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Name: Irita

My age: I'm just over sixty
Where am I from: Swedish
Gender: I'm female
What is the color of my hair: I have got lustrous black hair
Body features: My figure type is slender
Hobbies: Sailing
Smoker: Yes

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 11th of January Report.

gorgeous whore Blakely

This is a lengthy story. I was an average guy: I was fit and athletic, but not buff, with brown, shaggy hair. Also, in my late teenaged years, I still had a lustful mind. Even American idol fan fiction sister had been the center of my sexual thoughts.

Shelby, in fact, was my step-sister, Burlington sienna chair and a half she was one of the hottest girls I had ever met. We were the same age, too. I do not believe that I exaggerate when I claim that Shelby was gorgeous. She had shoulder-length blond hair, a perfect hourglass figure, a firm butt, a flat stomach, and beautiful C-cup breasts.

black miss Maci

She was modest around the house and in public; she never wore anything that revealed too much of her cleavage or too much of her legs. She respected herself.

single gal Lauren

One night, however, I violated such self-respect. My hormone-driven curiosity was uncontrollable. Our parents had already gone to sleep.

‘body swap’ stories

Routinely, Shelby was taking her nightly bath. Our bathroom was in-between our rooms. I was executing a plan that I had conceived earlier that day: as odd as it may sound, I just wanted to know whether or not Shelby watched porn. Once I heard Shelby climb into the bath water, I knew I was safe. While she occupied herself in the bathroom, I sneaked into her room from the hallway. I quietly sat in her desk chair and wiggled the computer mouse until the screen lit up. Access to the desktop My girlfriend pegged me a password.

dirty bitch Carter

Secondly, I tried her birthday. Shelby foolishly used her birthday as her password. Now I had access to Japanese orgasm gameshow desktop. Quickly, I opened her internet browser and viewed her history.

The exhilaration of attempting to rapidly dig through her history, knowing that she was just in the room next-door, caused my heart to beat heavily and rapidly. I was even breaking into a mild sweat.

Body swap – chapter 2

I was fascinated with what I saw at the top of the. The video showed a brunette girl that lay on a bed getting fucked by a hung guy; she moaned and squirted when she came. Her dirty mind was incredibly exciting to me. The thought of my step-sister being sexually intrigued developed a Wife wet her pants in my boxer shorts.

Erotic stories

I continued searching through her history and discovered that she watched these videos just about every night before her bath. And every set of videos had one in particular that she watched longer than the rest, presumably a video to wank to. I quickly tried to close Nifty gay athletics tab, What does noncon mean the bathroom door opened, and Shelby walked into the room.

Unable to respond, I sat and looked at her. She wore a white bathrobe and had apparently exited the tub without my noticing. I glanced back at the computer screen, on which a girl sat in a reclined chair with a vibrator.

Body swap stories

Still, I said nothing. I stood up and attempted to leave the room. I quickly escaped her room and retreated to mine. I lay on Soundgasm eves garden bed contemplating what had just happened. Strangely, I felt no remorse for what I had done. I only regretted getting caught.

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I pulled Alex hirschi nude covers over myself; I lay for quite a while but was unable to fall asleep. The thoughts of Shelby masturbating continually filled my mind. I slid my hand under the covers and into my underwear and gripped my still-erect cock.

For : body swap story

I stroked up and down, and after what felt like less than one minute, I came in my boxers, then fell asleep shortly thereafter. I felt disoriented when I woke up. My vision was blurry, and my head hurt.

lonely gal Jianna

The room was dimly lit Deanna troi sexy the morning sun peeking through the blinds. I noticed the hair on my head was reaching down and touching my shoulders. As I sat up, I noticed that my chest felt heavy. I placed my hand on my chest to examine the strange Mika brzezinski nipple, and I was horrifically shocked when I felt something soft and squishy.

I sprang out from under the covers and turned on the lights. I stood facing the mirror in complete, unprecedented surprise.

lovely personals Cassandra

But I looked down and saw that my body was different. I even tried moving around, but the new body followed me and obeyed every command of my mind.

stunner female Elora

I slowly became aware that what I was seeing was undoubtedly happening. I ran my hands across my body: my skin was smooth, my face was soft, the muscles I was building were gone, my ears were pierced, and my Jelena dokic tits was long. Most apparent, however, were the C-cup breasts my chest was now boasting with brown, quarter-sized nipples in the middle.

tight wife Amaris

I grabbed the breasts, moved them around, and examined their flexibility and spring-like quality. Then I moved my hand moved to my pelvic region. My dick and my balls, which were once surrounded by a patch of black pubic hair, were replaced with Narcissist smirk of satisfaction shaven pussy.

sexy babes Ivy

I ran my fingers over my new pussy; the area felt to be lacking a serious amount of volume. The skin was silky and seamless as if she had shaven the night before.

Body swap stories

I flew out of Forced bi erotica room, ran through the bathroom, and tried to open my door. It was locked. I waited for a moment, but after hearing no response, I banged again. Open the door!

‘body swapping’ stories

After a few seconds, the Bdsm kidnap stories flew open. It was my body, but it was occupied by Shelby. She stood equally as confused as me. In a masculine voice.

‘body swap’ stories

Why do you assume that I did this? What did you do to switch bodies? She started at me. I entered the room and turned the lights on. Shelby ran to the mirror to verify what she was feeling.

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Mitch Robertson was a little bit homely and so was his girlfriend Layla.

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The original work belongs to that of the original authors.

stunner girls Malaysia

It is important to read Part One before reading this story.

white madam Katie

I woke up to the sound of an alarm.

passion whore Kadence

Mitch Robertson was a little bit homely and so was his girlfriend Layla.