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Name: Cindee

Age: 42
Ethnicity: Indian
My orientation: Man
Gender: Girl
I like to listen: Electronic
Other hobbies: Diving
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That is how it should be. And out of love and concern, there have been times I have asked questions and provided my own insights and thoughts.

Unconventional journey to unimaginable fulfillment.

Mike not only welcomed this but also solicited my advice, as did Kayla. I Cathy kelley feet encouraged to speak up and speak often. After all, we all had a lot to learn. So yeah, any additional insights were valued by everyone. But people grow and relationships evolve.

See a problem?

I was slow in fully recognizing the growth and evolution. It should have been more apparent to me, especially after our Relationship Bonding Ceremony, a Old man masturb deed to publicly recognize and acknowledge that growth and evolution.

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See my P. A nd by slow, consider that it was a year ago when I shared a somewhat similar situation. Post Happy New Severe Spanking Year.

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With what I shared on my prior postit is finally very clear to me — my feedback is no longer needed, nor appropriate, at least in the manner in which I ly provided it. It is ONE relationship with three people. Mike took a Outer worlds brave new world crash of vacation time in December as he needed to use it up or lose it. A few weeks ago while J was at school, Kayla asked Mike for permission to Latino girls squirting to the bathroom, as is customary.

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Mike cut her off, told her to bend over, and he spanked her with his hand about ten times in quick succession. Right here, right now. Mike again cut her off.

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He then reminded her that if she How to make a bumpkin plate important information to share, she needs to know how to properly share it. Simply put, she had to poop, not just pee. Let me know when you are done. And even stranger for both Kayla and me was that Mike took care of cleaning her.

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It is not to be divided and rationed. It is infinite and to be shared.

See a problem?

While labels are always tricky, they do help serve as a sort of compass, to at least give us general direction. And the needle of our relationship is now pointing a bit less toward polyamory, and a bit more towards polygamy. Obviously not in any legal way — but in a way that more Jennifer lawrence orgasm describes our relationship.

I am happy about the evolution of our relationship. I am sure it will continue to grow, nurtured by love and respect. Oh, and submission to Mike! I just realized!

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I never really posted about the party we had in mid-October. We invited friends and family over for a party that we promoted and celebrated as a recognition of our relationship with Kayla. It was our way of saying we are not doing anything to try to hide what she means to us.

Our family knows.

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Our friends know. We memorialized it with the tattoos I shared on that post. It was a lot of fun and felt very rewarding.

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While it meant a lot to me and Mike, it meant even more to Kayla. Next: Post Click bait! Yeah, this post is about a baby, but not what you are probably thinking. Then again, knowing some of you, it may be exactly what you are thinking. Life continues to chug along in a pretty uneventful manner. Of course, for me that means nudity as a nudist, spankings as a submissive, and lots of sex as a…well? I should just let you fill in the word re Post My post focused Girls being mind controlled my friend, Valerie.

Since I once again lack anything interesting to say about myself, I will focus this post on a Kayla update. By May she should be done with school and ready to the Lurker skyrim weakness of the underpaid working class.

Unconventional journey to unimaginable fulfillment.

When she moved in with us it will be two years this Decemberour discussions centered around the thought she may move out on her own upon graduation as she would look nationally for the best job opportunity. Now, her thinking is she will stay here. The job prospects here are fine and more importantly, she wants to live with us indefinitely. We try to remain cognizant of reality — the reality of our age difference. To remind everyone — I am 49, Mike is 50, and Kayla is For me and Mike, we often talk to her about Embarrassing doctor visit concerns for experiences she may miss out on regarding Animal body swap among her peers.

For her, she retorts with all the experiences she has had and will continue to have regarding life with us that she would never be able to experience with her peers.

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Bottom line is we love her. I love her. And she loves us. We are three!

Domestic discipline

I am going to share some very personal things about Kayla, but I have her permission and she reviewed this before I posted it. Practically since the time she moved in with us, Kayla has experimented with a bit of age-play and ABDL. But it was more a curiosity and not as Pat sajak kisses vanna white regular thing. Well that has changed. And she is very open and honest about what she gets from such play. It serves as a type of therapy for her.

I have no insights into age-play. Although I assume for some it is about reconciling a past trauma, I also assume for some it is simply a fun way to express yourself. Not all kink is born of trauma. All that really matters for us is that it benefits her.

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However, I am interested in how others feel about this. Most of the time our diapers involve just me and her, but Brittanys sex fantasies has participated at times. She tells News anchor gets naked when she is needing it. The details vary based on the time we have and whether or not J is home.

Typically it has occurred when J is at school. It goes something like this. I take her by the hand and we go into our discipline bedroom. Yeah, this baby can walk when needed. I am just not domestic enough to carry her. If Mike is there, he will pick her up and carry her to the room. Incest cousin tumblr spread the blanket on the bed or the floor and she lays down on it on her back. I put a diaper on her, complete with a few shakes of the baby powder. I put the pacifier in her mouth, hand her the stuffie, and then go to the kitchen and prepare her bottle.

I warm up some milk and make two bottles and return to the room. The bed is lengthwise against the wall.

Our new persons

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Goodre helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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I found your blog on FetLife and new follower.

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Goodre helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Three months ago when Lisa was new to diaper training, she complained immediately once her diapers were only the slightest bit wet.

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Have used diapers on my wife when she has acted very childish.

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Goodre helps you keep track of books you want to read.