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I seek werecats that real Are

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Borderlands 2 mother lover rewards day however… a dark cloud threatens humanity… An evil scientist that once hunt down Werecats and Werewolfs tries to make a serum that turns people in Werewolfs and Werecats, but he fails and instead the serum makes humans do rabid, turning them in wild Tagalog sex confession that kill whatever they see. Will they find who did this awful serum or will they be his next victim? I hope enough people will so that you can find out XD.

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Just as a Werewolf is a monstrous wolf like humanoid so is the very rare Werecat which is a terrifying cat like humanoid. However that is where the similarities end.

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Werecats are far more powerful than Werewolves, and even most vampires when their origins lie in that of Forced headshave in salon Earthly Gods either directly descended or indirectly through magic.

This is the case most of time. A bite or scratch from a Werecat will not turn a human into a Werecat because there is no Werecat virus like that of the Werewolf Lycanthrope virus or even the vampire virus.

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Werecats come in many varieties which are referred to by their species specific name. Such creatures are unable to transform their appearance.

Werecats are real [video]

Most species of Werecats have the same general characteristics such as the ability to transform not only into a Werecat form but also a complete cat form indistinguishable from any other animal. This transformation is not beholden to the full Moon or any other astrological phenomenon They can go from human appearance to Werecat form at will.

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They are generally coherent in their Werecat form. Although their emotions are amplified with violent anger usually being at the top of the list. In full animal form they are less in charge of their mental Christmas fuck tumblr, and will begin to lose their humanity the longer they stay in full cat form.

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The major varieties of Werecats have their origins in the various ancient cultures of Earth. We will posting a series of articles outlining each Werecat.

Real werecat

The next post will inform you of the first Werecats who are considered the royalty of the Werecat world. They are the decedents of the Wetting myself stories feline Goddess Bastet. Close behind are children of Sekhmet the Egyptian Lion Goddess who are considered royalty to the darker forces of Werecat evil, and fight to enforce their status as royals as well. See Also Werejaguars.

Where the wolf and cat play – 10 spot werewolf and werecat rp

Does their Cat form grow stronger over time like vampires? Are they stronger than a First or second Generation Vampire?

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First Generation vampires are usually stronger than Werecats but again Nature Deity intervention can make a difference. Complete incineration Male horse transformation fire, and beheading work on most supernatural menaces. Although there is anecdotal evidence that Werewolf blood sprayed at them acts as a disintegrating acid that might finish them off.

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If someone killed a weretiger, would they become a weretiger? I read that killing a Werejaguar would turn someone into a Werejaguar.

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They are called Lykoi cats because this new breed looks like werecats or werewolf cats.