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Definition of Cuckold. Examples of Cuckold in a sentence. To Forced feminization assignments called a cuckold during her affair was bad enough, but now the man knew that his wife really wanted a divorce.

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I have a different take on cuckoldry. Cuckoldry is the fate of males the animal kingdom over.

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This is among the highest cuckoldry rates of any bird. But just in case you're not, we're going to be discussing cuckoldry.

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Cuckoldry is a variant of redds to release sperm simultaneously with a mated pair. This usage Marie claude pussy the gesture implies cuckoldry in the person it is directed towards. Don't once know how long, he was cried by the cuckoldry to shout a voice.

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Therefore, in Gallup's experiment, I would expect more cuckoldry in men who Jennifer lawrence orgasm circumcised men than uncircumcised. The Augustan stage retreated from the Restoration's focus on cuckoldrymarriage for fortune, and a life of leisure. The theme of desire is heightened by the concern of increasing female sexuality throughout the Renaissance period and the subsequent threat of cuckoldry.

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PIT explains this, as woman's sexual infidelity decreases the male's paternal certainty, thus he will show more stress due to fear of cuckoldry. He had to constantly guard against cuckoldrylest he squander his resources, unwittingly feeding that hard-earned mastodon leg to some other guy's progeny.

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The 'interference in politics ' of Qi aristocratic women can be classified into three aspects: striving for their sons, scrabbling for What is sodimized for their inamoratos, and covering up cuckoldry behaviors. All Rights Reserved.

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When you have a romantic affair that your husband does not know about, this is an example of a time when you cuckold your husband.

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Cuckold is an insulting term for a husband whose spouse has had a sexual affair.