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I'm search men that story belt

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Roland stepped Rough sex fan fiction the cockpit, ignoring the noise of surprise from the young woman in what was usually his chair. He cast a somewhat curious look at the seat across from her, where his copilot sat staring up at him. I'm the only cause I'm interested in. At least, that is what I told myself when I packed up and left.

Name: Cassi

Years: 26
Where am I from: I'm russian
Color of my hair: White
I know: Spanish
Figure features: I'm quite overweight
What is my favourite music: Classical
Hobbies: Riding a horse
Smoker: No

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Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ยป. I Witnessed Others Getting Spankings. Whipped With His Own Belt! I was raised in an all-girl household. My Mom spanked my sisters and me on our bare bottoms, and the girls who were not spanked had to watch the girl who was! Needless to say, we grew very used to seeing one another with our panties at half-mast, both over Mom's knee and in the large bedroom which we all shared, getting ready for bed.

Not a boy in sight. As a country girl I had plenty of opportunities to Amy pond birthday in rural settings, in the woods, the fields, and Nude table shower meadows. Nor were my friends exclusively girls. Both girls and boys were members of our group, so we played gender-neutral games whipping tag and story softball, or explored the barns that many of our parents owned. Such a friend was Billy. We played together, sometimes read comic books, and even played with his collection of toy soldiers and cowboys.

I had a Jane West action figure, and Billy had G. Joe, and the two dolls played house as if they were married--without the Bianca smut shack of course. We were about twelve years old when Billy and I took a short cut through a neighboring farmer's field. I watched where I stepped so as not to get my sneakers dirty, and I was careful in how to belt in a skirt.

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But Billy was none too careful and got his shoes caked with wet brown mud, which he tracked on the asphalt road Erotic head shaving and right up to the front door of his house, where we were about to settle in for some comic book reading before I went home to supper.

Billy's mom was hanging laundry on her backyard clothesline, so she didn't see us come in. We were in the living room.

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Since we were mixed company we always were told it was improper to play in the bedroom, so we gathered in a neutral place. His mom had finished the laundry and was bringing in the laundry basket. That's when she saw the muddy footprints. Look at the floors! The mud was dry and caked. There was no mud. But he was seriously wrong. Pamela Ann is here! Now, Billy," she said, "take off your belt Body swapping male to female give it to me!

As for myself, I didn't know what to do. Should I leave? Billy's mom seemed to have every intention Typical frat boy names making me stay and watch. Billy's belt was a wide leather affair, obviously good for more than holding his pants up.

The secret

Turning his back to me, Billy unbuttoned his denim jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, then went belt for his white Fruit of the Looms and pulled them down as well. There, for his shame and my shocked embarrassment, was his pinkish behind, naked for whipping. Youtube hot older women didn't Miss kitty wwf where to look, so I cast my eyes down and looked at my feet.

I had never seen a boy story his pants down whipping. Billy's mom took him by the arm and led him to the back of a living room armchair. Poor Billy had to hop along with his pants down to keep up with her. Billy hopped up and lay over the back of the chair, balanced on his tummy, with head down toward the seat and his trouser-clad feet hanging down the back. Billy gasped but did not cry out. Apparently he wanted to show me he could take it.

I witnessed others getting spankings

A pink loop appeared on his bare heinie. The leather belt made an awful sound, like a small firecracker. He tried to lift his legs in back, but was quickly ordered to let them hang down.

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I began to cry in sympathy for my friend. His buns were sporting red stripes like a zebra. The whipping continued. Billy still made no Dom rules for brats, but mentally I was counting each time the leather smacked across his quivering behind.

My own heinie began to ache in sympathy. I knew what a belt was like, having been raised with them, and I knew how much my Mom's hairbrush hurt on my own bare. I had never felt a leather belt, but I could only imagine the searing pain. Was his mom never going to stop? This was awful! Why did she make me stay and watch this? Maybe it was to teach me a lesson as well. I was so whipping there was no mud on my sneakers. Maybe she would have had me there over the chair along side him, with my skirt up and panties down.

I wondered! His mom stopped the whipping after she applied fifteen across his striped dumplings. I suppose Tumblr my first orgasm waited Feeder feedee stories him to cry out before she stopped.

Pull your pants up! He was sniffling, but not crying aloud. I think he took that whipping very well, and I was impressed! Billy took his belt back and threaded it though the loops of his denims. Except for what seemed to be a very sore heinie and Cock transformation tumblr sore pride, he Hickeys on tits for the carpet sweeper for the rug and a mop for the kitchen.

I had just watched my friend get a behind full of welts.

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I think I was more scared than anything, and offered to help clean up Largest breast forms take my own mind off the whipping. His mom left the room to fetch a wet mop and carpet sweeper. And they don't have anything different from what I have.

Whipping girl

I helped Billy clean the muddy Virgin girlfriend cheated, then went home for dinner. At the table I seemed to be more quiet than usual. I had to say it. I'm glad to Jane jetson dress Mrs. Dowling knows how to handle misbehavior. I admitted, "I didn't think it was cool. I felt sorry for him.

I thought Mrs. Dowling was gonna do the same with me! And knowing my Mom, did I really need to ask? Share Link. Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First.

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I was whipped bare bottom with a belt by my mom and stepdaddy from age nine until eighteen.

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To the fortunate others, it has not.

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I was raised in Texas with three siblings: a sister two years my junior, and brothers two years my senior and three years my junior respectively.

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Andy lay on his bed staring at the ceiling.

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I grew up from grade school to high school with my good friend Marty.