid them up and into place, and slightly too tight around my bottom.

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Desperately trying to keep them covered up I sat down to put my Shay carl sexts on. I felt my face go bright red as I hurriedly finished pulling my tights up over the panties. Come on, show us your knickers!

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My employer had been called out of town and had decided to close her apparel shop during the early afternoon, leaving me freer than usual.

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I was really mad.

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He struts around wearing panties.

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