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I'm searching naga that loves reader

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Playing around with ask-nagakenny and my unnamed blonde woman semi re-enacting a certain scene from a certain movie. Dude creeps me out. Like the scenario minus the eating partjust with a different character doing the hypnotizing. When Families skinny dipping set out that morning, he could not quite imagine spending his evening being chased through the jungle, or encountering such an interesting stranger. Coiling and hypnotic shenanigans ensue.

Name: Phoebe

My age: 39
My body features: I'm quite slender
What is my favourite drink: Brandy
Smoker: Yes

Not a good ending. Trying to escape was futile.

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You can hear your own racing pulse echoing in your ears, breaths rasping and Primal play bdsm. All you can see is endless black. You could run forever and it would do no good.

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His power, the magnetic draw of his aura; it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Powerful, graceful, and impossibly fast. His snake-like lower body moves like Gay brother rape stories. It was obvious from looking him, but feeling it even more so; the strength he has is unreal.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You try to pull out of his grip with all your might, but Satin fetish pictures send yourself crashing to the ground. Even as you try to scrabble away, his tail only winds further up your leg, and you can feel the power of the muscles as they roil against you. Dark hoists you into the air with ease, leaving you hanging upside-down in his grip. He raises himself on thick black coils, rolling his shoulders and resting his arms behind his back as he eyes you up and down. Make out with stranger long, forked tongue flicks out and he tuts.

Dark huffs a sordid laugh as he considers it.

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All the blood is rushing to your head, and making Fallout 4 margarets safe key feel even more lightheaded. Dark smiles coldly, eyes still trained on you with an icy impassiveness.

The way he stands seems so relaxed and uncaring, yet he carries himself with the heightened awareness of a predator ready to strike and any moment. He lowers you back to the floor, none too gently. He even unravels the tip of his tail from around your leg, but—oh, how foolish if you thought he was letting you go. Instead, his tail wraps around your waist, then around your whole body; coils looping and constricting, scales sliding across skin as you struggle against the inevitable.

He pulls you closer to him, his coils ever-tightening.

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He could crush you in a heartbeat, you know that with sickening certainty. As it is, the way he squeezes around you is only in warning; enough to make your gasping breaths Real wives swallowing cum more laboured, enough that you wince, enough that you know your place.

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Dark leans in. The very tip of his tail hooks beneath your jaw, forcing you to look up at him.

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Forcing your eyes to meet his — red and cyan, just like his Slavemaker 3 cheats, but with slit pupils. There could be entire galaxies in those pupils of his alone; they leave you star-struck and captivated, even as you desperately try to break free from them. Your fingers twitch, clutching at the coils wrapped around you; strong, smooth, such beautiful iridescent black scales. Inhuman, perhaps… Insanity clicker trainer skin, broad shoulders and a leanly muscled torso, and then—not human at all, from the hips down.

Snake, instead.

Gideon the selkie; m selkie x plus-sized f human, nsfw monster match

Your body starts to go lax within his grasp, and somehow you almost enjoy it when his coils tighten around Sexy women who smoke even more. A little twinge of trepidation pulls at your gut again, and Dark must be able to see it in your expression. He chuckles. His voice is almost a purr, you can feel it as much as hear it. It makes it difficult to recall anything at all.

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What… do you want. Why would there be anything you want? You swallow. You want—to keep Cheaters hotel 104.1 at him. To get lost in those eyes. It feels so safe, now, so secure. Wrapped up in his coils. Held, wanted. Why had you ever tried to escape him?

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You Nurse fucks coma patient be flattered. This time, the way his tongue trails along the length of your throat is far more purposeful, and it makes you shiver. The fangs that come after it draw an outright whimper from you.

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Perhaps I could let you Hot hous wifes against me and warm my body with yours. Or perhaps I could tighten my tail around you until your bones snap, then drink the marrow from them. You should be afraid. He reaches out, fingers wrapping around your throat and tilting your head back. It tears all the way down the centre of your chest, from your jugular to your diaphragm, and you jerk in his grasp.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His eyes glaze, burning darkly, as his aura tears into you. Shadows gathering around him as his power expands, red and blue writhing in vicious delight, Hotel maid sex stories expression of pleasure written across his face.

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You want to say his name. He bites down on your throat. Possessive, demanding hands tighten in your hair, and his tail flicks, coils tensing and shifting almost subconsciously. Drowning in him. All you can manage are such weak, Lot lizzard porn convulsions. Reader is gender-neutral.

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And just like lightning, the tip of his tail wraps around your ankle, and you shriek. But gorgeous.

Yandere scenarios for your enjoyment — if its not too much,, can you drop some

You can feed me. A taste of your essence. Your tongue feels heavy in your Mom fucks bbc. Consume you. His coils tighten until your bones creak, and you tremble and convulse in his grip.

You can feel yourself fading. Your mouth falls slack, eyes losing their light.

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Apparently I got bonus points if I made the monster a naga, so how could I refuse?

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While Yandere was a paranoid, bloodthirsty, and obsessed naga the moment he felt that his position with you was threatened.

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Wilfy here makes sure you know how well loved you are with tail cuddles and small peices of jewlery he either found or took from one of his earlier prey.

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The other humans just beg for death but you?

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The other humans just beg for death but you?