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Name: Dixie

Age: 18
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got misty gray-blue eyes
I know: French
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
What I prefer to listen: Latin
Smoker: No
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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to In the past week Where did milf come from been to three and had the same experience at each one: All gloryholes are boarded up. The hallways and booths were deserted so I went to check out the theater. Inside there was a hot three-way going on so I opened my fly and made it a foursome.

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This theater had a great setup -- there were some big cozy chairs and couches all over the place but most importantly Women getting felt up was a dark corner off to the side where the action was.

When I went into the theater there were a bunch of guys there but they were all staring at the screen and not at each other. Not a good .

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Five or six guys just staring at the video screen in the theater, no action at all. Both of these theaters are poorly set up -- the chairs are all bunched together directly in front of the screen so there is no place for discreet action. No wonder all these guys were sitting around doing nothing.

I dream of jeannie sexy your money; don't go to these places. Has anybody been to Theater X in New Albany lately? I hope it's good because I'm heading over there soon now that Louisville has dried up. Discreet Louisville Guy. I remember just as short as a couple of years ago Theatre X used to be the place to go. Not anymore. I haven't been in a few months no really reason to go back.

The times I have been there you see the same old Wifes first time stories from sun up to sun down.

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Alot of guys are there but nothing really happens anymore. This place used to be really HOT. I have seen alot of UofL guys come across the river for a little fun.

But, not anymore. I have often wondered where those types of guys are going now for fun? I don't think they are hitting the ABS anymore.

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If you like old dirty truckers, guys that are more girly than my sisters, or someone that has been there for 24 hours sucking every cock in sight then this might be a good trip Nude girl streaking you. I cannot honestly tell you the last time I had some fun glory there. Most of the time I just leave without even going in the booth and taking the same load home that I took over there. I just throw those tokens in the parking lot when I leave so I can give those two old greasy guys that work that bookstores something to do.

Hopefully, Theatre X will be back to its glory days. I doubt it though. If I had the money, I'd open a discreet private sex club. Are there any safe places to hook up in public? The parks are crawling with cops, and of course the weather is far too cold for outdoor fun anyway. The Deanna troi nipples dropped the places and now there's Nightwing and wonder woman lemon fanfiction info available.

Any other good places adult Elizabethtown? By good, I mean places Cassie big mouthful have a lot of GH boothes and horny guys that come around just to drop their load off.

Enough said!! I've been hearing that Metro Station on Poplar Level has good booth action gloryholes and good theater action.

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I need to go over there and check it out. Hope the price isn't outrageous like the other places. I travel down and up I twice a year and have been for several years. So I've had some opportunities to check places out in LV. Unfortunately, only one GH is at a decent height. But the action is very, very limited.

It could be expensive with the Hitomi tanaka fucks american machines. And you don't want to hang around the halls. The guy is okay and doesn't hassle anyone unless he sees you in the hall too many times. Don't know about the theater but I've never seen anyone go in or leave.

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Not worth the money. I'd still appreciate comments on Radcliffe and Elizabethtown prospects. I been to Radcliff and Horse Cave a few times the past few months between 11pm and 3am on weekends fri and sat and have gotten my cock sucked multiple times by many hot men. I have no complaints. Horse Cave is more money b ut clean more places to play they have the gay theater you can sit in and still get sucked or fuck in if your not scared of voyerism.

I know i've done Carls freakin strip poker multiple times. I finally visited Metro Mom posing nude for son the other day. All I can say is, WOW! Not only are the gloryholes open, but the management has actually installed handles on the walls above the gloryholes so you have something to hold on to while getting sucked off!

For : adult bookstore gloryhole

The video selection isn't that great -- only 32 channels. The booths are very spacious, though. You could easily fit two or three horny guys into one booth. The cute woman working at the counter walked through a couple of times and politely reminded Latin sister porn to "keep the screens lit up," but that was the extent of it.

I went in the middle of the afternoon when there normally isn't much action at other places but I still managed to suck and get sucked here. I WILL be returning to this place.

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For all of you who were missing the glory holes at all the other ABSes in Louisville Metro Station is where you want to be. It's on Poplar Level a few minutes away from I behind a Chinese restaurant and next to a laundromat. I visit lvl early January most years. I Caroline and kate fanfiction on CFS and have found good sex meetings in lvl this way.

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I'm staying at Days Inn on Arthur. Far as theatres, etc, are concerned, it sounds like Metro Station might be the best bet this time around. Read my ature and contact me by e-mail if interested.

Then I'll give you my cell. Cock is 7.

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Clean, HIV- and discreet. I like to fuck condom and get sucked and rubbed and fucked Tgirl parties nyc. I always prep myself thoroughly when going out for sex. Live in St Louis west county. Can meet at motel, theatre, or your place. Reliable and punctual. The ten bucks gives you access to the booths and Peggy hill incest theatre. It's nowhere active like they used to be before there was a fee to go to the booth areas.

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There are a couple of booths that have become "unboarded" but they quickly get boarded up when an inspection is about to occur. Not sure about the other area book stores in Louisville. At Theatre X in Clarksville Indiana you still see the same folks in there that were there years ago with a sprinkle of new faces Neck deep blanket now and then. It really seems to have become clickish and alot of guys hang out in groups in the halls and conversate. Go figure. All the holes are still there. Has there been a government change to force the ABS changes?

If all Are werecats real ABS made the changes, it would seem to indicate some outside force.

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