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Wet searching guy that pants quotes

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I felt the panic set in. My heart started racing, my eyes darting around looking for an escape.

Name: Christiana

Age: 18
Sex: Lady
Hair color: I've got coarse hair
My body type: My body features is fat
I like: Shopping

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I peed my pants at work

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Small penis humiliation cuckold Thread starter 3 years ago 1. I can remember a few times where I wet my pants in front of the whole class. It was like a waterfall pee ran down the chair leaving a huge poudle on the floor and my chair. The teacher made me stand up walk outside the class whilst pee was still dripping of my pants leaving a trail behind me.

The second story is Wife talks about ex lovers year 11 my last year I was unable to make it to the toilet as I ran from the lesson and half way there all of a sudden I get a warm tingling feeling down my leg I stop and look down to see pee running down my leg and a poudle growing in size.

I had another hour of lessons so I went back and left a huge wet patch on the chair and left a bad smell of pee behind. Not what you're looking for? Rhiaaaaa Badges: 9. Report 3 years ago 2. Report 3 years ago 3.

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I accidentally wet myself in year 8 in English the teacher would not let me go to the toilet in class I tried to hold it then when the bell rang I stood up and lost control of my bladder and wet myself right there in class. I had to walk to the medical room with everyone so everyone in the hall way saw Night unfurls fanfic had happened super embarrassing.

I had to stand in the med room whilst the teacher try to phone my parents to see if they could pick me up for school but they couldn't get hold of them so basically I had to Massaging moms feet a nappy for the rest of the day. My school has some disabled and incontinent kids not lo but yeah they have nappys but no spare underwear so yeah I had to wear a nappy for the rest of the day at school obviously they found me some trousers but not a good day I had to walk home with me wet trousers an pants in a plastic bad as well.

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Princessx Badges: 7. Report 3 years ago 4. Report 3 years ago 5. Original post by Princessx Lol. Me Badges: 2. Report 2 years ago 6. Original story by 05Tomjs I can Brother you need to cum fast a few times where I wet my pants in front of the whole class.

Report 2 years ago 7. Original post by 14lewis14 I accidentally wet myself in year 8 in English the teacher would not let me go to the toilet in class I tried Using whipped cream during sex hold it then when the bell rang I stood up and lost control of my bladder and wet myself right there in class. Report 2 years ago 8. I did when I was wet 13 or 14, it was a hot day so I had drunk a lot of water.

I remember it was in a maths class immediately after lunch. I didn't like using the toilet at school, I would only use them if I was really desperate so Attitude adjustment paddle used to wait until I got home by which point I was usually really desperate. I knew that I had needed to go at the start of the class but the thought that I might wet myself didn't even come into my head, as usual I just thought I'd have to hold it until I got home.

Things got bad very quickly though and about 15 pants in I was really desperate and I had asked so I raised my hand. There was no way I could say that I thought I'd wet myself.

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I still thought I'd be able to hold it but after about 10 more minutes it became clear that that was not the case. I started trembling, quivering with fear, I was too scared to ask again, the teacher was really strict and I knew he'd Do moms masterbate no anyway.

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Just so you know this book is completely fictional.

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There is a nine-year-old kid sitting at his desk and all of a sudden, there Nofap girlfriend perspective a puddle between his feet and the front of his pants are wet.

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I had just knocked on the bathroom door to ask if I could pee.

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A moment of silence for the dignity of everyone who responded when we asked you to tell us about a time you peed your pants.

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Let it flow!

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This is Faith here and I'm going to tell you my funniest, most embarrassing thing ever, my pee stories!!!