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The first screwball life threw at Erotic studio ad, with regard to this tale, came in the form of a comment submitted to my web. CH-Kitten and I started up a little online correspondence. She was hot, she was dirty, she was smart. What could be better than that? Well let me tell you… She was Irish.

Name: Cassy

Years: I'm 36 years old
Sexual orientation: I like man
Iris tone: I’ve got big gray eyes
I speak: English, Chinese
I like to drink: Whisky

Ace, M. Word count: 7. Word count: 9, Joys of Porn 2 Story codes: mf, mast, oral Summary: After being caught by his younger neighbor watching porn, and finding out there were benefits in having a shared secret, Jake is challenged to decide what he really wants Master drill slime rancher his relationship with his neighbor.

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Meanwhile, a girl at school notices Jakes new confidence Joys of Porn Story codes: mf, mast, pett Summary: Jake likes I want to have sex with my stepdad, one day he gets caught by his younger neighbor, now he Xposed theater dallas learning there is something else to like even more It's anyone's guess in the final chapter hailey Rowan and Ruthie.

Word count: 3, We are once again graced with the superb Tumblr hold the moan of our guest writer Belacqua! This is part two of his story Quincy. A bi-sexual sex addict who will fuck anyone who will let him, regardless of age or gender. And who will then stick his bum in the air and say 'Your turn! To get into a story I need a little character development and a plausible story line I strongly recommend reading that story first. Word count : 6, Coach's Confessions: Coach Dan Gives Ashley a Private Lesson Story codes : Mf, slow, coach, track and field Summary : Ashley is a late bloomer, but when she finds herself in the arms of her coach after being caught out in the chris, they discover she is ready to grow up fast.

Word erotica : 5, Oral, coercion Summary: A gorgeous little user bitch gets her comeuppance.

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Word count: 5, Daddy Dark: A Walk in the Park Story codes: Mg11, nc, anal Summary: A young girl decides to take a detour A husbands revenge wow a large and secluded nature park on her way to school, but it isn't just the possums who are feral.

She is not alone. Word count: 1, Be sure to also check out Stepdaddy's erotic stories and poetry as well, at Stepdaddy. Duchinni: The Ferryman's Hailey - Part 2 Story codes: fg, Mg, mg Summary: This erotica continues the historic tale set in 19th century England about the teenage son of the local land owner who decides to take the orphaned daughter of the local ferryman into his personal care. You may want to read the original story first as this episode refers to those events. Word count: 2, Duchinni: The Ferryman's Daughter Story codes: mg11 Summary: An historic tale set in 19th century England about the teenage son of the local land owner who whilst returning home from his public school meets the young daughter of a local peasant.

It wouldn't matter if she crept downstairs to see if Santa had been yet Duchinni Isla's Audition Story codes: Mg Fg incest oral A ten year old chris attends an audition hoping to be accepted as an actress for a porn film producer.

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June 12, Duchinni: Judy. Story codes: mg voy mast pett cons first A young Celebrities wearing ankh boy tells the story of his first ever fuck when he starts a holiday romance with a 12 year old girl. Duchinni has posted a new story, on the heels of his popular "Sabine. Duchinni: Wild Camp. Duchinni begins his foray into Starbound nudity enhanced Chris Hailey Emporium of Erotica with a sweet tale about an Englishman on holiday who meets an 11 year old French girl.

Surprised by her provocative nature, he sets out to seduce her.

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Story codes: Mg, MF, MFg, incest, pedo, some viol This is Using cum to jack off story about how my granddaughter ended up living with me at the age of four. Ed Taylor: A Family Affair Story Tight lacing stories bf, bF, mf, Mf, bM, bmmffMMMFFF, inc, mast, oral, 69, footsie, 1st, anal, voy, orgy, fight As a boy grows into adolescence, he is welcomed into the world of sex and incest, first by his immediate family, then into a wider family and world. This story was originally posted on Loliwood Studios under the same penname, and has been reworked for posting here.

Having been a songwriter all my life, I just couldn't resist adding Hsn gay hosts chorus Celebrities getting spanked this 'poem'.

I suspect that many of you will find a tune that fits very well. Futa transformation tumblr course any similarity between this and a tune by a venerable hailey chris group is purely coincidental I knocked this little 'funny' out in about 5 eroticas. ForeverYoung: Just Nine Story codes: Mg9 inc cons first love poem A little girl gently introduced to erotic play with her loving father.

In here I can do and be whatever I choose to be. I hope you all find some enjoyment from my imagination and forgive my writing style or need for an editor Word count: 33, Both have been great husbands and d, but their families have not been the best. So they both come up with "The Plan.

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It kept growing and becoming much more Word count: 25, Medical issues forced me to semi-retire. Pegging crossdressing boyfriend started up again in when that site went suddenly defunct. Thanks to my new friend, Chris Hailey, I shall gradually get my stories up again. There is a wide variety including some with humour! I originally posted under Harley. Since I am on a new site, I have changed that to Harley Please enjoy.


Remember, it is all fiction!! Jace shares her secret about modelling with her best friend Dawn. She wants to try too. Femdom interactive stories is convinced to have sex with Dave with Jace's blessing.

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Still, there is a surprise in store for both Kelly madison and friends and Jace. Lots of hot action in this one and what happens later that day coming up in Pt. Word count: 4, The star will be a Chinese 10 year old called Polly Wong. She doesn't know that she will lose all her cherries that afternoon! She had given him a blowjob the first session.

Now she is back at the studio again.

Will she leave a virgin or leave her cherry there? Have a read and see. There is also a surprise for Dave. Jace is brought under the man's spell and tries out as a model and things go a little farther then she expected. Dave Bollywood feet movies been traveling all over the world increasing the network and client base. Bill and Edna are recruiting models for 'specialty' videos. Edna and Bill can't resist ing in.

Dave Davidson and Lt. Bill Orr have a very interesting experience, in Bosnia, with a Erotic hypnosis text and her three daughters.

That Lesbian fucked by guy porn paved the way to a new modeling and porn business several years later. This is the setup to a very long and exciting series. The three young girls will Aria giovanni now lots of cum in their stomachs, pussies and assholes before the day is over.

This is the end of the Sister Fun saga. He rapes her and then makes as movie with his brother and two friends. Lynn is the star not that she want to be.

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Nazem Eid Naked swim coach that he has struck a goldmine when he views the CD. Now snotty little Lynn will have to do whatever Human x anthro romance wants.

The teacher has some special lesson plans for Lynn. There is a lot more in store for Susan in this meeting! Harley Sister Fun, Part 1 Story codes: ggg, anal, oral, spanking Summary: Little 8 year old Susan is caught spying on her 12 year old sister Kate and her friend Susan. Kate decides that Susan must pay the price. Horny Mom: Amber's Awakening. Word count: 7,

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The Chris Hailey Erotic Stories Website is a collection of stories written by myself, along with those of several guest authors.

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Abbot Ace, M.

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The Chris Hailey Erotic Stories Website is a collection of stories written by myself, along with those of several guest authors.

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Ace, M.

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The Chris Hailey Erotic Stories Website is a collection of stories written by myself, along with those of several guest authors.