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Author's Note: Warning - This is a very unusual story, but hey I'll write anything once. Part I Kate and Horny house wife stories were kneeling on the floor looking at the glass jar on the coffee table in front of them, both with a look of amazement on their faces. In the jar was Kate's boyfriend, now standing at only one inch tall. Of course they hadn't believed the woman who claimed to be able to shrink people and Kate had certainly been joking when she'd asked for her boyfriend to be shrunk down to size for the weekend.

Name: Nanni

How old am I: 39
Where am I from: Cameroonian
My sexual preference: Male
Eyes: Clear green
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
What I like to drink: My favourite drink absinthe
Smoker: No

Nate is a high school student about to embark on a journey He keeps coming inside me being less than 1 inch tall. Read on to find out more! My name's Nate and life wasn't always easy for me. My parents generally scolded me for my actions, since I was always curious. For one I had always had to do something. Well not exactly, considering my childhood consisted of studying and socializing. When I entered high school, things began to change.

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I always had a thing for girls. Huge pregnant belly expansion special type of 'thing'. People called it a 'fetish' and I was probably one of those who had one. Actually every guy like me, teenaged boy, had at least one festish. I wasn't exactly a perve though. Sure I did like looking at girls feet, legs, butt, breasts, and all of the above.

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Also I had dreams of being shrunken by a girl and probably Cum alchemy reborn humiliated by their body. They were dreams of pleasure though. Not like the ones in movies where guys would scream because they'd almost get stepped on. Then again, they were dreams and I figured shrinking was impossible.

No such thing. However that began to change. In my high school there were many Muscle inflation story of girls. Weird ones, hot ones, and decent ones. Personally I always go for the hot girls and maybe give them a flirt or two.

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Okay yes I was a big flirt, but so what? Anyways my life changed on one important day. I walked into my Math class and took a seat next to a hot cheerleader named Sophie. Well she wasn't that hot but she was pretty. She gave me a warm smile and I smiled back.

I then felt a pair of eyes staring at me. Turning around I saw a girl named Hannah staring at me. I pretended not to notice and turned back around. She was a bit odd, and was starting to freak me out. While the teacher Slug sex stories yapping I was staring at Sophie's legs.

How they looked so smooth!

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The bell rung suddenly and my pen fell down on the ground. I was reaching for it until I saw a foot clamp down Miss kitty wwf it.

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It belonged to Sub gay cocksuckers. I looked up at her a bit puzzled. She smiled at me and gave me a note. I smiled unsurely and tried to get my pen from under her foot. She wouldn't budge, but I had a sudden urge to touch her foot since she was wearing flip flops.

However she finally moved it and walked away. I sighed and opened the note. It read this: "Dear Nate, meet me in the chorus room after school. Don't be late. I was a little confused as to why Hannah would write me a note, we didn't even talk to each Horny mexican ladies And what she said earlier concerned me.

Something was up but I had to find out. When school ended I ran to the chorus room. It was empty, and there was Hannah sitting down with short shorts and a tight top. She looked different, and a bit better.

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Her bare legs were now exposed, as the rest of Black cock for hire body. You need me for something? Hannah smiled at me and nodded. We're going to have some fun, forever.

I backed away a little but couldn't keep my eyes off Hannah. I think it'll be a pleasure for both of us. Hannah stood up and walked over to me with a small metal object.

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Hannah smiled again at me and walked closer. Now stop moving.

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I think you'll enjoy this anyways. Seconds later I woke in a daze, and I couldn't really move. Voice of sagira area was dark, but it seemed like I was in a giant pair of panties. I looked giantess and saw I was wearing nothing. They were my jeans! Could this really be story Was I really shrunken, and out of my clothes?

I slapped myself on the head thinking I was dreaming. I then realized I wasn't. A loud familiar voice emerged: it belonged to Hannah. Her voice was very loud to me. I Sleeping daughter sex out of the large pair of jeans and a blinding light appeared.

Everything was gigantic to me, I was shrunk! Panicking I made a run out of Tomi lahren skirt pair of jeans. There was suddenly movement: Hannah was right next to me. The ground wasn't shaking but Hannah was searching for me in what used to be, my pants.

A new giantess world

I yelped as I saw a massive pale hand grab hold of me. Hannah raised me to her face and a wide grin played on her massive lips. I stared at her enormous face in Nudist family water park. She giggled and spoke.

Can't you tell?

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Mark Johnston studied the photograph on his desk wondering how the woman in the photo would react to his strange request.

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I felt her body turn a corner, her flesh pushing me against the front of her Mature asian nudists as her legs contorted and angled in such a way that I thought I was going to suffocate against the fibers of her clothing.

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