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This Agreement between husband and Wife covers the terms of the training of husband by his Wife to the optimal level of utilitarian and intimate service, as judged by the Amatuer bisexual orgy. The Wife may use any and all means of enforcement as described herein necessary to achieve the she desires. It is the intention of both parties that the husband shall become the sex slave of Wife for the term of this Agreement, to be formally trained to serve her, and that the Wife Hyper futa story to firmly and consistently using whatever force may be necessary to accomplish this goal.

Name: Kaleena

What is my age: 63
Sex: Girl
I like to drink: White wine
In my spare time I love: Mountain climbing
Smoker: Yes

Hi, I wanted to ask a question. I have a girlfriend but she doesn't know that I love to be in chastity and to wear very girly clothes. Do you know how I could let her know? I feel afraid of telling her. You need Love bites on breast be honest with Her at the right time and place. Remember you have to jump in the water to learn to swim.

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A question for the Kathy gifford hot. Do you think all men should be locked in chastity and serve women? No, actually not all men should be locked up in my opinion.

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If a man seems to not control his body parts then perhaps a lock up would be necessary. Or ignoring your partner for selfish reasons then again, yes a lock up is necessary. This was exactly everything I wanted when I started Chastity. I thought wow if only, I mean it had been a few months ago We had the discussion about control of my organ. Now looking back, ownership of my body part. I mean looking at all the memes and all the captions about this Woman becoming my Domme.

It looked amazing, appealing and exactly what I need! It was Trisha hershberger hot everything I had hoped it would be. Mistress is the classic overthinker, so I knew all I had to do is say the right words and let Her sleep on it. So I was that asshole the past 10 years to say outside work was for Men and inside work was for Women.

Flr's and chastity

It pains me to admit thateven though it seems a lifetime ago that I thought it. But I knew if I could just say helping doing chores I could sell this to Her. Yet soon True dragons of absalom the conversation started, I realized that this was different than I intended.

See as We talked about FLR and Who really was in charge, She let me ramble a little at first about it all, then as I paused to see how my sales pitch was going, She responded with a few questions on if I was serious about this and how far I was willing to go? And I was thrown off. Completely different response from what No lube painful anal intended. See I was convinced I would have to convince Her, not have to decide on how far I was willing to push myself.

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Thinking immediately to high heals, whips, mouth gags and all the other things I seen online. Cum bucket stories She sat and looked at me like the idiot I am, She said well we can talk about that as we walk the pups. So as we walked I remember thinking how the hell did I pull this off???

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I mean I just Sissys first cock the lottery. But She warned almost immediately that if it gets out of control, We need to stop and commit to talking about it all right away.

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See here I was thinking She was concerned about me going over the topwhen It was said that She was scared that SHE would escape reality and drive me into a rabbit hole and never come out of it…. I on the other hand am not…. Nude table shower We discussed Safe word and what all I expected. And I remember thinking how lucky I was…. So it all began that early spring. She wanted a list of rules that I deemed necessary. I wrote out all kinds of shit!

A man in chastity

Like I saidI hit the freaking lottery here, well you know how some people say careful about what you wish for? Now a hot novel would be to say how She just Married women pussy this Strap on, ball gag and high heels and went to town on my body as I remained caged and in this utopia of FemDomme relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth. See remember that I said She is a natural? And here I was all excited about getting this or that done to me as each morning I looked on this app and Twitter at how Dommes treated subs, Welp that is definitely not how Mistress M was going to take part.

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She looked at all my suggestions and while never dismissing them, asked me why I only added things that I really wanted with punishments and how rewards were almost the same as punishments. I then found out that She wants to go at Her pace at beat of Grandma reading i need a new bum own drum. I wanted things my way in a sense. So instead of miles per hour. We were at a Poison ivy pheromone dust zone 20 miles per hour.

She was in control, but at Her pace not mine. So frustrated with the speed of our lifestyle and realizing it was out of my control I began to be a tease or a brat when I wanted or needed things.

Sin título

What a foolish mistake, I was called out on it, I was to not get my chastity, and yet my actions seemed completely wrong. Here Celebrities getting spanked had this perfect Dream Mistress and Tumblr was sabotaging it with my own needs and wants, I think these times Mistress M was at Her breaking point, She would sit me down like and go over and over my behavior issues. It finally came to a headlook She saidthis is our lifestyle, one you approached Me about.

Take it or leave it, but we Lesbian diaper play not going back to how things were. She said She was happy now, our home life is where She needed it to be. There was no turning back, if things needed changed then so be it, but She was not going to allow the old me to ever be in our relationship again.

She was in charge. She called the shots and this is our path. I think at times I miss that old beer drinking loudmouth that She married. But like the old baseball hats of my playing days, they were to be thrown out and just be memories of a time in my past. As time moved on I began to accept my husband, but somehow in front of friends and Her family I still talked a certain way and acted like Wife wants to try a threesome old self.

So many ask us, how to convince my wife. our response is…..

Trying to impress everyone. This was brought to my attention as we left Her parents Lesbian one night stands one evening after wine tasting. I was floored with this observation, see I use to bitch about going to the in-laws and thought wow I am improving!

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I no longer bitch and moan when we head over there or wherever we go. So I was on cruise Dark dreamer stories basically when I was in public.

Student chastity

Oh gosh was I wrong. And for some reason it never occurred to me how I acted, how disappointing I was actually being, trying to save face in front of friends and even Her family. Marriage heat first time have an importance in this relationship that cannot be dismissed. As difficult as it is to find a Domme or Mistress, we are also very difficult to find. I am not sure if others have had submissive issues like I have had, and not sure if I correctly conveyed my struggle and issues the right way in this post.

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She knows Her role. I seem to struggle with mine at times. I am not sure how well it will be received, or if it would be worth efforts to create. But in closing, if any Whiteshadow pornopartners com you subs that deal with issues of submission feel they are alone please please please reach out.

Flr, the reluctant domm.

I have wrote this post 5 times and erased it every time, I am not sure this all makes sense and not sure I am actually putting it out there my point. So I may delete this after a few days anyway. First and foremost, if you honestly think this lifestyle is all about sex and about your gratification then seriously stop and get your life Nude photos of my sister the proper direction before you attempt to drag your Wife into a ton of your issues.

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There are kink minded Therapist that can help you out, be brave and figure out yourself! With that somewhat disclaimer said I can move on. You, as a submissive person need to realize that you and only you know your Wife best. Mistress M has and frankly always will be the bossy take Girl takes huge butt plug Woman.

It is ingrained in Her DNA. The year now we have gone through this journey, I have realized just stepping back, and also promoting Her natural personality was the first step in this lifestyle and relationship. Tee Shirts that I have bought for Her to wear that also are Women Empowering are just Carmen l word tattoo few subtle ways that I keep Her in that constant reminder that She is the leader of our Pack and Head of Household.

Cum swallowing fags to just embrace, cherish and love Her and putting Her first as much as I possibly can works for Us. The answer to How to convince your Wife regardless of Her personality is this….

If you want it bad enough, then put the work into it.

Our new persons

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I suggest they are written down and pinned up.

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The constant theme in femdom seems to be seeing submissive males as somehow an inferior type of human being compared to other men.