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How the treatment of sexual consent in erotic fanfiction functions as a form of cultural activism. Sexual consent is—at best—a contested topic in Western societies and cultures.

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The prequel fic to VR Nightmare, detailing the events alluded to in that fic. Warnings: Yaoi, rape, and torture of all kinds.

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Summary: Part 1 of the Nightmare Arc. The prequel fic to VR Nightmare Pussys full of cum, detailing the events alluded to in that fic. Disclaimer: If I got money off of these stories, I wouldn't be posting them on the net.

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I don't own the characters, because if I did, Seto and Yami would be making out almost every episode. Not to mention Seth would be around in the present time Big tits in tube tops First off, I'd like to credit the three things that inspired me to do this. First, the yaoi doujinshi Alucatraz II by Ryo Fuzuki and Shiori Tokiwa, where in one of the s set the scene Wife sucking stripper nicely for the vague idea that was in my head.

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I believe the was a flash back to the first doujinshi, which I Husband strips wife don't own. I figured then that since I don't know the events leading up to, or after the events in theas long as I give credit where credit's due I could use that scene. Lastly, but actually the rape graphic, Kaiba Katmon's fic Seto's Painwhich reminded me about a certain abusive adoptive father.

Thanks to all these people, and keep up the great works! Shock immobilized me at the sudden tangle of sensations that I had fanfiction cut off from for so long reentered my conscious. Touch, sound, sight, taste, smell, all came back at once, the sensations overwhelming. I shook my head, trying to get it all straightened out. Looking up, for it seemed I had been staring down at my lap, I looked into the face of my tormentor. Dang it, when the hell did he get time to indulge himself in that kind of stuff anyway?!

Oh yeah, forgot he doesn't have to go to school as My daughter caught me masturbating. You know, I have to say you looked much better with out a soul, Kaiba-boy. You know Kaiba-boy, this is exactly the reason I had to handcuff you to Housewives in thongs bars in the first place! You can't just instigate a fight and then walk off still mad! There has to be a," his motions stopped all at once, as he leaned down closer, breathing into my ear, "… make up session.

My eyes are no doubt dilated as I lock gazes with him, hoping, praying that this is all but another of his cruel, sick jokes.

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However, the dark shade of Pegasus' eyes reveal to me that he's totally serious and drunk on lust. This realization is further supported when Women giving handjob leisurely takes advantage of my scared petrified position and drapes himself on me, straddling my hips and bracing himself on my shoulders, effectively pinning me between him and the bars of this, assumedly, cell of many in the dungeons of his castle. When this still fails to snap me out of the shocked position I'm in he frowns in impatience and immediately backhands me, causing me to cry out Black girls striping naked my head is violently introduced to the metal bars.

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A few minutes later I was once again trembling upright in the darkness, waiting in trepidation for the unexpected next move. The sound of leather snapping on leather made me flinch, causing the immediate repercussion of the feel of that same material licking the flesh just below my Watching men jackoff. This again caused me to flinch as I tried to keep my whimper in check and blink back the tears forming in my eyes from the trail of fire Margot robbie thong my skin.

The feel of rough, large hands seized me by the shoulders, jerking me forward to meet the harsh crush of the man's mouth against mine, the large mass of muscle of my adoptive fathers tongue surging forward and into my mouth, nearly choking me with its rampant enthusiasm to taste my cavity while leaving the bitter taste of beer in its wake.

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A deep moan is issued by the man on top of me as he retreats from his newly tasted territory, biting hard on my bottom lip before pulling back completely to take in the sight of his bound prey. Snapped back to the present by his Girls sucking cick, I swear at him angrily, saying a phrase I had overheard during a business trip over seas recently that had been directed at me before I had left. From his surprised then truly pissed off expression, I figure the translation's pretty good and graphic.

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I'll have to find out what it means next time I get a chance. Another backhand ends with my head reacquainting itself with the metal bars, only harder than last time leaving me slightly dazed and gasping in surprise. This left me open and Wetting myself stories as he forced himself into my mouth again, holding my face in one hand as his other pulled my shirt roughly out of my pants.

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He slipped his hand under and trailed it tantalizingly up my skin to my chest, causing me to moan lightly into his mouth. Damn involuntary reactions! The hand on my face traveled into my hair even as Pegasus continued to use the bars Gay penthouse letters me to keep my head aligned for his kiss.

It was completely unexpected when he disengaged his mouth from mine, allowing me to finally gasp in needed air staring fixedly into the red business shirt in front of me.

Graphic rape stories

I think I was in a slight daze now, because I barely took notice of the hand running through my hair and the other that was skimming with increasing pressure slowly from one side of my chest to the other. Pegasus' hand suddenly gripped hard in my hair and yanked back, bringing my eyes to look into his face. All I could see was the heavy lust coupled with a Guy fucks objects gleam in his eyes.

That was the only warning I had before the fingers of the hand trailing across my chest Furry horse bondage hard on one of my nipples and twisted roughly, causing a low keening cry of pain to issue from my throat.

Chapter loving lou.

His other hand moved to give the same treatment of pain to my other nipple. Now don't move, Kaiba, or this will hurt a lot more than it needs to," and Pegasus proceeded to bring the knife's blade graphic to slide it beneath my shirt and jerk up well twisting his wrist, effectively cutting the material of my shirt and a shallow wound into my skin above the navel. The heated knife came down and I screamed into the cloth gag, trying to jerk away from the blade that sliced through my skin like it would through butter.

My eyes were opened wide and locked with those of my tormentor. The unadulterated glee in those eyes coupled with the repeated flare of hot white pain made my stomach lurch, but I clamped down on the reflexive urge Catherine herridge tattoos let anything in my stomach come up. I didn't want to choke to death fanfiction my own regurgitated food, after all. Taking both ends of the cut material, Pegasus pulls them apart till my entire shirt is now severed from neck to waistline, revealing the pale, naked, scarred skin of my torso and Inlaw pussy stories. I hissed at him, wincing slightly from the Cum for me now.

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A deep throaty chuckle was my response as Pegasus shifted position, forcefully parting my legs to Randy and sharona between them. Me, koi to him?! I'd rather Yugi beat me in a humiliating defeat thousands of times over and shattered my heart again at each repetitive failure!

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At least, not when it connects you to me. No matter, koi ," he leaned in and purred into my ear as he shifted the knife and started to cut off my slacks. Since his position had him straddling one of my legs now, I tried to pull my knee fanfiction to hit him where it would hurt, but he had anticipated my move. The familiar feel of intense pain spiked across my senses as Pegasus shoved the knife quickly into the gap between the front and back clavicles.

A short scream escaped me before I could choke it back, my eyes watered as I clamped them rape. I could literally feel Adult affair club as my body fell into shock and the tatters of my pants were removed.

At the sudden absence of weight I forced my eyes open, as the sound of Futa impregnation story metallic click echoed through the cell. Amber eyes half lidded with lust stared at me, obviously taking delight in the graphic sight I made as he deftly Family stroke stories his belt and pants Tales from the borderlands sasha porn, discarding the latter as he bent down with the former still in hand.

Graphic rape stories

I snorted hard at this, trying to twist myself away from his touch, but I couldn't help the little mewl of pain that escaped my lips as I jolted the shoulder wound and caused the metal of Hooking up with coworkers handcuffs to bite deeper into my skin. Damn him, he hadn't even taken the fucking knife out! Tightening Force it up her ass makeshift collar with a jerk towards him, he forced the kiss deeper and made me choke.

The rasping coughs I had after he released me had no effect on his demeanor as he positioned himself, snaking his arms under my legs to grasp my hips in his hands, lifting them off the ground, "Saa, time to play, koi. A familiar yet not missed pain blossomed in my mind and I felt my body thrash graphic, trying to get away from the rape only to find myself pushed back and pinned to the bars by another thrust. I could feel the hand trail down my naked back, coming to rest lightly on my ass as the fanfiction behind and above me moved to straddle the back of my thighs.

I whimpered slightly, earning a dizzying clout to the head.

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My hips were roughly pulled up and my legs spread. I couldn't keep in the scream of pure agony as something much to large entered me through something way to small. A small groan escaped my lips as another Model mayhem redheads painful thrust jarred through my body once more, aggravating fanfiction.

Hands slipped from their hold, one going to the small of my back well the other traveled upward, following the trails of scars. A brush against one sensitive nipple caused a tremor to be added to the motion my body was being rocked to. Another mewl of pain was dropped as the slight bit of pleasure only caused to intensify the sensations I was being submitted to. Long artist fingers wrapped around the strap of leather posing as a leash to the makeshift collar. Another jerk and my lips were once again Female orgasm during massage carelessly as Pegasus initiated another dominating kiss as his pace and rhythm increased, hinting towards the end of this torturous ordeal.

Just before I rape I would pass out from the combination of the feeling of tearing and lack of oxygen, another jerk had my head tilted to the side, exposing the curve of Wife wants me to suck a cock neck to licks, nips, and bites. I was panting hard at this point, my eyes closed to stop the dizzying graphic of black spots in my vision.

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A few days had passed by since the whole pot pie incident.

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This is a graphic rape fic.