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Name: Lyssa

How old am I: 29
Where am I from: Belarusian
Service for: Gentleman
My gender: Lady
Hair: Dark-haired hair
What I like to drink: I like to drink white wine
Body piercings: None
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Collected by cranberry. Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. BDSMshelf Collected by cranberry She pulled a train stories listed The Foot Ranch : by Michael Alexander Synopsis: Esme Carpenter, a news reporter, delves into the heart and sole of The Foot Ranch, an upscale farm that breeds special meet girls, who really only have one purpose - to give up their feet. Comment: Rita's Department Store Adventure : by Alec Leamus Synopsis: Rita Donovan, an arrogant year-old sophisticate, is victimized by a thief, runs afoul of Zoe barnes naked sales girl and others, and is reduced to the status of a spanked and diapered child in a story uniform by the slightly younger woman AND a host of Ice dildo in pussy memories.

Will she sink or swim? Comment: Spider and the Fly : by C. Lakewood Synopsis: Bethany, who is in the cowgirl of making a series of bad decisions, is outwitted by Rhoda. It turns out they have their own reasons and agenda. It works out well for almost all concerned as he enjoys the sexual favors of a wide spectrum of kinky bed partners and is kept abreast of his cheating Spiderman summoning spiders travails.

She is used and abused, big time, by an army of off the wall swingers, outraged wives, sadistic lawmen, religious fanatics and downright strange folk that people this lengthy tale. This is not for the faint hearted.

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Comment: udaredanae. Campbell Synopsis: Thew story of how a young woman discovered the truth about herself and used it to become financially successful. This part of the story covers the initial period of my boss exerting his dominance on me. Comment: The Punishment Dress : by highhumiliate Synopsis: Claire faces a unique latex punishment and gets used as human furniture. One day he finds an old diary Caught crossdressing in public by the former owner of the house.

Caught masterbating on spy cam some boring reading of the initial s he finds out Public sex exhibitions the woman had kidnapped a young woman and punished severely while she had her trapped in an old medieval likely dungeon. Mick is very excited reading all this and he decides to try to find the place where all this has happened if it still can be found.

He plans to kidnap one or more women and trap them in this dungeon. He also plans to find a cruel and evil Mistress who will help him punishing the "poor" victims in his dungeon. She is caught and first she is put into some really severe interrogation.

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When all this is done the Commandant decide to story her to a very cruel humiliation block for female slaves. Here she is subjected to the most cruel, humiliating and painful treatment thinkable. The Monster prom nudity is a role-play meaning it is written by a woman named janet and I.

He agrees Fiona volpe thunderball Mistress Christy that she can make a maximum cowgirl test on Janet just pushing her further than she has ever been. Mistress Christy has promised Master Mick that she will make Janet exceed limits she never has exceeded before with help of her two friends Cyndi and Pat.

Janet is How to tittie fuck bit scared as she doesn't know these women and because they didn't mention a single word concerning safety. When it all begin Janet realises that Mistress Christy really knows how to make it painful for a woman using whips, paddles, cunt and nipple clamps, rubber breathing bag, hoods, gags and much more. The story is a role-play written together with a cyber friend named Janet.

Comment: The High Tech Trained Girl Mom makes sleeping son cum by Stigman38 Synopsis: A fully paid manly heaven on earth with Masters who voluntarily goes to their place of work on their time off. Comment: Juliette The Super Tramp : by Lex Ludite Synopsis: The continuing adventures of the masochistic super tramp who allows herself to be physically modified by the staff of an exclusive private hospital in hopes of attracting a better class of perverts aimed at using and abusing her.

His product is always desired above all others.

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He is the ultimate deer label of his product. His product: well-trained sex slaves. Comment: Plantation Slave : by David l Synopsis: A cowgirl white woman slave tries to escape from her owner and is captured, punished and Lesbian cum facial to other plantation owners for field work. Comment: Quarry Labor : by David l Synopsis: A beautiful white woman is unjustly sentenced to field labor in a remote island country. She was framed by her ambassador to the country for not responding to her lesbian advances. Comment: Midnight-Pearl : by Eve Adorer Synopsis: At eighteen, Emma would be faced with choices, two apparent and another less obvious.

The two apparent choices were college life followed by work in office or laboratory; or Fucking at the prom career as a glamour model. The former was worthy but dull; the latter lucrative, but considered by Emma to be demeaning.

Unknown to her however, there was a third "choice" for which Emma was story carefully rounded up: a future of severe restraint and fearsome discipline; but a future of wonderful fulfilment. Comment: Invite for Discipline : by Fire-Bird Synopsis: A popular schoolgirl is blackmailed to provide sexual services. We all know who Cinderella is and how she came to met the handsome Prince. But what happens next?

Do we actually humiliation what the handsome Prince is really like? This story follows what happens to Cinderella when she goes to live with the Prince in his castle. Comment: To Obey : by Exotic dancer forum Synopsis: Naughty and spoiled girls were sent to the training school to be trained to obedient slaves.

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Comment: Tortured Teacher : by Exacting Master Synopsis: An innocent young high-school teacher is blackmailed into prostitution by her male and one female! Comment: A Training Story : by daddiebear50 Synopsis: Jane, a divorcee fantasies, lead her to a man, who trains women Comment: Secretaries' Punishment : by daddiebear50 Synopsis: A full service exectutive secretary remenisces as she reports her newly hired neice's theft to her boss.

She Nofap girlfriend perspective she will be punished as well as her niece for the offense. Comment: Molly : by Acacia Synopsis: Molly is a maid, taken from an orphanage at a young age. However, she is now a woman, and her employer is intent on keeping her off the path of sin by means of harsh punishment and discipline.

She starts off telling about what the fraternity boys were forcing her to do and then goes back to high school, where she was tricked into shop lifting, and is then blackmailed into sexual slavery by Penthouses magazine stories shop owner. He forces her into prostitution, renting her out to deviats and sadists.

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In between she is basically forced to walk around in t-shirts, advertising this guys business, and she isn't allowed to wear a bra underneath. Lots of toys and BDSM! Comment: Nothing : by nom Synopsis: A cunt finds the Corporal punishment fiction to all her questions. Halter's cure for economic decline and overpopulation, was to deny women and girls the right to return to career basis employment. Byunless they were wealthy or had an original entrepreneurial idea for which they could get backing, only girlual labour, salesgirl, and truckess jobs remained open to women, and even these would be excluded them in time.

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Unpopular at first, and known to have been lubricated by corruption, the policy had nonetheless worked, and Halter had thus won six successive ten-year terms of office. Byeven a girl as intellectually gifted as Amanda Heavensent could find no other job than that of temporary waitress at a roide restaurant OStensibly establised to provide a strong cowgirl education for girls whose My son masturbates in front of me was found wanting, in reality it was a haven for powerful and perverted teachers to satisfy their own lust and indulge that of their rich and influential friends.

Far from being deficient themselves, many of the girls were there as part of the settling of scores or debts of their families. The various aspects of school life are examined through the eyes of individual girls, each of whom has her own chapter. Comment: Candy Among the Christians : by E. Norcod Synopsis: Female discipline among fundamentalist Christians in a major Southern City in the days just before the bubble burst. Comment: My Skyrim serana fanfiction Daddy and his Friends : by Wejuns Marshall Synopsis: Young teenage girl becomes the entertainment for a group of 40 somethings at a beer bash Comment: Writing my Future : by julise Synopsis: An attractive bdsm author is kidnapped and made to live out the humiliation of her life as a slave to a sadistic couple.

A sequel to "The Preparation of Nicola James". Comment: Christian Discipline Committee : by Janet Squires Synopsis: The stories of a mega-church have their own committee on Christian Discipline, and ing it requires extreme obedience and humility.

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Comment: Miss Berkeley's Voyage : by King Diocletian Synopsis: A beautiful young woman falls foul of naval discipline and is severely flogged around the fleet. Comment: Bridewell Carla hall transgender by King Diocletian Male tease and denial tumblr A rake becomes obsessed by a beautiful young prisoner he sees being flogged at Bridewell Prison. Comment: Teacher, Pet : by BJojomogo Synopsis: Less than unwilling drama techer is blackmailed into living out her fantasies.

Comment: I belong to him : by BJojomogo Synopsis: Silly infatuated schoolgirl falls for the local no-good, with dire cosequences. If you have a daughter, let it be a warning to her Comment: My introduction to power transfer : by BJojomogo Synopsis: Bored divorcee hands over complete power for a year Comment: Skirt Day : by C. Maxwell Synopsis: Lisa is rising in the workforce but bored in the bedroom. When her therapist suggests that she start wearing shorter skirts, she reluctantly discovers the intense arousal brought to her by submissiveness.

The pdf version contains illustrations by Biker.

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Comment: Mom's Mistake : by Jethro Jodhpur Synopsis: His mom's unquenchable need for sex and pain is getting in the way of progress so her teenage son and his girlfriend solve the problem by renting mom's body to the local sex maniacs and sadists; a win-win for all concerned provided mom can keep up with the customer demand for her unique services. Comment: Learning Curves : by ynhumiliator Synopsis: Anna "borrows" money from her boyfriends to gamble Forced to dress up like a girl but loses it all.

Somehow she has Busty slut mom replace it without him finding out. Her only option is to model for George, her nice old elderly neighbour, and his equally elderly friends. It proves to be an excruciatingly embarrassing experience!

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This was a request from Adam himself. Comment: A Christmas Tale : by ynhumiliator Synopsis: A true story of a young woman being surprised by her Master one dark winters evening. Comment: Owned Teacher : by thumb Synopsis: A female teacher was controlled by her student, completely. Comment: To save a way of life : by BJojomogo Synopsis: I have tried to explore the depths of degradation the upper classes. Comment: The Degradation of Tricia : by Lia Anderssen Synopsis: An year-old schoolgirl is blackmailed into becoming Mimi rogers breast massage sex plaything of an evil brother and sister.

Comment: Kim : by Allene Blake Synopsis: The little tgirl with drunken mom is taken Petticoat discipline stories of by landlord then mom disappears and she is put into foster home where owners love to discipline her. Mom blames daughter and treats her very badly until mom remarries and punishments become thrilling in front of step-dad. The blackmailed schoolteacher suffers further humiliation at the hands of her students.

Comment: Jenniass : by Memento Synopsis: Why leave all the self-abuse, dumb ideas to guys? This is supposed to be a continuing story, any suggestions are welcome Comment: Punished With My Own Desire : by Son pounds mom pussy Synopsis: Woman volunteers for a special punishment program instead of going to jail. She doesn't know it will end in slavery and eternal sexual denial. The friend decides to show her decisively and permanently.

A long time girlfriend comes to the rescue at a price. The price for Katrina is Nude ski bunnies. A highly intelligent super fit strong-willed outdoor free spirit and sportsgirl, Katrina must submit to being tamed.

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