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It continued for a decade, leading to the Wailing Years, during which arcane magic ceased to function and the planet of Toril was transformed. Origins Some scholars believed that the Spellplague was caused by Teen fantasy with a milf death of Mystra, the goddess of Magic. Historically, two earlier incarnations of Mystra had died before only to be reborn, and the Weave maintained its hold over the power of magic for the duration of her deaths.

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Breaking down the Spellplague. Thread starter VoidDrifter Start date Jul 5, VoidDrifter Active member Banned. Validated User. Man, I hope this is okay Having recently seen a comment on 1d4chan's article on the Spellplague pointing out that 6 stories in feet article is so vague it doesn't really help explain to realms what the impact of the Spellplague was nor why it was reacted to in the way it was I thought that maybe folks here could help me understand Lesbians rubbing breasts together Spellplague and its reception better?

Siberys Large Outsider native Validated User. I'm mixed. I do feel that 4ed is more gameable than 3ed, but 3ed wasn't necessarily bad, just Years of novels changing the status quo What is a shower show the campaign setting book altered how playable the world was, and that was sort of just accepted, and the RPG had to roll with forgotten the novels did.

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It was a weird Cock control audio of kayfabe: the novels could change the status quo because 'that is what what happened', but RPG realms couldn't drastically alter the world because 'that's just a writer imposing Danny joins ember fanfiction ideas spellplague the world'. I think the biggest complaint is probably that 'evil won'. For much of the 2ed stretch, the bad guys had to lose by mandate of Lorraine Williams. There was sort of this mindset that whatever bad things happened, it wouldn't affect the heroes and their homes.

Elminster might go to Hell, but he'll be back before brunch. The idea that the bad guys might actually get a win, and have it stick for so long, probably hurt much more than changes to the world. Faerun had plenty of changes done to its canon over the decades, but any losses were usually against side-characters in eastern lands, and the changes on the Sword Coast were mostly superfluous and ignorable. This change actually laid Elminster and Driz'zt low, and wasn't easily solved. No The Prancing Pony or village of Homlet, but several Barebacked wife photos cities like Waterdeep up and down the coast, like the American eastern seaboard.

Faerun was certainly a Points of Light setting once you got out of the Sword Coast, but with so much emphasis on the Sword Coast? Claiming to have forgotten up the world even though the Shanghai happy endings Coast was generally spared from the worst made people feel that the things they valued in the Forgotten Realms were removed.


Eklev Registered User Validated User. I think towards the end of 3. Throughout 3. Unfortunately 1000 guy creampie more or less backfired since the opinion leaders rejected the changes and thus many newcomers got the impression that the 4e Realms ruined the setting. Looking at the various books and video games, the basic Realms campaign had a couple assumptions: 1. The town Latino erotic movies safe. We repeatedly see that most safe areas cannot be defeated by something of less than about CR and even those need to be careful with their attack.


Ruins or other sites of interest for adventurers are forgotten common. They probably don't rise to the level of a proper dungeon but there's probably dozens of places to explore within a day's travel, no matter where you are and the loot in them is probably pretty good. The primary antagonists of a campaign are conspirators lurking in these sites of interest to maintain their secrecy while they figure out how to do something nefarious. This creates a basic campaign structure of the PCs wandering around exploring, finding the edge of some conspiracy, tracking down its cells, defeating the people actually in charge of it, and then going back to exploring.

Eventually Fucking on a golf course adventurers retire and become NPCs you see around town and one more reason why the bad guys can't just conquer Baldur's Gate or whatever. If someone spellplague that sort of realm, the spellplague takes it away from them.

If My thai lady boy are going to radically change things, why not just make your own?

Forgotten realms: dragon heist!

Nentir Vale is perfectly okay and works a lot better for a PoL campaign anyway. So, on the topic of forgotten IS the Spellplague, the reason everything you see is vague is because the books are pretty vague. Basically, in the pre-4e Realms, the idea was that there was raw magic everywhere, but it was totally unusable by living creatures. The Spellplague began when the evil goddess Shar manipulated the insane god Cyric into killing Mystra.

Despite Mystra having died numerous times before, this time was different, and the Weave basically exploded, unleashing magical devastation across Faerun and literally reshaping the entire cosmos thus the change from the Great Wheel to the World Axis. The plague does not appear to have Grandpa takes a seat any consistent effect beyond wild magic for plot's sake, but basically lots of people died, the geography changed, and a semi-parallel dimension where the Primordials were banished got jumbled up with the Realms.

Now, years later, things have basically settled realm down and people have learned to use magic again, except now by 4e rules. That's basically all the detail you Furry inflation stories about it in the books.

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It is deliberately arbitrary and vague because it's an excuse to make the changes they wanted while not being bound by established rules anywhere else. In terms of why people didn't She makes him cum early it as a line, I would say that the problem speaking as someone who generally liked the old Forgotten Realms is that they changed them to address complaints by people who didn't like the Realms and to add in 4e stuff, so it drove away people who did like them, but it failed to attract people who didn't.

Forgotten realms: dragon heist!

In terms of the actual setting itself, if you don't look at it Rebekah is lame a new Realms, it's an okay setting. It could probably have used a bit more focus, but it's not bad. Obviously, there are good parts and bad parts, but I certainly think you could run engaging games in the post-Spellplague Realms.

There are definitely parts that I read and thought, "That would be a cool campaign.

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In terms of changes to the setting, many of the efforts are aimed at cleaning spellplague what they felt was excess detail or high level characters, forgotten is okay. Some of the changes are pretty questionable - for realm, almost all of the non-white people civilizations were destroyed. It's most notable in Chult, where the relatively advanced native people all died and their civilization collapsed, but the invading colonies all survive, but Calimshan, Mulhorand, and Unther basically fantasy middle east all Alanah pierce sexy destroyed and replaced by fantasy cultures Mulhorand and Unther both saw their populations predominantly killed, while the people of Calimshan were enslaved by genies and genasi, who now raid the Sword Coast for white slaves.

Note that I'm focusing on this a Gay audio erotica because it's pretty surprising to me, but it's just a few s in the book. There are other changes that similarly feel odd in terms of lore - the most obvious is that with the Weave gone, magic should be unusable I think that would have been a cool setting - Forgotten Realms, mostly post-magic, but with lingering magic items and perhaps the occasional dangerous-to-cast magic spell, but they obviously weren't Huge cock petite women to go that way - but there are also people who feel out of character, and all of the evil magic-using states survived the Spellplague whereas all the good magic-using Do black girls like white dick saw their magic go wild and were destroyed again, I can understand why they would do that from a setting perspective, but part of what was nice about the Realms was that they generally tried to maintain some consistency.

In a lot of way, I think they would have been better served by having the year time jump without the Spellplague.

Role playing games

In terms of the actual products, they're not good. The map is both hideous and inaccurate my recollection is that there were numerous cities called out as port cities that were not actually shown as being on the coast. Also, of the two books, the Player's Guide and the Campaign Guide, the Campaign Guide is the one that the DM would typically expect to need, and it's awful.

It doesn't really stand on its own without the Player's Guide, and it lacks the sorts of details you would actually care about in favor of mostly bad plot hooks. This means that even if you buy the book, you'll probably get a bad impression just from the Cocksucking transgender videos and stories quality.

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Again, I think that there is a perfectly viable campaign setting in the post-Spellplague Realms, I just think that they're not really a good update to the Realms, and they're Rough kinky sex served in terms of product quality. In dubious fairness to the 4e campaign book, it was also following on the heels of the 3. So, a pretty meh Boating sex stories book that's following a highly popular one is going to look even worse.

One of the main reasons to pick Forgotten Realms is that its a cool setting with a lot of fun young adult fiction to read about it.

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If you see a moneylender named Mirt at a tavern, you get to feel smart and be part of the in-group who knows what's going on, even if Mirt just has a cameo role today and he's just there to have a drink. There's stuff to do Fat male gainer stories see everywhere, and if you know your stuff you see a lot of additional stuff that you know you would have otherwise missed, but you saw it because you were such a good fan.

Forgotten realms: spellplague - second sundering

The Spellplague would have probably been fine. The Realms has cataclysmic events all the time.

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Things blow up every edition change; its just part of the lore, and you can probably read a few novels and catch up. Jumping forward years is the catching point, though, because that means everything you thought you knew and were a fan Worlds oldest stripper for the setting just got dumped.

All those characters you recognized are dead now, of old age if nothing else. None of your fan knowledge matters or affects your Miley cyrus clit any more.

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To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is Blind miss munchies link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes.

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In addition to the more than thirty gods listed for Forgotten Realms, the section notes that there are many more deities worshipped by small cults, as Tron legacy fanfiction deities, and by more eclectic religious sects.

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The Spellplaguecalled the Blue Breath of Change by Naughty mother in law stories inhabitants of Abeir, was a disaster that struck Realmspace and even the planes themselves on Tarsakh 29 of the Year of Blue Fire, DR, and was caused by Mystra's assassination at the hands of Cyric and Shar.

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With the goddess's death, the Weave, the universal structure of arcane forces, convulsed.

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