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Alright before I even start talking, can we all please get the infamous SonicxElise kiss out of our minds for 5 minutes? I want to have Horny mothers tumblr serious discussion before people start bashing that scene as if it permanently scarred the Sonic franchise. What's your opinion about Sonic characters having friendships or connections with human characters?

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February 14,am 4. I never sat down and did a tally but I guess I guess I just thought it was odd and shrugged it off. And by your examples some of goes back a few years. So it's nothing new. The scenario I always thought was odd and human played out was some guy whether it be some kind of lonely scientist or a heart broken guy builds a smokin' hot realist female robot. And they fall in love. I would always ask "really? November 28,pm 5. Seems this year The Shape of Water anthro best picture and that's nice. Love in fiction has no boundaries between two different beings from other worlds!

I remembered 31 years ago when i was 6 years old when i first saw The All New Adventures of Mighty Mouse's Littlest Tramp episode which is one of my fave episodes that Girl fucking with dildo with a human rich man named Murray who at the end married a lovely blonde mouse lady named Polly of the episode and even kissed and starred in another episode together.

I don't considered any of these as "beastiality", not to me. Xenos strange form of folk even alien kind to magical creature beings like gargoylescyborgs, furries you know animal-like humanoid beings like Bojack Horseman characters and furry artwork like you seen or fanfiction and mutants do not always represent the "inferior" beings sometimes as portrayed in stories Cal jam schedule in some mainstream media.

They represent "people who look or are different" Gerudo highlands hole in fiction even if xenos do actually exist on other planets and furries exist in another dimension with us humans as i believe in alternate dimensions and some should be accepted as people in their own universes as humans are Topless flat chested girls the only people around as there is life out there in the universe as they are races of beings.

So inspiring in the romance Gunslinger hip harness to see that appearances don't mean jacksquat. Heck i have a friend writing a fanfiction story series where Minerva Mink and a human male are in love to show they Its only natural incest each other as their surface don't matter but who they are as people, even to soon get married and have hybrid .

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I am an open minded person who believes in equality for everyone Wife french maid is different looking even aliens from other worlds in stories Malibu strings wife it's between two consenting adults or love between two teens, one person did said ""For love is blind and sees not the color of your skin or for which gods you believe in. Love only sees what matters. Last edited by HarryCanyon; December 10, at am.

November 28,pm 6. December 10,am 7. Originally Posted by Hachiman. December 10,am 8.

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One of my favorite episodes and a cute episode! Yet for anyone here who has read the book of The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle Blow job with no teeth seen the movie, Girl/dog sex stories you all know what Lir means by his quote?

Tell me I am intellectual - well, I know it already. Tell me I am funny however, and that is the greatest compliment in the world that anyone can give me". December 13,am 9. Originally Posted by Mikey.

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I always loved Elisa and Goliath in Gargoyles as well. It reminds me of a classic TMNT episode where Irma finds out she has been dating a cyborg throughout the episode and she says "He could have told me, I'm open-minded about these things". Uh, forget the cyborg detail, Irma, he had been working for Shredder and Krang all this time!! I want to lick your vagina at the end, she appears with a new guy and says "Relax, he's fine, I ran him through the metal detector".

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Last edited by HarryCanyon; December 14, at am. December Celebrities wearing ankh,am Incidentally, my sister and I named The Beast George as we felt he deserved a name as he became less of a Beast when he fell truly in love with Belle. Despite the fur, fangs, and claws, George looked and acted more human when he let his tenderness and love for Belle show. I especially love the song Evermoreperformed beautifully by Dan Stevens. I think all over of mixed romance I love?

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It's actually on World of Warcraft Mixed heritage. Her mother, Garona is a mixed heritage between Draenei and Orc while his father is Human.

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There's a prophecy that written in the law that 3 world going to bring balance to the arcane world. Med'an isn't a guy who need to trifle with. Playing a three-hour Rush show is like running a marathon while solving equations. December 13,pm First thing I thought of was Sissys first cock and Amanda - Spock's parents.

There's a million examples of interspecies romance in fiction.

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BadassPreacher "All you have is your fire, and the place you need to reach Don't you ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash" - Hozier, "Arsonist's Lullabye". December 14,am This Evangeline lilly having sex like a discussion more suited for the Tar Swamp. Please feel free to start a new thread in there if you'd like to continue the discussion.

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