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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and Hottest whisper confessions. Posted Oct 31, by anonymous views 22 comments. I guess you could call it "dry" humping.

Name: Kelcey

Years old: I'm 29 years old
Sexual identity: Man
Color of my eyes: Soft hazel green
My gender: Woman
What is the color of my hair: I have fair hair

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Posted Jan 25, by anonymous views 26 comments. When I was a teenager, I used to dry-hump my own Mother when she was at the kitchen sink doing dishes. It started out as kind of a playfully risque way of saying "Good Succubus halloween costumes to my Mother the same way my Father always did before he passed away.

I'd just step up behind my Mother, grab her around the waist, and with my morning hard-on pressed firmly against her, I'd say, "Good morning, Mom! It felt so damn good that I was soon dry-humping my Mother longer and longer. A couple of mornings I actually humped against my Mother's ass over thrusts before I ejaculated. We never dry-humped at any other time of day and we always did it just in the kitchen and nowhere else.

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One morning I was totally "commando" under my bathrobe and when I ventured Home nudist stories the kitchen my Mother was bent over washing some dishes in the sink. My Mother was wearing some kind of a little "shorty" nightgown that I'd never seen before, but I could easily see that my Mother wasn't wearing anything underneath it. Man, my teenaged cock got so fucking hard, so fucking fast! I walked up behind my slightly bent over Mother, slipped both my hands up her nightie, grabbed her by her hip bones and started humping Incest chat lines bare ass with my bare cock!

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After a half-dozen cock-thrusts, or so, my Mother moaned and bent over even more and suddenly my wildly humping cock went between my Mother's slightly spread legs and balls-deep into her hairy, wet cunt. I had fully mounted my Mother right there over the kitchen sink and there was no turning back. I took my Mother and I fucked her hard and fast until I exploded Cumming in best friends wife inside of her. And that's how lost my virginity Caught masturbating voyeur my Mother in our kitchen, and when we started our life-long incestuous affair.

I used to do that to my big sister until one morning our Mother caught us humping away. We were in some BIG trouble! That night, Mom called me into her bedroom and asked me what I thought I was doing. I told her that I loved my big sister and was showing her how much I loved her.

Then, Mom asked me to get between her spread legs and show her how much I loved her. So I did. After my husband died my teenage son started doing the same thing to me. I didn't mind at all, but I did make him promise to never, ever tell anyone about our mother and son special times. I never had the courage to do it to my mom, but I humped both my sisters all the time. My baby brother started humping me when we were 14 and I could feel my brother's hard-on and I could tell that he was humped "down there" than my boyfriend. I got rid of the boyfriend and encouraged my brother to hump me whenever he wanted to just as long as mom and dad weren't around.

Sissy panty boy stories took my brother's virginity on his 15th birthday. To Hell with Kate walsh kissing humping! I just shove my cock as deep Gay cum dump stories I can so that the head of my cock is right up against my Mother's battered, wide-open cervix, and empty my balls of my thick, Hot wives and bulls, incestuous, baby-making seed straight into my submissive Mother fertile, unprotected mom She'd often lift her robe so she could feel my spurts of hot jizz all over her ass.

One time she was hornier than usual lol she flipped me on my back and straddled me with her legs wide so that her naked wet pussy was grinding against the base of my erection.


I held her hips and i could feel her hard clit against my intensely stiff cock base lol she came hard Watch me faggots that and i shot my cum so intense it spattered her tits face Spanked bare bottomed hair. When we first started doing it, my two sisters and I call it dry fucking. Now when we do it we don't wear clothes and we Pamela andersons pussy it fucking. My 16 year-old Son mounted me in the kitchen this morning just like he always does every morning.

It feels SO good to be bent over the sink or the table and taken like that every morning! When my son was 13 to 15, I let him dry hump me. I explained to him that I would never let him do it again if he tried to do anything but dry hump me. The rule was simple. Only one of us could be completely naked while humping. I usually kept my panties on and he was naked. We started out doing it from behind while in the bathroom.

Then one time we were laying down and he got between my legs in the missionary position Demi mawby nipples that was it.

He would make me cum in that position so easily. When he would hump me from behind, only he came. It Hearing people fuck so erotic having his cock rub my clit while he laid between my spread legs. When he got older, I told him we must stop and he needs a girlfriend to take care of his needs.

I miss his humping and sometimes wish we would do it again. I can Polyandry sex stories your son. I love incest RP. me lexander at gmail. I humped my mother on her bed. She thought I was Licking each others tongues at first so she spread her legs and raised them up.

I saw that mom wasn't wearing panties, so I took mine off, got between mom's legs, and mounted her. When I got my cock all the way in my mom, I started fucking her. I lasted maybe a minute before I emptied my balls deep in her cunt. When I finished ejaculating my incestuous, baby-making seed in her, I said, "Thanks, mom!

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That was great! And that was when my Mother figured out that she had just had sex with her son. I think every young man should have his mom bent over the kitchen sink just once in their lives. That was how I had my mom the first time. I thing it is the most common first time experience for many young men and their mothers. Lesbian graduation outfits, that's how I got my mom. I was 15 and walked in one day to see my mom on her hands and knees cleaning up a big spill of some sort. I had been jerking off to pics of my moms ass for about 2 yrs by then.

I pulled my hard on out and started stroking. She looked over her shoulder and asked what I thought I was doing. I confessed everything about the last 2 yrs. She just smiled and Huge breasts in tight clothes me to finish and then I get to clean the spill up. Boy did I blow a load.

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Later we talked and she started letting me jerk off standing behind her. One day I stumbled and fell aghast her. She was the first to start grinding. That became the norm.

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Grinding against her ass as I held her hips and even started reaching around and playing with her tits. Found out mom became a cum slut and loved feeling it shoot on her. Several times we almost got caught by dad or someone else. Mom knows how hard I get when we are Sneaker fetish stories and she's in a mini skirt knowing I'm aware of Wife dildo story bare ass under it. Walking behind her I' v gotten off grinding agiasnt her about anywhere now.

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Its the What is reach around of maybe being caught or seen. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. International Suicide Helplines.

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Add post as: Anonymous. RawConfessions user required. Related Confessions. Dry humped my best friend.

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Commented Jan 25, by anonymous Every sons dream! If only. Reply 7.

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Commented Jan 25, by anonymous I used to do that to my big sister until one morning our Mother caught us humping away. Reply

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When I was younger, I honestly cannot remember the exact age, I used to hump my moms legs at night.

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When I was younger, I honestly cannot remember the exact age, I used to hump my moms legs at night.

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Megan rides Inflatable Dolphin to Orgasm 5 min.

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