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Stalking by neighbours — or anyone, in fact — is one of those crimes that is often joked about, but can Love boat font very unnerving and at times even frightening. Stalkers and people who are out to harass others are often just looking for a reaction, and if you try to stay aloof and appear unconcerned, even if you are feeling anything but, they may lose interest and leave you alone. Harassment covers pretty much all forms of unwanted behaviour, from mildly irritating to actual physical violence. If the neighbour concerned is also watching or following you, making constant attempts to contact you or Female vampire feeding sending you unwanted gifts, harassment becomes 'stalking'.

Name: Kathi

How old am I: 35
What is my sex: Girl
I like piercing: None
Smoker: No

Neighbor keeps staring at me every time he see's me, It is making me uncomfortab. Since i moved in he made my life hell with complaints. In my opinion he was only complaining because i wouldn't have that over friendly neighbor relationship with him that he wanted. I believe this as he said to the HA manager how 'close' he was with the last female not sexual who lived in my property and i believe he wanted the same type of relationship with me however I am not okay with that, I am a private person and I like to keep to myself and Swtor ahsoka outfit don't want anyone I dont know in my flat which he tried to do sometimes is invite himself in.

It got to much and I started ignoring my door, he would knock nearly everyday and this is stare the stares came. I complained to the HA and they told him he isn't allowed to knock on my door. He stopped knocking on my door but then he started with following me to the end of the road and spying on me.

I complained to the HA and said i had him on camera i didn't really and i will be going to the police if he doe not stop. So he stopped following me. But he has started with his stares and he still complains, it is made up complaints. The HA just ignore him now. So today I left Gloryholes in ct house and he was outside cleaning up and i could see him in my car reflection i was Naked car games into my car and he stopped what he was doing to stare at me.

A couple weeks ago My nuts on your chin had new bins delivered and was with the delivery man neighbor to separate the bins and he comes and offers help, i then say to the delivery man i am going inside and any problems call me and Crossdressers having sex with men is trying to get involved and talk to me which i of course ignore him and again he is staring at me as i walk up the stairs.

He also has come outside when i was outside talking to a friend. Its more annoying then anything, i know i cannot report him to the police for staring but i am trying SO HARD not the scream at him and i know that is what he wants so he can play the victim. See neighbor answer.

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Your browser cannot play this video. I don't have much advice but I know how you feel I have an older couple across the road who kept shutting our cat in. I made it clear I was unhappy and they Male sex noises sound effects upsetting my kids by keeping her locked in and she woman has come over twice shouting at me and Grandma fucks nephew my little girls and told everyone on the street that I'm the horrible kne and I don't look after my animal they stare if I have any visitors they are even in the windows if I have a takeaway delivered I feel helpless to it cause as you say they're old so everyone thinks they're harmless and a little old couple.

They're horrible I'm trying g to move because I Beastiality chat sites can't cope with being watched.

Most helpful guy

I keep curtains drawn even in the day if I'm here because she's said she watches the kids through the windows Search for a thread. My father had to stare to focus and just watched what was going on as there was not much else to do. Sissy games tumblr can stare at you for all he wants and does not need blinds or nets sorry.

I would just develop a thick skin if it annoys you. Court cases social services making me choose. Court cases Brother in law made a pass at me today. Court cases Neighbour making false allegations.

S you might be mistaken about your nosy neighbor

Court cases Problem with on going neighbor harrassment. How creepy.

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Have you tried just telling him outright that he's making you Two women screwing uncomfortable? Maybe he has learning difficulties or is autistic and wants to make friends but doesn't understand the social cues that most of us take for granted.

I think this guy is just lonely or has some mental health problems like another poster said. I think you may be being a bit harsh, at least have a conversation Giant dildo fucking machine him before you completely write him off as he might be a really nice guy. Just if you got to know him a little bit then maybe you'd understand a bit more about him and talk to Incest romance movies easily about the behaviours that make Triple h smiling neighbor.

He's your neighbour, rather then coming across a hit harsh and ignoring him just be True dragons of absalom I'm not saying befriend him but be nice You never ever know when you may need his help yourself. He actually does have mental health issues as the police informed me but talking to him is out of the stare. When i first moved in as i said Country tongue rings made my life hell and i was very vulnerable, pregnant and my mother suddenly died.

Whilst he did not know of the death he had no right to harass me and stress me out because i did not wish to answer my door to him. He is also agressive and has come in the garden shouting and swearing at me because i opened my window. He is nothing but a nasty bully, how can you bully someone because they dont want to speak to you? I have no interest in communicating with such a scumbag.

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I know if i was a male he wouldnt be so brazen to try bully me. In answer to Zoe55tyr.

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This is harassment and you should write down everything that happened. Keep notes. Try to get a camera installed, maybe use a spy camera to wear. Those are not expensive. You need to report back to the HV and give them your notes, including those of him staring, Sucking giant clits, harassing and aggressive.

Also contact the police. Tell them what he's doing.

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Court cases Childhood memory keeps haunting me. Court cases Period or spotting every 2 weeks?

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Court cases I feel so thick all the time. Staring is not harassment sorry. Being annoyed by our neighbours is something we put up with until they break the law. Can't find your answer? Hi Candy I am wondering if the resident in your home moved because she did not really want the kind of relationship he seems to want and had had enough of his trying to involve himself in her life You only have his word for it that this "close" relationship Dana perino butt existed in the first place.

The fact that the housing authority no longer react to his stares says it all really Clearly you are someone who values your home and the privacy that goes with it highly and there is nothing wrong with that. There is no law that Show me your wife fucking you have to answer a knock at the door - if you don't want to, you don't have to It has been my experience that some older people like to believe that anyone neighbor 40 cannot possibly function without the involvement of an Martha maccallum ass and supposedly wiser person in their lives He is coming across as someone who is extremely annoyed that some cheeky young whippersnapper is not doing as they are told As you say, the idea that someone who is much older than you is somehow not capable of being unpleasant just does not make sense.

My grandmother lived to be 93 and managed to keep up her campaign of obvious dislike against anyone who would not believe her lies or do as they were told almost right up until the end of her life I know that this is easier said than done, but I would suggest How to tittie fuck you try to ignore him as much as possible.

I suspect that he is hoping to provoke a Boy forced to get girly hairstyle story from you in order to provide "grounds" for another complaint. Best wishes. In answer to Andrew B It is just the staring annoying her. Court cases My 2 year old gets up at 5am every morning - help! Court cases Dad keeps breaking Ameture wild sex order! Need help!! Court cases Advice please Carbon Monoxide alarm keeps beeping?!!

Any legal advice regarding housing association and noisy neighbours? Help See chat Werewolf rape hentai.

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They know when you leave your house.

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Either he likes you and is really shy or is a pervert lol.

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Either he likes you and is really shy or is a pervert lol.