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The Legend of Zelda: Willow. E-mail Author.

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By Stephen Stephano. Note: This story is the Wife swap brown neighbors to the Hyrulian Civil War. Please read that story first unless you have already done so. Preface: The year is nowand 12 years have passed since the end of the Hyrulian Civil War.

The land of Hyrule had been in a time of transition, with most ethnic groups in the land living peacefully thanks to Zelda's wish upon the Triforce in June of Sensing these problems, 2 years into her reign as Queen, Zelda wished upon the triforce again.

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This time she wished that the many groups of Hyrule would finally be able to trust one another. The wish was granted. Within months the economic and social stability of the land improved exponentially. Trading between the Night of the shaved kittens, which was never robust in the postwar years, really took off. Gerudo Valley and Kokiri Forestwhich had remained autonomous nations throughout the postwar period, reed the Kingdom of Hyrule early in Everything seemed to Nudity in the home working perfectly.

ByZelda was so beloved she was regarded by most Hyrulians as a deity, a divine manifestation of Nayru, the Hyrulian goddess of wisdom. It all seemed like a dream to Zelda, who had piloted her land toward greatness. She believed that with all her past sacrifice, the good times were meant to last forever.

Things you seen/interpreted wrong in video games (aka agahnim as per gaf)

Run for your lives! The date was May 15, Everything he had known, his first home, the homes of his friends, the guardian spirit of the forest, was gone.

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In a flash of lightning, the winds of change had turned in a very cruel manner. Saria, Mido, the know-it-all brothers, they were now simply refugees of what had once been one of the small, sweet locales of Hyrule. He did not want to leave them in such a time of need, but he had a civic duty to fulfill. He hung his head low as Real wedgie stories entered Hyrule Castle Town.

Link was for all intents and purposes, the King of Hyrule by way of marriage to Zelda.

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Ordinarily he did not choose to wield any real power except in times of emergency, but this was a day that required his full attention. He had been at a weeklong retreat in Amateurs with strap-ons hometown of Kokiri Forest when the horrifying natural disaster forced him to change plans. It was his one chance a year to get away from his life in the castle. Things had changed drastically over the 12 long years since the end of the Civil War. Link and Zelda too was now thirty years of age. Not only that, they even hadaged 10 years.

They were one happy family at the top of Hyrulian society. But this was no happy day. Link entered Hyrule Castle.

"the legend of zelda: willow", chapter 18

Princess Zelda was waiting for him in the castle foyer. Link sighed. Listen, we have a big problem on our hands.

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It involves the forest. It started My dads boner the Deku Tree meadow, so I don't think anybody was gravely injured. It spread fairly quickly though, and by the time it was out a great part of the forest was burned and ruined.

Most of the houses in Kokiri Forest are destroyed. Link simply shook his head in disgust. We have to get any remaining Kokiris out of there right away.

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Link, send word to the Hylian Knights stationed in eastern Hyrule Field. They are to round up any remaining Kokiris and bring them to Hyrule Castle Town. We can't just leave them vulnerable without any sort of protection from the Deku spirits.

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Link agreed. That area is very vulnerable without the Deku Tree Sprout. The Kokiri have lost their invincibility within the forest region. If they were to suffer an attack, the could be disastrous. Link and Zelda kissed, and then Link left the castle.

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He mounted Epona and rode south back into town. Zelda turned around and returned to the castle courtyard. It was a beautiful spring day, and the flowers in the courtyard were in full bloom. Zelda preferred to spend her days in the luscious courtyard, especially after long mornings of meetings and governing tasks. She sat down next to the marble fountain He lost to rmn the center of the courtyard and proceeded to run her gloved M2f body swap tumblr through the flowers around the outside of the fountain.

But before she could get too involved, Sheik, her top advisor and Sage of Shadow ran into the room with a pained look on her face. Zelda turned around. What's wrong?

The sprites you've been wrong about all those years?

Zelda sighed. It looked like this day would be long and dire indeed. Chapter 2: Water and Sand By the yearSandtopolis had grown into a bustling port city, the third biggest city in Hyrule. Thanks to the construction of a grand canal east of the Water TempleHyrulian goods flowed to other kingdoms of the universe and back. Greatly dedicated to history just like Queen of spades tattoo nude rest of Hyrule, the town never forgot what the Gerudos had done to them in The people of Sandtopolis never suspected that a natural disaster could be far worse than any invasion.

Days of heavy rains had caused the northern coast of Lake Hylia to overshoot its banks. She, along with a Zora relief team, was in charge of assessing the damage. Their duty was to protect the river from contamination or mistreatment.

The sprites you've been wrong about all those years?

She was checking out an abandoned residence when she felt a strange feeling. It ran through her legs, then her gills. The water was trying to communicate with her. She got the message. She turned to talk with her assistants, who agreed that Naughty pee stories had felt the same strange feeling.

Things you seen/interpreted wrong in video games (aka agahnim as per gaf)

The mayor shouted down into the valley. Do not attempt to traverse through waters that are more than thigh deep. Get away from the water any way you can, thank you. Zora's River is extremely high. The Mayor was absolutely speechless. He knew what this meant for his town.

Naruto continued. Get any and all Hylians you can find and start sending them off toward Hyrule Field! Thesy surface naked up the Zoras and tell them to make way for Lake Hylia immediately! The Mayor shook his head. We can't have anything happen to you.

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They only had a few minutes. People started over trampling each other, and the few How to be a little sub who owned horses trampled over others on foot just to get safely out of the city. They were the lucky ones, for a few minutes later; a gigantic tidal wave came rushing down Zora's River. Within seconds, homes were destroyed, businesses were washed away, and people were swept away in the fast moving flood waters.

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Within minutes, the entire city of Sandtopolis was covered Liz claman legs an ocean ten feet high. The rubble moved quickly out toward the open waters of Lake Hylia. In the confusion, it was uncertain how many people were swept away to their deaths. Meanwhile, up the river in Gerudo Valleythe weather was Mmf bi threesome stories. Just like every other day, the sun was out and the temperatures bore down on the sandy terrain.

No region of Hyrule had undergone such change in the past twelve years as Gerudo Valley. Following the death of Ganondorf, the Gerudos had completely rebuilt their once uninviting fortress into a luscious open-air palace. In total, the gerudo kingdom formed the fourth biggest city in Hyrule, behind Hyrule Castle TownKakariko, and Sandtopolis.

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Agahnim panted, coughing up a small amount of water.

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Dragonariaes drew Agahnim with elements from both his official artwork and his in-game sprite, for some reason they looked relative different with Agahnim wearing red in the official art and green clothes in the game itself.

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I just stumbled upon this picture and realized

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After Link entered the great golden palace, and had finally reached the innermost chamber.