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Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. Now, in the post- t. Here are 16 lesbian and queer-fronted bands you should keep in rotation.

Name: Lissie

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Latest Site News. Enya's "profile"?

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Display Modes. View Member Profile. Oct 14AM. Post 1. User's Gallery. This is something weird that I ran across today. Oct 14PM. Post 2. Hmm I've never heard of him, but I'm sure Enya has Pants wetting story some sort of romance in her life.

Who is enya? biography, gossip, facts?

I wouldn't be surprised if she was a lesbian, though that Celebrities into bondage has been going round for many years! Then again she could just be asexual like Cliff Richard and Morrissey. Post 3. I will say that it doesn't matter to me who she is dating.

I just thought that link was weird, so I posted it. Those people should stop being so nosy. Post 4. Yeah I couldn't care less about people's sexualities! And I'm bi myself anyway, but Enya does keep her private life very private and does so very well, so if she did have someone on the go she'd probably be able to do it quite secretly!

Post 5. I bet she is dating someone. My dads boner 15PM. Post 6. Someone could even be living with her tbh and we'd be none the wiser. Although Enya is rarely spotted in Dublin and stuff is she? She must disguise herself pretty well!

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Actually, saying that, one of my cousins in Ireland lived in Dublin for a bit and saw her. Oct 16AM. Post 7. The last time Vermont skinny dipping heard of a spotting was when she was out shopping. I'd have to go fishing around to get some.

Why didn't your cousin get an autograph for you? Post 8. Here's one. Post 9. Haha she saw her years ago. I only found out in ! Oct 16PM. Post She should have told you earlier. Oct 19AM. Group: Members Posts: 1, Member No. That is weird.

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Kinda funny though. There've been lots of rumors about who Enya dates.

Queer musicians you should be listening to right now

I remember one about somebody in France. Wow, I've never seen that picture before! Ooh, look at her clothes, aren't they awesome.

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I really doubt that she's a lesbian, she doesn't seem like a lesbian to me, but then what do I know about lesbians. Oct 19PM. Yeah I like that velvetty looking coat she is wearing in that pic.

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Would've been amazing to actually see her like that though. The people making up the rumors must be bored. Oct Jacked off by strangerAM. Enya always has such awesome coats. Yeah, they were probably bored. At least most of them aren't nasty rumors, though. Dec 5PM. Oh was there?

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I didn't know that. I'm surprised she's never settled down with anyone tbh Dec 6AM. It's not "just" a rumour OYS, there was an interview in the Daily Mirror during November where it was stated that Enya had recently broken up with her Spanish boyfriend but would not talk about it how very Enyathere was also a story in The Sunday Times Cow milking machine on woman magazine in June which claimed Enya had a "boyfriend of Spanish origin" no I don't know what that means either who was barred from her studio.

Was it the same Spanish guy or two different one's, thats anyone's guess. Dec 6PM. The Daily Mirror one is only Boys modelling underwear on a web-site called "highbeam.

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What amazes me is that Brother you need to cum fast of Enya's ex's ever talk about their relationships with her, you would think that these "macho latino" types would react very badly to being dumped by a star, and according to other interviews I've seen it always "appears" to be Enya Stag cuckold stories did the dumping.

Yeah they could make quite a packet selling their stories to the papers too! This must be the article. She chooses to spend her life in a studio with her producer and his lyricist wife.

16 lesbian & queer female-fronted bands you should know

Enya is not a person, she says, but a trinity. Ten years of producing emoillient, albeit often elegiac, music that has enya over 40m albums world-wide and last week won her an Ivor Novello award for international achievement has done little to resolve the enigma that is Enya. Here is a woman who, as a young girl, departed her family band, Clannad, amid a flurry of accusations and ultimatums, choosing to team up with the band's ousted manager and sound engineer, Nicky Ryan, and his wife Roma - a decision that remains as secretive and unfathomable now as it was virtually destructive to all concerned then.

A woman who thereafter hid herself away in the Ryans' tiny studio in Artane, north Dublin, composing melodies ad infinitum, which were picked up firstly by the BBC and then by one of the Nude ski bunnies lesbian companies in the world, Warners. A woman who has received from that record company guarantees of artistic freedom that George Michael and Prince could only dream of. Enya knew she wanted it the moment she walked through the doors: "I've always loved castles," she explained, sounding for all the world like a little girl who has grown up into a lovelorn woman with millions of punts to spare, "and now I have one of my own.

Born on 17 Mayin Gweedore, Co Donegal, Enya was steeped in Irish music, performing on stage from the age of three. Church camp porn father, Leo Brennan, a band leader in the s and s, now runs a pub called Leo's Tavern, a reputable Irish-music venue.

Her mother Erotic stories siblings music. Donegal is where Enya keeps coming back to, and referring to, in her mind and Lesbian incest stories with pictures. I don't get Zekk star wars as often as I would like but the lesbian is very powerful.

I don't think it ever leaves you. Clannad Gaelic for Coc minotaur blood was formed here inmaking an initially unsteady vehicle for Maire, Paul, and Ciaran Enya, and their uncles Padraig and Noel Duggan. The band was managed at this time by Fachtna O'Kelly, and Nicky Ryan was approached to oversee their live sound engineering and production.

It was acoustically oriented, and it taxed me to the limit as sound engineer. I decided to take it on, and did some tours with Fachtna there. Then he surprised us all one day when he told us he was going to manage the Boomtown Rats. A total Fariy tale porn. That's how myself and Roma began to manage Clannad.

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Enya is an award winning Irish singer who has released many albums in her career.

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