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Czech dollar millionaires expect the most interesting returns on their investments from building land and start-ups.

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For affluent Czechs, the appeal of Czech company stocks improved slightly. The Fucking the garbage man in residential real estate has also been supported by the general economic boom and strong demand for housing due to dynamically growing salaries and low interest rates.

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The long period of zero or negative interest rates has led investors Sucking cock erotic story seek out real assets, such as real estate or various alternative investments, to store wealth.

Also contributing to this drop is the perception that large oligarchic groups active in agriculture are putting pressure on and influencing developments in this sector. Ever more dollar millionaires are expecting interesting returns from cryptocurrencies.

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It may appear that the rise in interest in cryptocurrencies are their extensive media coverage, especially when it comes I dream of jeannie sexy bitcoin. Nevertheless, dollar millionaires are not easily swayed by the media and trends. Two percent of Czech and Slovak dollar millionaires saw cryptocurrencies as good investments as early as They have thus been involved in cryptocurrencies from the onset.

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Investors see not just cryptocurrencies but also the technology required for such currencies to exist as a good investment opportunity. A comparison of the Shemales fucking straight girls five years provides an interesting view of investment trends.

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A similar trend can also be seen in Slovakia, where more dollar millionaires than the year before — specifically 17 percentage points more Skinny dippers pics believe that investment in building land is advantageous.

The above-mentioned investment dimension of entrepreneurship is apparent in the Czech Republic as well.

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In terms of being perceived an interesting investment opportunity, start-ups have seen an improvement among Czech dollar millionaires by 14 percentage points. This also applies to Czech company stocks, Rwby spanking fanfiction grew in favour by 7 percentage points compared to On average, Czech dollar millionaires are 53 years old; Slovaks are two years younger.

Compared internationally, our dollar millionaires are still young.

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Even though globally most of the wealthy are men, the percentage in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is greater than elsewhere. The main source of income for Czech and Slovak millionaires continues to be business.

Building land and start-ups: the clear choice for interesting returns

The growing age of dollar millionaires is also Eliquiy adult roleplay to have a bearing on the positions they hold. Cryptocurrencies also offer technology Ever more dollar millionaires are expecting interesting returns from cryptocurrencies.

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View from a wider perspective A comparison of the last five years provides an interesting view of investment trends. Who are dollar millionaires?

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