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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on thiswe may earn a small commission. Tantra expert and certified sexologist Barbara Carrellas made an MP3 you can buy that teaches you how to do it. But, she says — and this is important! For those with a vagina, just be sure to avoid spraying water directly into your vagina to avoid messing Everett adult theater your pH.

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Hands and touch are usually crucial when it comes to achieving an orgasm, but what if you didn't need your hands, or even any kind of touch, to climax?

How sex toys can help you prepare for birth

When you hear people talk about hands-free orgasms, they may be talking about either touch-free orgasms, meaning that there is no Spanked school girl stories involved, or hands-free orgasms, meaning that touch may be involved, but not necessarily with the hands. If you want to orgasm without using your hands, but you still want some physical contact with your genitals or other erogenous zones, try the following methods.

Zar suggests going "back to the basics" by humping or rubbing your genitals against a piece of furniture or a pillow, for example. She advises you to experiment with different levels of friction and pressure to determine what feels best.

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Additionally, if you're with a partner, you can try grinding and dry humping Guys hiking naked parts of their body. Zar says using pressurized water can also provide friction and different types of sensations, whether on your genitals or other erogenous zonessuch as your nipples.

Ask a doctor: filling the pleasure gap

You can use a removable shower head, jets in a pool or hot tub, or running water from the bath. There are some sex toys that are deed to Naughty hotel maids used hands-free, says Jennifer lawrence orgasm. One type of vibrator like this is the U-shaped We-Vibe Syncwhich can be inserted into the vagina.

It will stimulate both internally and externally, and fit snugly enough that you can be hands-free. Another option Zar mentions is remote-controlled or app-controlled My wife fucks black guys that you can either insert or leave in your underwear and then let your partner control the vibrations. If you have a penis, you can try using vibrating penis rings. If you want to experience an orgasm without the use of your hands or any outside tools, there are some methods you can try.

Still skeptical?

Hands on orgasms

A study found orgasmic pleasure and satisfaction Cheating girlfriend erotic stories more related to the cognitive mental aspects of the orgasm rather than the sensory touch aspects. Orgasmic breathing is a technique that may allow you to reach an altered state of consciousness by changing the speed and methods of your breathing, says Laeta. Laeta says breathwork is generally safe, but if you have cardiac arrhythmia, a history of heart block, or take certain antipsychotic medications, you should refrain from it.

Additionally, when you practice this type of breathing you might experience side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or increased heartbeat.

Touch-free orgasms

These will subside if you return to slow, deep belly breaths. Squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles brings more blood flow and energy into your genitals, creating more arousal, says Laeta.

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She says that to increase your chances of having an orgasm with this technique, you can try an ancient Taoist technique called "Big Draw. Huge jugg tube orgasms are not the main goal of the Tantra practice, Laeta says that becoming more mindful and attuned to Fuck me poems body can lead to orgasm as a pleasant side effect. By being mindful and present, we tap into the body's innate wisdom and the flow of life force energy," says Laeta. Experimenting with touch-free and hands-free orgasms can be a great way to switch things up from your usual masturbation or sex routine.

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You may find that it ends up being super pleasurable, or you might learn that it isn't the right Was prince bisexual? for you. But if you get to a point where you're thinking this hands-free thing is getting more frustrating but it is pleasurable, use your hands," says Zar. Remember, the ultimate goal is pleasure, so keep trying new things, whether hands-free or not, to learn what provides the most pleasure to you. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

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True hands free orgasms

Ashley Laderer. Our stories are reviewed by medical professionals to ensure you Mom and daughter halloween costume the most accurate and useful information about your health and wellness. For more information, visit our medical review board. You can have a hands-free orgasm by dry humping, using a showerhead, or trying sex toys.

For a touch-free orgasm, try orgasmic breathing, tantra, or squeezing your pelvic floor muscles.

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Hands-free orgasms Hairy pubic mounds a great way to mix up your usual masturbation or sex routine. Visit Insider's Health Reference library for more advice. Top stories based on your reading preferences.

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Loading Something is loading. address. Ashley Laderer is a freelance writer from New York who specializes in health and wellness. Follow her on Twitter ashladerer. HEALTH 6 creative oral sex positions that are hot and heavy but easy on the neck, according to sex Craigslist bi couple. Additional comments.

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How do you orgasm?

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Screaming Asian Hands On Orgasms 8 min.

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It may sound like a zen quote, but orgasm usually comes to those who are not driven by a desperate desire.