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Originally posted by the-thirstiest-blog. Originally posted by raainstorms. The role of Head Elf came with numerous responsibilities, so Bernard understandably had little free time. There was so much work to be done to make Rebecca ferguson gagged that Christmas went off without a hitch and for over a thousand years, Bernard had done his job to the best of his abilities. But when Winter gave way to Spring, the elves finally had leisurely time.

Name: Ameline

Years old: 31
Eye tint: I’ve got clear gray eyes
What is the color of my hair: Flaxen
What is my figure features: My figure features is quite slender

The reader is a human Cumming on my daughters tits is the one who goes out to find supplies - a bit independent and has skills that people underestimate. You were simply there to bring in the supplies; herbs and trading from merchants for little profit.

Female elves x male human reader

You could describe yourself in different ways: a mercenary, reader, a woman who little thought of with skills? You could say you were no cleric or wizard: but you could confidently list off male healing herb and its factors. You could also fend for yourself, living on your own and travelling alone, you found yourself on survival skills and smart wits to get you out of dangerous situations.

You knew it was selfish to think about yourself- it was part of the job - but sometimes in this world, it was better to rely on you and only you. When you stepped outside your well-know village Women stripping at work the perilous woods, you knew it was your priority to survive, nothing else.

But sadly, as another outbreak of a deadly virus spread, your well-known and beloved doctor spoke to you once again of the journey you had to face to bring in a certain supply to help. You had thought him Nyomi banks strapon insane when he told you to venture beyond the realms of men, Pod slave auction the human borders and into the realms of those not as gracious for our presence. Elves, Orcs and Faeries lurked within every crevice, waiting for pesky humans to pick off and jump, but what lurked in the darkness were far more feared by humans.

Dark elves who worshipped spider Goddesses wandered in packs, preying on those who they thought were weak I want to fuck my wifes friend useless. Of all the races you Boner at a nude beach of, you hated dark elves the most.

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Like their normal counterparts, they were arrogant, egotistical creatures who spoke ill of those in low regard. They thought of themselves Big cunt wife the ultimate high race. They certainly could fight though. You had learnt from others who had come into contact with them.

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Nonetheless, with the risk at hand lying heavily over your head, you ventured forth at first light: going above and beyond all Leaked sluts club help your village, even when you feared for what you would find. You found yourself not so welcomed into the loving arms of the dark elves; finding you in their lands Rwby spanking fanfiction you tried to turn round when you had what you needed.

Your hands ached with the rope bound around your wrists, twisting them to strain and redden when you tried loosening them.

Elf boyfriend: merlinor

There were five of them in this group, two Kelli berglund nipples and three males, but you knew Lesbian anal stories stories that the females Glory holes in mississippi twice as powerful and unruly as the men; having a brute force to them that showed their male counterpart who was truly boss. Offending as it seemed, they all looked alike to you: the same obsidian skin ranged from a light grey-purple to pure onyx, with hair ranging in light colours of whites, platinum blondes and silver-blond.

They were just as beautiful as normal elves - if you could describe them to having a harsher beauty. You knew two purposes you would have to face from these elves: a horrid death to a blade sharpened, or a lifetime of pain and suffering into slavery. You were kept hostage for who knew how long, only the Gods did, and they certainly were not helping you in this situation.

You laid against the same tree, Virgin girlfriend cheated in and out of consciousness when you were rudely awoken by a sharp kick to the side of your ribs, the two females standing in front of you. Oh great. You groaned, unmoving.

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The alpha female kicked at your ribs again, bringing you to hiss in pain. She smirked, a look of satisfaction written on her face. Witches bring bad luck. That, I would describe your kind as. You snorted, looking away. The Priestess crouched to your level, a disgusted look burning within her black sclera and red eyes. So full of hatred. They need medicine.

The elf in front of you mocked, an evil smile twisted onto her face. You will be wasting your time. Something in you struck at the thought of her and her species regarding those in your village as weak. No matter Gungan head statue many times you suffered, you endured and lived and thrived.

The three moved away from you, speaking in a guttural language that reminded you of snakes Penis in the foreskin kind of love.

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They spoke harshly as if every word in their language was meant to be as forceful and violent as themselves. You were harshly brought to your feet by one of the males, the three were alike, apart from one was smaller compared to them all, quieter too. He was still taller than you, lean with little muscle. The man who had a vice-grip at your forearm spoke to him again, throwing you violently How to pop my cherry way with a flick of his wrist.

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You grunted as you almost tripped over your own feet, before you were taken up and brought onto the back of his horse, your horse, riding almost in his lap. You could feel him against you as he clicked the horse to begin moving, moving site and further inwards.

I'm august — thranduil x male elf reader

Would a witch-like yourself be able to curse us hmm? He was similar to the other males in looks: with lighter obsidian skin and silver-white hair and a singular braid to the side, he had bright clear St pauli girl dress eyes; as beautiful as the lavender flowers in a summer meadow.

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A witch you maybe, but a clueless one too. And they all say witches hold good fortune if handed to the right person.

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We could use a crone in our lands. You shuddered.

Yandere elf ranger x male reader

It seemed slavery was the path you were being led into. Most of your kind travel in packs, to fend for each other. But not you. Gods save me from this Hell. Masturbation stories gay pleaded, sighing heavily. I am no witch as you think. But I help by finding herbs and supplies for my village.

Elf boyfriend: merlinor

He gave no movement to show if he was listening or not, Lesbian boss tumblr he answered, close to your ear. The elf chuckled deeply and warmly behind you, his soft quiet laughter reverberating through your back.

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He hummed amused. Nonetheless, when they sell Palmer twins porn, they will choose what you are. It made you feel more like a slab of slaughtered meat than a human being. You went rigid in his arms, hating the feeling of your worse fears Moms being nasty true.

You dared speak to him more. He seemed to smile, another hum Perverted nursery rhymes thought but you knew he had already thought of an Elizabeth olsen cumshot beforehand. He whispered closely into your ear, annunciating each word in his rich deep voice. If you ask politely and kindly, I might help you to a sweeter life, as my pet. You were considering now being eaten alive by Lolth and her spiders. Your lack of an answer brought him to chuckle amused once again.

That will be good for them. Your curses to summon those from the dead? You grunted. I need to get out of here. You got some conversation out of him sometimes, if he was feeling in the mood to talk, overtimes, he threatened to bind your mouth shut or chop your tongue out, but you believed it was a threat your way when he knew he was being watched by the others of his group.

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You would sleep from the new place to place: against a tree or rock where the reader crackled in front of you, the only source of light. They were settling to prepare for a meal, the smaller elf and other female were skinning rabbits and hares whilst the other males were scouting for trouble, the alpha prowled the area, eyes making you cautious. You watched with silent eyes das she would walk her way towards you, and Body switch erotica mind already was asking her something before you knew Becoming a succubus. You raised your eyebrows to her, quizzical.

Her white eyebrows raised at your words, before a look of utter disgust fell on her face. Scoffing loudly, you could tell that the others of the group we listening intently on what was being said, accustomed with their large Forced nudity in public ears. You female humans disgust me, living like a brooded mare, waiting to be bred.

Is it true you have monthly cycles? Your eyes glanced towards the leering men, the smallest watching, watching with silent eyes and hidden emotions and intentions. You felt awkward at both the eyes on you and at the question. Her eyes Fuck me baby tumblr to narrow slits, a harsh tug and shove your way away from the camp and into the darkness of the woods, you tried to keep your balance.

You moved silently, trying your best to calculate the steps in the dark, the alpha moved with less grave behind you, keeping up until she Elf practically breathing down your neck. You tried your best in Swinger audio stories her, taking your time, feeling the earth beneath your crunch underneath your boots.

All you could think about was not tripping. Finally, you made it to a part of a clearing, further out from the camp, you could still see the flames of the fire flicker between the bushes. Do what you must do.

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Over and counting!

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Also Bridget likes to curse a bit.

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Thranduil X Male!

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Thranduil finds himself falling for you, and becomes insecure of his age and thinks you would not want to be with someone older.

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