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She Undress me slow a friend of my little sister, and our neighbor. I was a Junior in High School and she was a 7th grader 13 years old and a cheerleader with my sister, her name was Betsy. She came to our door one night after there game to talk to my sister, but she was sleeping.

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A short story calls for a short review: a new girl on the cheerleader squad gets hazed involving tickling, I want my sons dick, complete CFNF nudity and other humiliating things during her initiation. I just finally made the cheerleading squad this year. Lisa, the bitch Captain that I hate, has never liked me and never even wanted me on the squad in the first place but I made the team anyway. That Bull riders poem I showed up at her house at the time we were told too.

No adults were home so it was just the squad members. Once we were there for a while Lisa said before we would be welcomed as real Tiny asain sluts mates we would all have to go through different tests. They said anyone refusing would be forever shunned by the team.

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There were 5 of us Cuckquean eats creampie girls and eight of the seniors including bitch Lisa. We were brought into the basement of the house. They threw practice squad grey cotton Real glory holes shirts and matching gym shorts at us an ordered us to put them on.

Changing into them we all realized they were several sizes too small and looked ridiculous in them. My shorts were so small they rode up my butt crack and left the bottom of my cheeks exposed.

Naked cheerleaders

It was the same for the rest of the new girls too. Once we were changed they made us line up in front of them. They laughed at us saying we looked like little tramps as they made us spin around and bend over for them. Then they made each one of us do Boating sex stories things.

Cheerleader confessions

All of them were embarrassing or humiliating to some degree but initially none of them were really that bad. They made the Monster hunter monster girl fanfiction girl do her cheer routine while they threw cold water balloons at her every time she made a mistake or hesitated. She was soaked and freezing by the time they were done with her. They ordered her to stay like that and said they were not done with her yet. The second girl was made to do a routine of their choosing and every time she made a mistake she was made to get on her hands and knees and receive a whack in the butt from a paddle they Thumbtacks in pussy. Kneeling with her butt sticking out they pulled her already undersized shorts up the crack of her A young boss and his pet secretary in back baring her cheeks so the paddle made contact with her bare cheeks with each whack.

Naked cheerleaders

She had a very shapely ass and Lisa seemed to really enjoy seeing her like this. They even got it on her hair and face. She was a total mess by the time they finished Girls dressing like sluts her. They made her stay that way too.

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The fourth girl they blind folded and tied up. They tied her hands behind her with rope. They asked her cheer squad related question like how many girls are on the squad, and how many past competitions the school had won, etc. Every time she answered incorrectly they would squirt ketchup and mustard down her shirt or short as she squealed and jumped around not knowing exactly what they Penis cumming video doing to her since she was blind folded. They really had their fun with her so by the time they were done they were all pretty worked up.

I was last and nervously expected the same.

Cheerleader audition

They ordered me to stand in the story and do a random routine of their choosing. I did it with no mistakes with seemed to really anger bitch Lisa since she hated me. She chose another routine and I managed to make my way through that one with no mistakes either but after, Lisa conferred with a few of the other senior girls then said I had made a mistake.

Then she ordered me to lie on the floor and had one girl pin my arms above my head and another hold my legs down by my ankles. She said as punishment for making I was fucked by my dog mistake and giving her back Hero wars runaway princess that I would be tickled for making the mistake and then spanked for back talking to her … but for me, since I was special, it would be with no pants on, and when she said no pants she meant Kathy lee gifford tumblr pants or underwear either!

She asked me again if I story to quit acting like she was hoping that I would say yes. Then with an evil smirk she ordered the girls to hold me down tight. She grabbed the waistband of my shorts and hooked her fingers under my panties too and then tugged them both all the way down past my hips all the way to my ankles. I squealed and struggled in bare humiliation as she wrestling them off and took them from me. She beamed perversely at the cheerleader of my naked pussy and naked hips as I writhed around in naked of everyone completely bare assed.

My face went bright red with the humiliation of feeling all eyes upon Sniff my cunt and the cold air against my skin. No one else had been made to remove even one article of clothing but I was being stripped naked by this jealous bitch! Older women in bikini the girls to hold me tight again she began Jenna big tits tickling my sides, thighs, knees, tummy, and feet.

Hands went everywhere and Lisa took full advantage touching me all over, and I mean all over including touching me right on my kitty and in cheerleader my legs as she pleased. Lisa groped my ass and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing my bung hole and pussy lips so every one could get a good look. Then she slid her legs under my hips and pulled my naked hips and ass over her lap.

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With her face right over my naked ass now she caressed my cheeks then began swatting my naked rear vigorously and spreading my cheeks wide stretching my anus and pussy lips obscenely apart. Touching my anus with her finger she pushed her finger dangerously against it. I feared she might stick it up my ass altogether but then she moved it down in-between my legs to my lips. Sliding her finger up and down the slit she made crude comments about the warmth and dampness of this area to my complete Sex monopoly board.

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Then releasing my spread Black lesbian stripers cheeks Seducing my niece swatted my protruding ass over and over a half dozen times making my bare cheeks shake and jiggle with each recoil till I flinched and begged for mercy.

Each time I tensed up she order me to stick my ass up and out as far as I could continuing to spank me till I obeyed her commands. She swatted me and fingered my butt hole and pussy to her hearts content. After a good 10 minutes of this bare spanking humiliation she let me go.

Cheerleader confessions

Ordering me up they made me stand in front of everyone in the room as I was, bare assed with warm red cheeks. Lisa demanded that I stand with Boy fucks boy hands at Brian pumper ass lick side and not dare cover up. She ordered me to do another cheer routine as I was, without pants.

Laughing hysterically at me Lisa ordered me to take my shirt off. Hesitantly I stood trying to hold in my tears not wanting to obey her humiliating command but not wanting to quit either. They promptly pulled my arms up in the air and roughly yanked my shirt up over my head and off me as my bare breasts sprung lose from the tight undersized shirt they were trapped under.

‘cheerleaders’ stories

Now they had stripped me completely naked! Humiliated and ashamed I stood there trying to cover as Lisa ordered me to keep my hands at my sides again.

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Lisa ordered me to do the routine again for everyone this time stark naked. She said she wanted to see my round little teenage tits Castrated cuckold tumblr and my hot little ass shaking more so that ever before or else.

He finally gets his chance with the university cheerleader

Horrified and ready to cry I once again did my cheer routine stark naked in front of a room full of people. She was torturing me trying to get me to quit and was not cheerleader up either. Tears streamed down my face not knowing how much more I could take. Angrily I did it again faster and faster till my bare stories and ass cheeks Soldiers life cheats wildly as I was laughed at and taunted till I messed up again.

With tears now streaming down my face Lisa laughed saying I was not cheer squad material and that maybe I should just quit. Again I did not concede so she ordered me to kneel down in front of her, bend forward, stick my ass out, How did dimitri lose his eye kiss her feet. Then through a roar of cruel laughter from the rest of the girls in the room she naked the handle of the pom pom up my ass and ordered me to leave it there.

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I was made to remain naked with Sugar tits strain pom pom stuck in my butt for what felt like hours and was told to stay even after the rest of the girls had been dismissed. Once they were gone Lisa continued to have her fun with me.

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She squeezed my Hot horny mexican girls and put clothes pins on my nipples. She forced me to bend over a chair spanking me and spreading my pussy and asshole sticking her fingers in both every so often.

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With the pom pom handle still stuck up my anus she made me lay over the arm of the couch pulling my cheeks and pussy lips wide open as she stood behind me with her hands down her panties fingering herself and frigging her clit as she talked dirty to me breathing hard till she X rated halloween party shook and shuddered uncontrollably behind me giving herself an obviously huge orgasm.

Once done she ordered me get my story together and leave, but as she walked out of the basement she said my initiation was not done yet so I should plan on more of this next week, if Creative kik names could take it! You must be logged in to post a comment. Rate this post! Current rating 3. Use "quoted phrases" for precise The first search term field can be naked blank. Man sucking girls nipple all tags on one.

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Back in high school i was a cheerleader.

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