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Name: Dayna

Years: 25
Hair: Scraggly hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: My Sign of the zodiac Aquarius

Note: You can change font Panty husband stories, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. How do I begin? At the beginning, I suppose, but first some comments. This is not a bizarre story of unleashed sadistic sex.

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It cannot compare with some of the stories written and posted here and elsewhere. This is very mild compared to those stories. But it happened. In my wildest dreams, fears, and fantasies, I wouldn't have imagined that this would occur. It did. It started almost 7 years ago, as a total shock to me. After many years of marriage, you think you know your wife until that day you find out about her hidden passion. First, some background information.

Lynn and I attended Hot wife chrissie same Big 10 university, and were considered the perfect couple. She was a petite knockout brunette. Our sex life was good, but mostly consisted of straight fucking. As consequences would have it, she became pregnant and we married my senior year. Our daughter was born the following year, and life changed dramatically.

I got a job in engineering sales, Lynn stayed home to raise our daughter. The next 18 years we had a wonderful, and typical, life in middle America. I started my own small company working night and day, even to presentwhich forced me to travel a lot. Our daughter went off to college, and Lynn took a job in a real estate brokers office.

It wasn't long before i noticed small, Real school teacher pussy wonderful, changes in Lynn. She ed a health club, lost 15 pounds, took on a happy disposition, and bought Stephanie mcmahon spanked clothes. She looked more beautiful at age 39 than she did in college. She was radiant and seemed to reverse the aging process.

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Our sex life was never anything special, though, even then. Usually it consisted of a "mercy fuck" when I got horny, and that was about it. I began to lose interest in sex, and devoted all of my time to my growing business. I admit, losing lots Huge tit strippers my hair, gaining weight, and never having much social life didn't make me very appealing to Lynn or anyone else. I didn't even consider that Lynn had any interest in things other than her new pursuits: work, staying fit, and buying new clothes.

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This brings us toabout a year after Lynn started working. I was in Germany for a trade show, and after sealing a major deal early, decided to come home and share the good news with Lynn. Thoughts of a new expensive car, a new house, and more business filled my mind on the flight home. I would surprise Lynn with the ed contract. Mika brzezinski nipple wasn't expecting me home for another 4 days.

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Little did I know that I was Lesbian strip clubs near me one who would be surprised. I got home at in the afternoon, and Lynn's car was in the driveway.

She wasn't home, and I assumed she caught a ride with one of her co-workers, which is quite common on days they work out. I got something to eat and fell asleep from the jet lag. When I woke, it wasand Lynn still wasn't home. I showered, had a beer, and listened to some new CD's in the dark of our living room.

It was almost when I saw the headlights in the driveway. I looked out the window of our darkened house, and Jesse on diagnosis murder Lynn in the car of her bosses son, Brad.

He was a nice kid, but had everything handed to him.

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He was in the same office. He was also very good looking and Strip poker erotic stories out at the same gym as Lynn and her girlfriends. Although it was dark out, our private driveway was well lit where they parked. They were talking, so I decided I wouldn't be a jerk, and went back to listening to my music. After another 15 minutes, I started to get pissed off and again went to the window.

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This time, I only saw Brad, somewhat reclining back in the front seat, and no trace of Lynn. I felt my heart jump into my throat. Where was she? I couldn't imagine- I did not want to imagine- what my first reaction was. Immediately, I felt a rage, and Educational female masturbation videos not paralyzed by shock, would have run out the door to confirm my instinct and beat the hell out of this asshole. Also quite troubling, I felt my cock get harder than it had been for years, but my guts felt empty.

When it looked like Brad stiffened his back a bit, said something over and over and thenrelaxed, it was then that I saw Lynn's head slowly emerge from his lap. Had Slavemaker 3 cheats beautiful wife of 19 years had just given a blowjob to a 27 year old man? I was almost sure of it. Emotions ran wild as I tried to stay composed.

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The cheating bitch! She acted as if sex was the last thing she was interested in with me. To make matters worse, she gave this guy a blowjob, something she told me years ago she didn't like to do. I watched as she smiled, and they talked Maledom sex stories more.

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She kissed Brad on the cheek, and left the car. He backed out of the driveway, and took off. I turned off the stereo and headed for the bedroom. I got in bed, and pretended to be asleep when I Bdsm what is a little the front door open. Lynn must have seen my unpacked suitcase in the front hall, because she ran to our bedroom.

She turned on the light, and that's when I saw her face locked in shock, surprise, and I'm sure, fear. I The louder you scream the harder i fuck to act "natural", but feigned drowsiness. I got out of bed, gave her a hug, and before I could really kiss her, she said "Oh honey, I have to pee so bad I'm Blackmail bdsm stories to wet my pants!

Not unusual, she said that a lot when she came home.

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But then I imagined that she wanted to get rid of any telltale taste from Brad's Hsn gay hosts, which brought another perverse thought to my mind: if she gave him oral sex, did she let him cum in her mouth? Certainly not- she said she hated that, and she wouldn't ever consider it. But just a strange thought, did she swallow? No way- I know that wasn't even a possibility, but still I should be pissed, why am I thinking this way?

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I waited as Lynn came out of the bathroom, and sure enough, she planted a big kiss on my lips with the taste of mouthwash. She did a nice job of "acting natural" and asked me about my trip, told me about a house she sold, and mentioned that she was working out at Bachelor party whores gym that night. Some working out, I thought, sucking on the bosses son's cock in the car, you slut. I was silent in shock, in depression, in fear and in denial, about what I saw.

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I gave her the present I bought for her in Germany, and even though I crushed inside, I was also incredibly turned on. I told her I was exhausted and went back to bed. My mind was swirling with thoughts: should I divorce her, should I confront her, catch her in the act, or forgive her. After so many years together, I couldn't give her up just yet- I still loved her.

Our daughter would be crushed if we broke up. What Demi mawby feet I do? The next few days were awful. I couldn't think about anything else, but I kept silent. I had a two day trip coming up and Lynn knew it. I decided then that I would do some detective work.

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